The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Harry Colman, son of George Coleman, huckster and Jane Coleman [Brunsden]
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In the Parish of Framfield, Sussex
1881 Census
Framfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881
At Lankhurst Oak in the Parish of Framfield, Sussex; Harry Colman, M, Son, single, age 16, born Framfield; occupation: farm labourer
1881 Census
Framfield, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Coleman, Coalman, Coldman, Collman, Colman, Coltman family records
The ancestral pedigree of Harry Colman
 Philip Coalman
farm labourer
m: 18th Oct 1815 St. Margaret's Church, Buxted, SussexAnn Solomon 
 b: 1789 Laughton, Sussex  b: 1792 Buxted, Sussex
William  James  Hannah John George Philip Henry Alfred 
b: 1816 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 18th Jan 1816 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1818 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 20th Dec 1818 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1824 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 12th Sep 1824 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1827 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 7th Jan 1827 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1829 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 15th Mar 1829 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1831 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 11th Dec 1831 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1834 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 28th Dec 1834 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1838 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 20th May 1838 St. Margaret's Church
  William Christopher                
  b: 1816 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 31st Mar 1816 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1821 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 19th Aug 1821 St. Margaret's Church
 George Coleman
m: 2nd Mar 1852 St. Margaret's Church, Buxted, SussexJane Brunsden 
 b: 1829 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 15th Mar 1829 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1828 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 27th Jan 1828 St. Margaret's Church
 Phillip Emily Lois Luther George William Harry 
 b: 1852 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 13th Jun 1852 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1854 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 19th Mar 1854 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1856 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 24th Feb 1856 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1857 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 22nd Nov 1857 St. Margaret's Church
d: May 1858 Framfield, Sussex, aged 7 months
bur: 9th May 1858 St. Thomas à Becket's Church, Framfield, Sussex
 b: 1859 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Sep 1859 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
d: February 1860 Framfield, Sussex, aged 8 months
bur: 16th Feb 1860 St. Thomas à Becket's Church, Framfield, Sussex
 b: 1862 Framfield, Sussex b: 1865 Framfield, Sussex 

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