The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Mary Groombridge, daughter of John Groombridge and Mary Groombridge [Dawes]
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In the Parish of Frant, Sussex
Private Groombridge contribution
5th Dec 1652
At St. Alban's Church in the Parish of Frant, Sussex
Private Groombridge contribution

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Groombridge, Gromebridge, Groombridg, Grombridge, Groomebridge, Groomsbridge, Grombreg, Grombrege, Grombredge, Grumbredge, Grumbridge, Gromrege family records
The ancestral pedigree of Mary Groombridge
 John Groombridgem: 20th Sep 1640 St. Alban's Church, Frant, SussexMary Dawes 
 b: c 1620 Frant, Sussex  b: c 1620 Rotherfield, Sussex
 John Walter Walter Mary Mary William James 
 b: 1642 Frant, Sussex
ch: 9th Oct 1642 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1644 Frant, Sussex
ch: 31st May 1644 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1645 Frant, Sussex
ch: 1st Jun 1645 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1648 Frant, Sussex
ch: 19th Nov 1648 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1652 Frant, Sussex
ch: 5th Dec 1652 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1655 Frant, Sussex
ch: 27th Dec 1655 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1658 Frant, Sussex
ch: 18th Jul 1658 St. Alban's Church
Parental record

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