The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Alexander Otto Munster, Count, son of Georg Herbert Munster, Prince and Aleksandra Mikhailovna Golitsyna Munster, Princess
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1st Sep 1858
At Derneburg in the City of Hanover, Germany
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9th Jun 1890
Muriel Henrietta Constance Hay, in London
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20th Jun 1891
Birth of a son
Friedrich at Hessen-Nassau in the Country of Germany
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1899 to 1924
Maresfield Park in the ownership of Count Alexander Munster
The land was originally part of the Maresfield Park Estate (2,657 acres in Maresfield, Danehill and Fletching), which in 1899 was sold by Hervey Charles Pechell to Count Alexander Munster of Derneberg, Hanover, Germany. In 1915, by order of the High Court of Justice, the property became vested in the Public Trustee as custodian for England and Wales under The Trading with the Enemy (Amendment) Act 1914. On 18 Sep 1924 the Public Trustee was empowered to sell the estate to William Henry Abbey of Uckfield House for 61,714 pounds sterling. On 25 Sep 1924 part of the estate, comprising some 1,327 acres, was sold to Thomas Place the younger of Ullingswicke, Northallerton (Co. Yorks)
12th Oct 1922
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Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Munster individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Alexander Otto Munster, Count
 Georg Herbert Munster
m: 11th Aug 1847 GermanyAleksandra Mikhailovna Golitsyna
 b: c 1825  b: c 1825
 Marie Olga Marie Wilhelmine Leonie Sophie Therese Ernest Adolphe Alexander Otto Unnamed 
 b: 1st Jul 1848 Hanover Stadt, Hanover, Germany
d: 1899
 b: 25th Aug 1849 Hanover Stadt, Hanover, Germany
ch: 7th Oct 1849 Hanover Stadt
d: 3rd Feb 1888
 b: 16th May 1851 Derneburg, Hanover, Germany
d: 27th Dec 1933
 b: 13th Aug 1853 Derneburg, Hanover, Germany
d: 19th Jan 1884
 b: 5th Aug 1856 Derneburg, Hanover, Germany
d: 3rd Feb 1905
 b: 1st Sep 1858 Derneburg, Hanover, Germany
d: 12th Oct 1922
 b: 24th Mar 1862 Derneburg, Hanover, Germany
d: 27th Apr 1863
 Alexander Otto Munster
m: 9th Jun 1890 LondonMuriel Henrietta Constance Hay
 b: 1st Sep 1858 Derneburg, Hanover, Germany
d: 12th Oct 1922
  b: 3rd Jun 1865 Perth, Scotland
d: 7th Apr 1906
 b: 20th Jun 1891 Hessen-Nassau, Germany
d: 7th Jan 1942

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