The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Alice Kipling [Macdonald], daughter of Reverend George Browne Macdonald and Hannah Macdonald [Jones]
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4th Apr 1837
At Sheffield in the County of Yorkshire
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18th Mar 1865
Professor John Lockwood Kipling at St. Mary Abbotts, in London
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30th Dec 1865
Birth of a son
Joseph Rudyard at Bombay in the Country of India
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11th Jun 1868
Birth of a daughter
Alice Beatrice (Trix), in London
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Birth of a son
John, in London
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23rd Nov 1910
At Tisbury in the County of Wiltshire
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Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Kipling individual records
MacDonald, McDonald, McDonell, McDonnell individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Alice Kipling [Macdonald]
 James Macdonaldm: c 1795Ann Browne 
 b: 1761
d: 1833
  b: c 1763
d: 1815
 James Mary Ann Jane George Browne 
 b: 1796
d: 1821
 b: 1800 Rochdale, Lancashire
d: 1853
 b: 1803 Wakefield, Yorkshire
d: 1819
 b: 2nd Oct 1805 Stockport, Cheshire
d: 1868
2nd marriage Reverend George Browne Macdonaldm: 2nd May 1833 Manchester Cathedral, ManchesterHannah Jones 
 b: 2nd Oct 1805 Stockport, Cheshire
d: 1868
  b: 1809 daughter of John Jones
d: 1875
Mary Rawlinson  Alice  Georgiana  Agnes Louisa Walter Edith Herbert 
b: 1834 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d: 1836
  b: 4th Apr 1837 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d: 23rd Nov 1910 Tisbury, Wiltshire
  b: 21st Jul 1840 Birmingham, Warwickshire
d: 2nd Feb 1920 55 Holland Road, Kensington, London
  b: 25th Sep 1843 Leeds, Yorkshire
d: 12th Jun 1906 London
 b: 25th Aug 1845 Wakefield, Yorkshire
d: 16th May 1925
 b: 10th Jun 1847 Wakefield, Yorkshire
d: July 1847
 b: 14th Sep 1848 Huddersfield, Yorkshire
d: 30th Mar 1937
 b: 1850
d: 1851
  Henry James  Caroline  Frederic William            
  b: October 1835 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d: 1891
  b: 1838
d: 1854
  b: 25th Feb 1842 Leeds, Yorkshire
d: 1928
 Professor John Lockwood Kiplingm: 18th Mar 1865 St. Mary Abbotts, LondonAlice Macdonald 
 b: July to Sep 1837 Pickering, Yorkshire registered at Pickering District, Yorkshire ref: 1837 Q3 Vol 24 Page 303
d: 26th Jan 1911
  b: 4th Apr 1837 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d: 23rd Nov 1910 Tisbury, Wiltshire
 Joseph Rudyard Alice Beatrice (Trix) John 
 b: 30th Dec 1865 Bombay, India
d: 18th Jan 1936 Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, London
bur: after 18th Jan 1936 Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London
 b: 11th Jun 1868 London
ch: 23rd Sep 1868 Manchester Cathedral, Manchester
d: 1948
 b: 1870 London 

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