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Thomas Warmington was born in Cornwall on 17th March 1861. He became headmaster of Fermor School at the tender age of 22, where he continued for 16 years until his death at the age of 38 on 16th October 1899. He is buried at All Saints on Chapel Green and his grave is marked with a Cornish Cross. In 1887 he had married Ellen Martin and one year later she had joined him at Fermor School as the Sewing Mistress and later as Assistant Teacher. She was to continue teaching at Fermor school for a number of years after his death.

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Date Type Information Source
17th Mar 1861BornIn the County of CornwallIGI - Family Search
Batch C02096-2
14th Apr 1861ChristenedIn the County of CornwallIGI - Family Search
Batch C02096-2
19th Nov 1883HistoryFermor School 1744-1994

In the history of any school, there will always be one teacher who stands out above the rest. That teacher arrived in 1883, and was Thomas Warmington. A natural teacher, he was able to inspire those he taught. Under him, the school established its quality and its excellence. Those who knew him did not forget him, for he worked hard and cared much. His firm, positive attitude was demonstrated from the very beginning. And yet he was only a young man of 22, as yet unmarried, when he first arrived at Fermor School.

One can almost feel the sigh of relief as he takes over. Here was a man ready to lead. But he was not a tall man, as one imagines leaders to be. He was, perhaps, 5' 5" or 6" in height, well built, well dressed, and struck a handsome pose with a pleasant round face which bore a full, but not thick, black beard and smiling eyes. He was a respectful and cooperative man to whom everyone, male or female, would take an immediate liking.

1887HistoryFermor School 1744-1994

The Rev Akroyd, ever since his appointment to Crowborough, had seen the need for more development at the school and had supported Mr Warmington in getting extra classroom space. By 1887, the governors had fully considered the matter and were now persuaded to go ahead. Plans had been prepared, and the builders ready to start.

2 October - "Re-opened School today after a holiday of six weeks. During vacation, the school premises have been repainted and renovated. The building of a new classroom has also commenced, but the work will not be finished for several weeks . . . "

Come mid-November, with all the activity going on in the school, there was a growing concern at the approach of the HMI's visit and the school's readiness for the exams that had been notified for the end of the month. While Mr Warmington and his teachers struggled to prepare the ground for the examinations amidst all the chaos, the school governors decided to call two meetings to discuss Government proposals for the provision of free elementary education in the following year. The financial consequences were viewed as possibly serious. In fact, free elementary education did. not become fully implemented until 1891. In school meantime, the builders had drawn a very fine line and only just managed to complete the new classroom a day or two before the examination.

28 November - "The new Infants' room, being now finished, will be ready to receive the children tomorrow for the first time."

Oct to Dec 1887MarriedEllen Martin; registered at Tonbridge District, Kent; ref: 1887 Q4 Vol 2a Page 1162Register of marriages
22nd Mar 1890Birth of a sonWilliam Alfred in the Parish of Crowborough, SussexFermor School 1744-1994
Jul 1892Birth of a daughterMarjorie in the Parish of Crowborough, SussexFermor School 1744-1994
1893Birth of a daughterKatherine in the Parish of Crowborough, SussexFermor School 1744-1994
16th Oct 1899DiedIn the Parish of Crowborough, SussexFermor School 1744-1994
23rd Oct 1899BuriedAt All Saints Church in the Parish of Crowborough, SussexFermor School 1744-1994
Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Warmington individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Thomas Warmington
 William Warmingtonm: c 1858Mary 
 b: c 1830  b: 1831 Cornwall
 Margaret Jane Edwards Thomas Elizabeth Mary Margaret Jane Edwards William John William 
 b: Oct to Dec 1859 Cornwall
ch: 1st Jan 1860
 b: 17th Mar 1861 Cornwall
ch: 14th Apr 1861
d: 16th Oct 1899 Crowborough, Sussex
bur: 23rd Oct 1899 All Saints Church, Crowborough, Sussex
 b: 17th Sep 1862 Cornwall
ch: 2nd Nov 1862
 b: 28th Mar 1865 Cornwall
ch: 25th Jun 1865
 b: 23rd Feb 1868 Cornwall
ch: 27th Dec 1868
 b: 8th Jul 1871 Cornwall
ch: 6th Aug 1871
Parental record
 Thomas Warmingtonm: Oct to Dec 1887
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1887 Q4 Vol 2a Page 1162
Ellen Martin 
 b: 17th Mar 1861 Cornwall
ch: 14th Apr 1861
d: 16th Oct 1899 Crowborough, Sussex
bur: 23rd Oct 1899 All Saints Church, Crowborough, Sussex
  b: c 1865
 William Alfred Marjorie Katherine 
 b: 22nd Mar 1890 Crowborough, Sussex
d: 14th Feb 1895 Crowborough, Sussex, Diptheria
 b: July 1892 Crowborough, Sussex b: 1893 Crowborough, Sussex
d: 29th Jan 1894 Crowborough, Sussex, Influenza
Family record

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