The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Elizabeth Grumbridge, daughter of James Groombridg and Betrist Groombridg [Masters]
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In the Parish of Leigh, Kent
Private Groombridge contribution
20th Jul 1673
At Le.Church in the Parish of Leigh, Kent
Private Groombridge contribution

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Groombridge, Gromebridge, Groombridg, Grombridge, Groomebridge, Groomsbridge, Grombreg, Grombrege, Grombredge, Grumbredge, Grumbridge, Gromrege family records
The ancestral pedigree of Elizabeth Grumbridge
 James Groombridgm: 10th Sep 1672 Le.Church, Leigh, KentBetrist Masters 
 b: 1646 Leigh, Kent, son of Robert Gromebridg
ch: 21st Mar 1646 Le.Church
d: October 1712 Leigh, Kent
bur: 11th Oct 1712 Le.Church, Leigh, Kent, the affidavit was made before Mr Nicholas Adams
  b: c 1650
 Elizabeth Anne John James Robert 
 b: 1673 Leigh, Kent
ch: 20th Jul 1673 Le.Church
 b: 1678 Leigh, Kent
ch: 14th Oct 1678 Le.Church
 b: 1681 Leigh, Kent
ch: 14th Apr 1681 Le.Church
 b: 1683 Leigh, Kent
ch: 30th Apr 1683 Le.Church
 b: 1689 Leigh, Kent
ch: 21st Feb 1689 Le.Church
d: May 1708 Leigh, Kent
bur: 14th May 1708 Le.Church, Leigh, Kent
Parental record

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