The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
William Pocknel, son of William Pocknell and Elizabeth Pocknell [Wilds]
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c Sep 1815
In the Parish of Cowden, Kent
Cowden Parish Records
26th Sep 1815
At St. Mary Magdalene in the Parish of Cowden, Kent
Cowden Parish Records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Pocknall, Pocknell, Pocknal, Pocknel, Packnell, Picknall, Picknell, Picknel, Puknell, Pucknall, Pucknell, Pockney family records
The ancestral pedigree of William Pocknel
 William Pocknellm: 8th Aug 1815 St. Peter and St. Paul, Edenbridge, KentElizabeth Wilds 
 b: 1791 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1797 Edenbridge, Kent
William James Thomas Eliza Catherine John Henry Charles 
b: c September 1815 Cowden, Kent
ch: 26th Sep 1815 St. Mary Magdalene
 b: 1816 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 15th Sep 1816 St. Peter and St. Paul
d: 1855
 b: 1819 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 7th Mar 1819 St. Peter and St. Paul
 b: 1821 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 30th Sep 1821 St. Peter and St. Paul
 b: 1824 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 15th Feb 1824 St. Peter and St. Paul
 b: 1832 Edenbridge, Kent
d: Apr to June 1890 Sevenoaks, Kent
 b: 1836 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1839 Edenbridge, Kent 

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