The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
William Faulkner, son of Mark Faulkner, master blacksmith and Elizabeth Julia Faulkner [Gosling]
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In the Parish of Framfield, Sussex
1881 Census
Framfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881
At Black Boys in the Parish of Framfield, Sussex; William Faulkener, M, Son, age 11, born Framfield; occupation: scholar
1881 Census
Framfield, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Falcon, Falconer, Falkele, Falkener, Falkner, Falkoner, Faulckner, Faulconer, Faulemer, Faulkener, Faulkiner, Faulkoner, Faulkner, Fawlkner, Fawckner, individual records
The ancestral pedigree of William Faulkner
 William Faulknerm: 1748 St. Michael & All Angels Church, Little Horsted, SussexAnn Waggon 
 b: 1713
d: 1783
  b: 1713
d: 1776
 b: 1756
d: 1799
Grandfather record
  not marriedLucy Faulkner 
    b: 1756
d: 1799
 b: 1776
d: 1827
Grandfather record
 John Faulknerm: 20th Oct 1799 St. Thomas à Becket's Church, Framfield, SussexMary Delves 
 b: 1776
d: 1827
  b: 1778 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 12th Apr 1778 St. Margaret's Church
Lucy  William  Mark  George Emma Frances Henry Ada Augusta 
b: 25th Nov 1799
d: 26th Nov 1799 Framfield, Sussex
  b: 1803 Framfield, Sussex
d: 1869
  b: 1807
d: 1890
  b: 1812 Framfield, Sussex b: 1814 b: 1816 b: 1819 Framfield, Sussex b: 1823
d: 1834 Framfield, Sussex
  Mary  John Sophia           
  b: November 1800
d: 1833 Framfield, Sussex
  b: 1805
d: 1824 Framfield, Sussex
 b: 1810           
Grandfather record
 William Faulkner
m: c 1830Sarah 
 b: 1803 Framfield, Sussex
d: 1869
  b: 1805 Framfield, Sussex
 William Mark Henry 
 b: 1834 Framfield, Sussex b: 1838 Framfield, Sussex b: 1842 Framfield, Sussex 
Grandfather record
 Mark Faulkner
master blacksmith
m: July to Sep 1869
registered at Uckfield District, Sussex ref: 1869 Q3 Vol 2b Page 164
Elizabeth Julia Gosling 
 b: 1838 Framfield, Sussex  b: Apr to June 1845 Waldron, Sussex registered at Uckfield District, Sussex ref: 1845 Q2 Vol 7 Page 482
 William George John Tom Frank Ernest Owen Harry 
 b: 1870 Framfield, Sussex b: 1871 Framfield, Sussex b: 1873 Framfield, Sussex b: 1875 Framfield, Sussex b: 1880 Framfield, Sussex b: 1883 Framfield, Sussex b: 1885 Framfield, Sussex 
Parental record

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