The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Joseph Mighall, son of Joseph Mighall and Emma Mighall [Whall]
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In the Parish of Lindfield, Sussex
Ian Rooke's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Mighall, Mighalls, Mighell, Mihell, Mignelle, Mikhell individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Joseph Mighall
1st marriage Richard Mihellm: 11th Apr 1741 St. Giles Parish Church, Horsted Keynes, SussexMary Balcombe 
 b: c 1710
d: March 1770 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
  b: 1720
d: December 1756
 Mary John Richard Jane 
 b: 1739 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 1st Nov 1739 St. Giles Parish Church
 b: 1741 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 26th Jun 1741 St. Giles Parish Church
 b: 1744 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
d: c 1818
 b: 1744 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
d: 1744
Grandfather record
 Richard Mighallm: 13th May 1772 St. Thomas-in-the-Cliffe, Lewes, SussexSarah Bartholomew 
 b: 1744 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
d: c 1818
  b: c 1745
 Mary Jane Philadelphia Richard Joseph Michael William 
 b: 1772 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 15th Sep 1772 St. Giles Parish Church
d: 2nd Jun 1853 West Hoathly, Sussex
 b: 1774 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 20th Jun 1774 St. Giles Parish Church
 b: 1776 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 27th Mar 1776 St. Giles Parish Church
 b: 1779 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 10th Jul 1779 St. Giles Parish Church
 b: 1781 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: March 1781 St. Giles Parish Church
d: 1st Oct 1859 West Hoathly, Sussex
 b: 1783 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 6th Oct 1783 St. Giles Parish Church
 b: 1788 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: 24th Jan 1788 St. Giles Parish Church
Grandfather record
 Joseph Mighallm: 5th Sep 1802 St Swithin Parish Church, East Grinstead, SussexMary Box 
 b: 1781 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
ch: March 1781 St. Giles Parish Church
d: 1st Oct 1859 West Hoathly, Sussex
  b: 1782 West Hoathly, Sussex
ch: 14th Apr 1782 St. Margaret's Church
d: 1853
Richard  John  George  Sarah Joseph Philadelphia Mildred Henry 
b: 1803
d: 1879 West Hoathly, Sussex
  b: 1808 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
d: 1866 Reigate, Surrey
  b: May 1812 East Grinstead, Sussex
d: 29th Jun 1884 Cuckfield, Sussex
  b: 1815 b: 1817 Ardingly, Sussex
d: March 1877 Godstone, Surrey
 b: 1821 Ardingly, Sussex b: before 1823 b: before 1824 
   William  Mary  Martha Elizabeth            
   b: 1806 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
d: 1887 East Grinstead, Sussex
  b: 1810 Horsted Keynes, Sussex  b: 1814
ch: 30th Oct 1814 St Swithin Parish Church, East Grinstead, Sussex
Grandfather record
 Joseph Mighall
m: 30th Dec 1844 St Andrew & St Mary Church, Fletching, SussexMercy Caroline Hider 2nd marriage
 b: 1817 Ardingly, Sussex
d: March 1877 Godstone, Surrey
  b: 1820 Playden, Sussex
ch: 19th Nov 1820
Michael Thomas  Mary  Anne  Fanny  John  Adelinde  Harry Clare Jane 
b: 12th Apr 1845 West Hoathly, Sussex
ch: 15th Sep 1845 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1846 Horsted Keynes, Sussex  b: 1850 Horsted Keynes, Sussex  b: 1854  b: 1859  b: 1863 West Hoathly, Sussex  b: 1866 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1868 East Grinstead, Sussex 
   Harriet Joseph Ellen Alice Violet Emily Jane    
   b: 1846 Horsted Keynes, Sussex b: 1848 Horsted Keynes, Sussex b: 1852 b: 1857 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1860 b: 1864 East Grinstead, Sussex    
Grandfather record
 Joseph Mighallm: 23rd Jul 1870Emma Whall 
 b: 1848 Horsted Keynes, Sussex  b: c 1848 Lindfield, Sussex
Joseph  Caroline  James  Louisa Jane Florence George Ernest 
b: 1869 Lindfield, Sussex  b: 1873 Lindfield, Sussex  b: 1877 Lindfield, Sussex  b: 1881 Lindfield, Sussex b: 1883 Lindfield, Sussex b: 1886 Lindfield, Sussex b: 1887 Lindfield, Sussex b: 1889 Lindfield, Sussex 
  Anne Alice Arthur          
  b: January 1871 Lindfield, Sussex b: 1875 Lindfield, Sussex b: 1879 Lindfield, Sussex          
Parental record

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