The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Stephen Burfoot, son of Stephen Burfoot and Mercy Burfoot
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In the Parish of Hever, Kent
Arthur Turk's records
27th Jun 1675
At St. Peter's Church in the Parish of Hever, Kent
Arthur Turk's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Barfoot, Barefoot, Bearfoot, Burfoot family records
The ancestral pedigree of Stephen Burfoot
 Stephen Burfootm: c 1670Mercy 
 b: 1650
d: 1698 Cowden, Kent
bur: 11th Nov 1698 St. Mary Magdalene, Cowden, Kent
  b: c 1650
d: 1713 Cowden, Kent
bur: 18th May 1713 St. Mary Magdalene, Cowden, Kent
 Richard Stephen Ann Thomas Elizabeth 
 b: 1672 Hever, Kent
ch: 9th Mar 1672 St. Peter's Church
d: 1734 Hever, Kent
bur: 27th Jan 1735 St. Peter's Church, Hever, Kent
 b: 1675 Hever, Kent
ch: 27th Jun 1675 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1677 Hever, Kent
ch: 13th Apr 1677 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1679 Hever, Kent
ch: 6th Jul 1679 St. Peter's Church
d: 1724 Lingfield, Surrey
bur: 27th Mar 1724 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Lingfield, Surrey
 b: 1682 Hever, Kent
ch: 16th Jul 1682 St. Peter's Church
d: 1701 Cowden, Kent
bur: 11th Apr 1701 St. Mary Magdalene, Cowden, Kent

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