The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
James Parker, son of James Parker, farm labourer and Anne Parker [Funnell]
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In the Parish of Southborough, Kent
Southborough Parish Registers
12th Apr 1868
At St. Peter's Church in the Parish of Southborough, Kent
Southborough Parish Registers
3rd Apr 1881
At 3 Edward Street in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; James Parker, M, Son, single, age 13, born Southboro Tunbg, Kent; occupation: scholar
1881 Census
Southborough, Kent

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Parker, Parcker, Parkar, Parkare, Parcar, Parkere family records
The ancestral pedigree of James Parker
 William Parkerm: 29th Nov 1823 St. Mary's Church, Chiddingstone, KentMary King 
 b: c 1800  b: c 1800
Stephen  Anne  James John Millicent Robert Caroline Philip 
b: 19th Feb 1824 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 14th Mar 1824 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1828 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 10th Feb 1828 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1833 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 14th Apr 1833 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1835 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 5th Jul 1835 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1839 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 14th Jul 1839 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1841 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 4th Jul 1841 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1846 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 5th Apr 1846 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1849 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 7th Jan 1849 St. Mary's Church
  William Mary             
  b: 1826 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 26th Feb 1826 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1830 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 5th Sep 1830 St. Mary's Church
 James Parker
farm labourer
m: Apr to June 1856
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1856 Q2 Vol 2a Page 584
Anne Funnell 
 b: 1833 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 14th Apr 1833 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1838 Mayfield, Sussex
William  Emma  James Caroline Alfred Alice Annie Louisa 
b: 1858 Southborough, Kent
ch: 10th Jan 1858 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1862 Southborough, Kent
ch: 12th Jan 1862 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1868 Southborough, Kent
ch: 12th Apr 1868 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1870 Southborough, Kent b: 1872 Southborough, Kent b: 1874 Southborough, Kent b: 1876 Southborough, Kent
ch: 11th Jun 1876 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1878 Southborough, Kent
ch: 11th Aug 1878 St. Peter's Church
  George  Mary Ann             
  b: 1859 Southborough, Kent
ch: 11th Dec 1859 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1864 Southborough, Kent             

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