The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
William Quickenden, son of Charles Quickenden and Hannah Quickenden
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In the Parish of Oxted, Surrey
1871 Census

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Quickenden, Quitenden, Quittenden, Quittenton family records
The ancestral pedigree of William Quickenden
 Jonathan Quickendenm: c 1794Ann (Susanna) 
 b: c 1775  b: c 1775
Charlotte  George  Millicent  Edmund (Edward) Charles Eliza Felix Francis 
b: 1796 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 23rd Oct 1796 St Swithin Parish Church
  b: 1800 Horne, Surrey
ch: 28th Sep 1800 St. Mary the Virgin
  b: 13th May 1804 Horne, Surrey
ch: 11th Jun 1804 St. Mary the Virgin
  b: 26th Feb 1809 Horne, Surrey
ch: 15th Apr 1810 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 11th Apr 1811 Horne, Surrey
ch: 12th May 1811 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 1814 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 18th May 1814 St Swithin Parish Church
 b: 1817 Godstone, Surrey
ch: May 1817 St. Mary the Virgin, Horne, Surrey
 b: 29th Jun 1821 Horne, Surrey
ch: 12th Aug 1821 St. Mary the Virgin
  Jonathan Mary Ann John              
  b: 1798 Horne, Surrey
ch: 23rd Sep 1798 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 1802 Horne, Surrey
ch: 14th Jun 1802 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 15th May 1806 Horne, Surrey
ch: 16th Jun 1806 St. Mary the Virgin
 Charles Quickendenm: c 1855Hannah 
 b: 11th Apr 1811 Horne, Surrey
ch: 12th May 1811 St. Mary the Virgin
  b: 1831 Oxted, Surrey
 Clement Dora Jemima Mary Ann Edith William 
 b: 1856 Oxted, Surrey b: 1857 Oxted, Surrey b: 1860 Oxted, Surrey b: 1861 Oxted, Surrey b: 1866 Oxted, Surrey 

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