The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Emma Sarah Wolfe, daughter of Lewis Mortlock Wolfe and Emma Wolfe [Roberts] Printer friendly version

Emma Sarah Wolfe was born 20th June 1834, the daughter of Lewis Mortlocke Wolfe and Emma Roberts. The family wealth was built by Lewis and his brother John and their highly successful Stockbroking and Sharedealing service in London. Emma settled in Crowborough at High Brooms in the 1890s and through her will in 1910 became a significant benefactor to Crowborough of the Wolfe Recreation Ground in Blackness Road plus the sum of £1,000 to be spent on it.

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Date Type Information Source
20th Jun 1834BornIn the Parish of Marylebone, LondonIGI - Family Search
1st Jul 1837ChristenedIn the Parish of Paddington, LondonIGI - Family Search
1861In the Parish of Paddington, London1861 Census
1st Apr 1881London1881 Census
1st Apr 1891At High Broom1891 Census
1901In the Parish of Brighton, Sussex1901 Census
Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Wolf, Woolf, Wolfan, Wolfe individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Emma Sarah Wolfe
 Samuel Wolfem: 17th Jun 1756 Marylebone, LondonAnn Mortlock 
 b: c 1735  b: c 1735
 Benjamin Lewis Sarah 
 b: 1757
ch: 4th Sep 1757
d: 5th Sep 1757
 b: 1761
ch: 19th Apr 1761 Holborn, London
d: 1838
 b: 10th Nov 1763
ch: 4th Dec 1763 Finsbury, London
Grandfather record
 Lewis Wolfem: c 1795Ann Porter 
 b: 1761
ch: 19th Apr 1761 Holborn, London
d: 1838
  b: 1773
d: 1830
 John Lewis Lewis Mortlock 
 b: 10th Apr 1798 Streatham, London
d: 6th Oct 1881 Paddington, London
bur: 10th Oct 1881 Brompton, Kent
 b: 1801 Westminster, London
d: 1862
Grandfather record
 Lewis Mortlock Wolfem: 10th Oct 1835 St. James, Westminster, LondonEmma Roberts 
 b: 1801 Westminster, London
d: 1862
  b: 1804 Buckinghamshire
 Emma Sarah Elisabeth Anne Frances Ellen 
 b: 20th Jun 1834 Marylebone, London
ch: 1st Jul 1837 Paddington, London
 b: 15th Apr 1836 London
ch: 1st Jul 1837 Paddington, London
 b: 23rd Jun 1838 London
ch: 15th Apr 1839 Paddington, London
Parental record

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