The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Sarah Ann Styles, daughter of Henry Styles and Mary Ann Styles [Kine]
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16th Oct 1829
In the Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
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Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
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The ancestral pedigree of Sarah Ann Styles
 Henry Stylesm: c 1824Mary Ann Kine 
 b: 1795 to 1800 Sussex  b: 1800 Wadhurst, Sussex
Mary Ann  Samuel  Sarah Ann  Ruth  Joseph Isaac John Esther Ann 
b: 25th Aug 1823 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 15th Apr 1826 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 16th Oct 1829 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 1834 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 1835 Sussex b: 18th Feb 1838 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1838 Sussex b: 1840 Wadhurst, Sussex 
  Henry James Nancy Stephen        
  b: 26th Feb 1825 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 21st Jan 1828 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1832 Sussex b: 1834 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 23rd Oct 1910
Parental record

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