The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
James Nicholas Bishop, son of unknown father and Mary Ann Bishop
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In the Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
1851 Census
Waldron, Sussex
30th Mar 1851
At Mill Cottage in the Parish of Framfield, Sussex; Step son
1851 Census
Waldron, Sussex
26th Oct 1867
Hannah Sands at St. Denys Church in the Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Kathleen Hilborn's records
2nd Apr 1871
At Hadlow Down Cottage in the Parish of Mayfield, Sussex; James Nicholas Bishop, M, Head, married, age 25, born Mayfield, Sussex; occupation: farm labourer
1871 Census
Mayfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881
At Cot Pitt in the Parish of Mayfield, Sussex; James Bishop, M, Head, married, age 35, born Mayfield; occupation: farm labourer
1881 Census
Mayfield, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Bishop, Bishopp, Bisshopp, Byshop, Bysshope, Bisp family records
The ancestral pedigree of James Nicholas Bishop
 William Bishopm: c 1780Martha 
 b: c 1760  b: c 1760
Frances  William  John  Richard  James Fanny David Stephen 
b: 1784 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 2nd May 1784 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1787 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 27th Dec 1787 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1792 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 1st Apr 1792 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1796 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 19th Jun 1796 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1800 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 23rd Feb 1800 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1801 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 31st May 1801 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1803 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 3rd Jul 1803 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1804 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 9th Dec 1804 St. Margaret's Church
  Elizabeth  Henry Mary Anne Sarah          
  b: 1786 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 18th Jun 1786 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1789 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 4th Oct 1789 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1794 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 13th Apr 1794 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1798 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 7th Mar 1798 St. Margaret's Church
 William Bishop
farm labourer
m: 11th Dec 1806 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexMary Bishop 
 b: 1787 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 27th Dec 1787 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1785 Westham, Sussex
 William Henry Mary Ann Eliza Alexander 
 b: 1814 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 14th Aug 1814 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1817 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 25th May 1817 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1820 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 14th Sep 1820 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1823 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 22nd Jun 1823 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1826 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 17th Dec 1826 St. Dunstan Church
  not marriedMary Ann Bishop 
    b: 1820 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 14th Sep 1820 St. Dunstan Church
 James Nicholas 
 b: 1846 Mayfield, Sussex 
 James Nicholas Bishop
farm labourer
m: 26th Oct 1867 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexHannah Sands 2nd marriage
 b: 1846 Mayfield, Sussex b: 8th Jun 1831 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Jul 1831 St. Denys Church

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