The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
George Brooker, son of Daniel Brooker and Mary Brooker [Molyneux]
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In the Parish of Frant, Sussex
Frant Parish Registers
4th Jun 1820
At St. Alban's Church in the Parish of Frant, Sussex
Frant Parish Registers
June P. Tye's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Brooker family records
The ancestral pedigree of George Brooker
 Daniel Brookerm: 3rd Jul 1803 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Tonbridge, KentMary Molyneux 
 b: 1777  b: 1777
d: 1852 Speldhurst, Kent
 Mary Daniel Sarah William Elizabeth Stephen George 
 b: 1804 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 20th May 1804
 b: 1806 Frant, Sussex
ch: 13th Jul 1806 St. Alban's Church
 b: 12th Apr 1811 Frant, Sussex
ch: 12th May 1811 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1813 Frant, Sussex
ch: 24th Jan 1813 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1815 Frant, Sussex
ch: 17th Sep 1815 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1817 Frant, Sussex
ch: 26th Oct 1817 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1820 Frant, Sussex
ch: 4th Jun 1820 St. Alban's Church
Parental record

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