Selina Cowlard, daughter of Edward Cowlard, farm labourer and Sarah Cowlard [Holland]
In the Parish of Sundridge, Kent
1851 Census
Sundridge, Kent

The ancestral pedigree of Selina Cowlard
 Francis Cowlardm: c 1795Mary 
 b: c 1775  b: c 1775
 Jane Mary John Hester Harriet George Edward 
 b: 1797 Chevening, Kent
ch: 12th Feb 1797 St Botolph
 b: 1799 Chevening, Kent
ch: 17th Nov 1799 St Botolph
 b: 1801 Chevening, Kent
ch: 15th Mar 1801 St Botolph
 b: 1803 Chevening, Kent
ch: 20th Feb 1803 St Botolph
 b: 1805 Chevening, Kent
ch: 24th Feb 1805 St Botolph
 b: 1806 Chevening, Kent
ch: 15th Jun 1806 St Botolph
 b: 1808 Chevening, Kent
ch: 20th Mar 1808 St Botolph
Grandfather record
 Edward Cowlard
farm labourer
m: c 1830Sarah Holland 
 b: 1808 Chevening, Kent
ch: 20th Mar 1808 St Botolph
  b: 1810 Sundridge, Kent
Edward  Esther Leonard Alfred Gimmimer Reuben Selina Mary Ann 
b: 1831 Sundridge, Kent  b: 1835 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 23rd Aug 1835 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 1838 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 22nd Jul 1838 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 1841 Sundridge, Kent b: 1843 Sundridge, Kent b: 1846 Sundridge, Kent b: 1848 Sundridge, Kent b: 1851 Sundridge, Kent 
   b: 1834 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 2nd Feb 1834 St. Mary the Virgin
Parental record

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