The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
William Thomas Jeffery, son of William Thomas Jeffery, painter and Mary Ann Jeffery [Lefevre]
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Oct to Dec 1877
In the Parish of Southborough, Kent; registered at Tonbridge District, Kent; ref: 1877 Q4 Vol 2a Page 591
1881 Census
Southborough, Kent
28th Oct 1877
At St. Thomas' Church in the Parish of Southborough, Kent
Southborough Parish Registers
3rd Apr 1881
At Bedford Road in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; William T. Jeffery, M, Son, age 3, born Southboro, Kent
1881 Census
Southborough, Kent

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Jeffrey, Jefferey, Jefferye, Jefferay, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jefferys, Geffrey, Geffery, Geffrye, Jaffary, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jeffroy, Jeffray, Jeffry, family records
The ancestral pedigree of William Thomas Jeffery
 William Jefferym: Jan to Mar 1847
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1847 Q1 Vol 5 Page 502
Elizabeth Stevenson 
 b: 1822 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1822 Tonbridge, Kent
 Mary Ann William Thomas Elizabeth 
 b: 1848 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1850 Southborough, Kent b: 1856 Tonbridge, Kent 
 William Thomas Jeffery
m: Jan to Mar 1877
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1877 Q1 Vol 2a Page 686
Mary Ann Lefevre 
 b: 1850 Southborough, Kent  b: 1849 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
 William Thomas George Herbert Frederick Charles Alfred 
 b: Oct to Dec 1877 Southborough, Kent registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1877 Q4 Vol 2a Page 591
ch: 28th Oct 1877 St. Thomas' Church
 b: 1879 Southborough, Kent
ch: 28th Dec 1879 St. Thomas' Church
 b: 1882 Southborough, Kent
ch: 5th Nov 1882 St. Thomas' Church
 b: 1887 Southborough, Kent
ch: 27th Feb 1887 St. Thomas' Church

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