The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Peter Henosit, son of Peter Henosit and Clemence Henosit [Tole]
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In the Parish of Mountfield, Sussex
Mary Jenner's records
24th Sep 1586
In the Parish of Mountfield, Sussex
Mary Jenner's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Hunnesett, Hunnisett, Hunisett, Hunnissett, Hunneysett, Honeyset, Honeysett, Honysett, Honisett, Honnisett, Honiset, Honeysell, Henosit, Heneset, Hani individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Peter Henosit
 Adrian Hanizetm: c 1525Mrs 
 b: c 1500 Belgium  b: c 1500
 b: before 1530 Horsham, Sussex 
Grandfather record
 John Hannesettm: c 1548Mrs 
 b: before 1530 Horsham, Sussex  b: c 1530
 b: before 1549
d: 1592 Fletching, Sussex
Grandfather record
 Peter Henositm: 28th Aug 1569 St Andrew & St Mary Church, Fletching, SussexClemence Tole 
 b: before 1549
d: 1592 Fletching, Sussex
  b: before 1555 (probably), Fletching, Sussex
 John Clement James Joanne Alice Peter Unknown 
 b: c 1570 Fletching, Sussex b: 1575 Mountfield, Sussex
ch: 14th Feb 1575
d: November 1616 Westfield, Sussex
bur: 29th Nov 1616 Westfield, Sussex
 b: 1577 Mountfield, Sussex
ch: 25th Aug 1577
d: 1614 Westfield, Sussex
 b: 1580 Mountfield, Sussex
ch: 9th Jul 1580
d: 1624 Westfield, Sussex
 b: 1583 Mountfield, Sussex
ch: 7th Apr 1583
 b: 1586 Mountfield, Sussex
ch: 24th Sep 1586
 b: 1588 Mountfield, Sussex 
Parental record

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