The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Claude Berkeley Portman, 4th Viscount Portman, son of William Henry Berkeley Portman, 2nd Viscount Portman and Mary Selina Charlotte Wentworth Portman [Fitzwilliam]
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1st Nov 1864
In the County of Dorset
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1923 to 1929
Buxted The Beautiful
The [Buxted] estate passed to Cecil Cope Jenkinson's eldest daughter Lady Catherine Harcourt nee Jenkinson (from 1851 until her death in 1877),
to her husband Colonel Francis Harcourt (from 1877 until his death in 1880),
to Cecil Cope Jenkinson's granddaughter Mary Portman nee Fitzwilliam (from 1880 until 1899),
then to her son The Honourable Henry Berkeley Portman (from 1899 until he died in 1923),
and then to his brother The Honourable Claud Berkeley Portman (from 1923 until he died in 1929).

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Port, Porter, Portman individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Claude Berkeley Portman, 4th Viscount Portman
 Edward Berkeley Portmanm: 28th Aug 1798Lucy Whitby 
 b: 1771 Dorset  b: c 1770
Edward Berkeley Henry William Berkeley Wyndham Berkeley Lucy Mabella Maryanne Edward Henry Fitzharding Berkeley Harriet Ella 
b: 9th Jul 1799 Dorset b: 8th May 1801 Dorset b: 4th Jun 1804 Dorset b: c 1806 Dorset b: c 1808 Dorset b: 1810 Staffordshire b: 23rd Jan 1811 Dorset b: c 1813 Dorset 
 Edward Berkeley Portman
1st Viscount Portman
m: 16th Jun 1827Emma Lascelles 
 b: 9th Jul 1799 Dorset  b: c 1800
 William Henry Berkeley Edwin Berkeley 
 b: 1828
ch: 14th Jul 1829 St. James, London
 b: 3rd Aug 1830 Dorset 
 William Henry Berkeley Portman
2nd Viscount Portman
m: 21st Jun 1855 Chapel Royal, Whitehall, LondonMary Selina Charlotte Wentworth Fitzwilliam 
 b: 1828
ch: 14th Jul 1829 St. James, London
  b: 9th Jan 1836 Wiltshire
ch: 10th Apr 1836 Yorkshire
 Edward William Berkeley Walter George Berkeley Henry Berkeley Berkeley Emma Selina Claude Berkeley Maud Frances 
 b: June 1856 Dorset b: 2nd Jun 1858 Dorset b: 16th Feb 1860 Dorset b: February 1862 Dorset b: 5th Apr 1863 Dorset b: 1st Nov 1864 Dorset b: 2nd Jul 1872 Dorset 

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