The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Thomas Westover, son of Thomas Westover and Katherine Westover [Ashby]
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Judith Parr's records
18th Oct 1770
Judith Parr's records
Sep 1774
Judith Parr's records
6th Sep 1774
Judith Parr's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Westover individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Thomas Westover
 Thomas Westoverm: 7th Apr 1768 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexKatherine Ashby 
 b: 1740 Burwash, Sussex
d: July 1808
bur: 8th Jul 1808
  b: 1748 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 6th May 1748 St. Dunstan Church, daughter of John Ashby and Katherine Ashby
d: December 1828 Burwash, Sussex
bur: 27th Dec 1828 St. Bartholomew's Church, Burwash, Sussex
Sarah  Catherine  John Thomas Jonathan Elizabeth Philadelphia Hannah 
b: 1769
ch: 5th Feb 1769
  b: 1772 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 20th Sep 1772 St. Dunstan Church
d: 2nd Feb 1844 Burwash, Sussex
bur: 8th Feb 1844 St. Bartholomew's Church, Burwash, Sussex
  b: 1776
ch: 14th Apr 1776
 b: 1778
ch: 9th Jun 1778
 b: 1780
ch: 25th Nov 1780
 b: 1783
ch: 30th Jan 1783
 b: 1785
ch: 8th Oct 1785
 b: 1787
ch: 24th Jun 1787
  Thomas  William            
  b: 1770
ch: 18th Oct 1770
d: September 1774
bur: 6th Sep 1774
  b: 1774
ch: 10th Jul 1774
Parental record

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