The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
John Chapman, son of George Chapman and Anne Chapman [Farmer]
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14th Nov 1808
In the Parish of Chiddingstone, Kent
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Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Chapman individual records
The ancestral pedigree of John Chapman
 George Chapmanm: 21st Oct 1768 St. Mary Magdalene, Cowden, KentAnne Carr 
 b: c 1745  b: c 1745
 George Sarah Jane James Ann Sophia 
 b: 1769 Cowden, Kent
ch: 26th Feb 1769 St. Mary Magdalene
d: 28th Aug 1835
 b: 1772 Cowden, Kent
ch: 18th Oct 1772 St. Mary Magdalene
 b: 1775 Cowden, Kent
ch: 23rd Jul 1775 St. Mary Magdalene
 b: 1777 Cowden, Kent
ch: 19th Oct 1777 St. Mary Magdalene
 b: 1782 Cowden, Kent
ch: 9th Jun 1782 St. Mary Magdalene
 b: 1785 Cowden, Kent
ch: 10th Apr 1785 St. Mary Magdalene
 George Chapmanm: 9th Nov 1791 St. Mary's Church, Chiddingstone, KentAnne Farmer 
 b: 1769 Cowden, Kent
ch: 26th Feb 1769 St. Mary Magdalene
d: 28th Aug 1835
  b: c 1770
Sarah  Jane Elizabeth George Hannah Sophia John Jesse 
b: 2nd Dec 1791 Chiddingstone, Kent  b: 30th Jun 1796 Chiddingstone, Kent b: 12th Sep 1798 Chiddingstone, Kent b: 29th Jan 1801 Chiddingstone, Kent b: 3rd Nov 1805 Chiddingstone, Kent b: 2nd Nov 1811 Chiddingstone, Kent b: 14th Nov 1808 Chiddingstone, Kent b: 1814 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 23rd Oct 1814 St. Mary's Church
  b: 21st Nov 1793 Chiddingstone, Kent               

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