The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Amelai Burrell, daughter of Peter Burrell, merchant and MP, of Langley Park, Kent and Amy Burrell [Raymond]
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c 1723
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Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Burral, Burrel, Burrell, Burrett individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Amelai Burrell
 Ninian Burrellm: c 1595Jane Smith 
 b: c 1570 son Thomas Burrell and Dorothy Weston
d: 4th Sep 1614
  b: c 1570
 b: 1600
d: 1671
Grandfather record
 Walter Burrell
of Cuckfield, Sussex
m: c 1625Frances Hooper 
 b: 1600
d: 1671
  b: c 1600 daughter of John Hooper
 b: 3rd Jan 1639
d: 13th Sep 1718 aged 79 years
Grandfather record
 Peter Burrell
of Langley Park, Beckenham, Kent
m: 1687Isabella Merrik 
 b: 3rd Jan 1639
d: 13th Sep 1718 aged 79 years
  b: c 1660 daughter of John Merrik
 Anne Peter Merrik 
 b: c 1690 b: 1692
d: 16th Apr 1756
 b: 5th Nov 1699
d: 6th Apr 1787
Grandfather record
 Peter Burrell
merchant and MP, of Langley Park, Kent
m: 14th Mar 1722 St. Mary Somerset, LondonAmy Raymond 
 b: 1692
d: 16th Apr 1756
  b: 1699 daughter of Hugh Raymond, merchant, of Stepney and Saling Hall, Essex, and Langley in Beckenham
d: 1789
 Amelai Peter William John 
 b: c 1723 b: 27th Aug 1724 London
ch: 18th Sep 1724 St. Peter-le-Poor, Cornhill
 b: 10th Oct 1732 Leadenhall Street, London
ch: 24th Oct 1732 St. Peter-le-Poor, Cornhill
d: 20th Jan 1796 Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey, aged 63 years
bur: after 20th Jan 1796 West Grinstead Lodge, Horsham, Sussex
 b: 1739 London
ch: 16th Nov 1739 St. Olave, Hart Street
Parental record

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