The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Descendant's report for Robert Furley, Attorney, son of John Furley and Elizabeth Furley [Buckhurst]

Robert Furley was born 1809 in St Georges Parish, Canterbury, the sixth child of John Furley, the Managing Partner of Canterbury Bank, and Elizabeth Buckhurst. Robert qualified as an Attorney and moved to Ashford where he practised for most of his life. He died there on 9th August 1887 at the age of 78.

His life's work, published in his sixties, is A History of the Weald, with an outline of The Early History of the County published in two volumes in 1871 and 1874. He was also a prominent member of the Kent Archaeological Society where he presented and published papers on An Outline of the History of Romney marsh in 1880, The Early History of Tenterden in 1882 and The Early History of Ashford in 1883.

See also A History of the Weald of Kent, Volume I and A History of the Weald of Kent, Volume II.
Generation No. 1
  1. Robert Furley, Attorney was the son of John Furley and Elizabeth Furley [Buckhurst]. He was born 1809 at St. Georges, Canterbury, Kent; died 9th Aug 1887 at Ashford, Kent, registered at West Ashford District, Kent, ref: 1887 Q3 Vol 2a Page 433, aged 78 years
  He married Margaret Rutton Creary on 15th Apr 1834 at St. Mary's, Marylebone, London. She was born 1817 at Armagh, Ireland, daughter of John Creary; died July to Sep 1888, registered at West Ashford District, Kent, ref: 1888 Q3 Vol 2a Page 374, aged 72 years. They had the following children:
  iLouisa Creary who was born 1835 at Ashford, Kent; christened 8th Feb 1835 Ashford, Kent
  iiJohn who was born 1836 at Ashford, Kent; christened 22nd Apr 1836 Ashford, Kent
  iiiEliza who was born 1839 at Ashford, Kent; christened 3rd Feb 1839 Ashford, Kent
  ivMargaret Hester who was born 1840 at Ashford, Kent; christened 4th Jun 1840 Ashford, Kent

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