The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Ambrose Browne, son of George Browne and Elizabeth Browne [Browne]
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27th Jun 1659
In the County of Surrey
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4th Jul 1659
At Buckland in the County of Surrey
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Eeles' Frant
During their ownership, the Dobells from time to time sold off part of their lands at Bayham and amongst the purchasers was Samuel Gott, a well known iron master of the day, who was closely connected with the famous Gloucester Furnace which lay just over a mile to the east of the Abbey, within the parish of Lamberhurst. Finally the Dobells disposed of their whole interest to a member of a very prominent ironmaster family named George Brown [of Buckland who had married Anne Dobell in1647], and it was Ambrose Brown who, in 1714, sold it to Sir John Pratt, in the hands of whose descendants it has remained ever since.
2nd Jun 1714
Cooper's Bayham
An Act of Parliament was passed in [2 June] 1714, enabling Ambrose Browne to sell the manor of Begeham, which then passed into the possession of John Pratt, Esq., of the Wilderness, in the county of Kent, sergeant-at-law, and afterwards Chief Justice of the King's Bench, whose son became the first Earl Camden and Lord High Chancellor of England. In this family the property has since remained, the present [1857] owner being grandson to the illustrious Chancellor.

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Brown, Broune, Broun, Browne, Browner family records
The ancestral pedigree of Ambrose Browne
 John Browne
of Brenchley and Horsmonden
m: 24th Oct 1616 All Saints Church, Brenchley, KentMartha Tylden 
 b: c 1585 son of Thomas Browne of Brenchley and Anne  b: c 1585 daughter of Richard Tylden of Cats-place, Brenchley
 John Fanny Thomas George 
 b: 1621 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 27th May 1621 All Saints Church
 b: 1622 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 16th Mar 1622 All Saints Church
 b: 1626 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 15th Jun 1626 All Saints Church
 b: 1627 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 27th Sep 1627 All Saints Church
2nd marriage George Brownem: 22nd Sep 1653 Dorking, SurreyElizabeth Browne 
 b: 1627 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 27th Sep 1627 All Saints Church
  b: 1607 to 1630
 Elizabeth Ann Ambrose Adam Phillipa Margaret 
 b: 22nd Sep 1654 Surrey
ch: 25th Sep 1654 Buckland
 b: 12th Sep 1657 Surrey
ch: 16th Sep 1657 Buckland
d: 4th Dec 1657
 b: 27th Jun 1659 Surrey
ch: 4th Jul 1659 Buckland
 b: 27th Aug 1660 Surrey
ch: 27th Aug 1660 Buckland
 b: 1662 Surrey
ch: 7th Sep 1662 Buckland
 b: 1664 Surrey
ch: 24th May 1664 Buckland

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