The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Books and other documents
PublishedTitle, author and references
1857The Church of St Margaret, Buxted by The Rev. Henry Rosehurst Hoare ⇒ p. 220
1929Buxted The Beautiful by K. H. Macdermott ⇒ p. 4

Historical records

c 1795Highhurst Wood, Sussex - c 1795Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1795 by William Gardner and Thomas GreamPucksty Farm

c 1825Highhurst Wood, Sussex - c 1825Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1825 by Christopher and John GreenwoodPucksty Farm

6th Jun 1841CensusGeorge Bentham, M, Head, age 50 to 54, occupation: farmerGeorge Bentham, farmerPuxty Farm1841 Census
Buxted, Sussex
6th Jun 1841CensusMary Bentham, F, [Wife], age 60 to 64Mary Bentham
6th Jun 1841CensusMrs Statham, F, age 50 to 54Mrs Statham
6th Jun 1841CensusJane Crowhurst, F, age 30 to 34, born Sussex; occupation: servantJane Crowhurst
6th Jun 1841CensusHarriott Hillman, F, age 19, born Sussex; occupation: servantHarriott Hillman
6th Jun 1841CensusThomas Page, M, age 40 to 44, born Sussex; occupation ServantThomas Page
6th Jun 1841CensusMathew Tester, M, age 20 to 24, born Sussex; occupation: servantMathew Tester
6th Jun 1841CensusWilliam Wallace, M, age 17; occupation: servantWilliam Wallace
6th Jun 1841CensusJohn Hall, M, age 14, born Sussex; occupation: servantJohn Hall
6th Jun 1841CensusBenjamin Garratt, M, age 17, born Sussex; occupation: servantBenjamin Garratt

6th Jun 1841CensusThomas N/K, M, Head, age 30 to 34, born Sussex; occupation CarpenterThomas N/KLittle Puxty1841 Census
Buxted, Sussex
6th Jun 1841CensusHenry N/K, M, age 22, born Sussex; occupation Farm labourerHenry N/K
6th Jun 1841CensusStephen N/K, M, age 20 to 24, born SussexStephen N/K
6th Jun 1841CensusHannah N/K, F, age 16, born SussexHannah N/K
6th Jun 1841CensusDavid N/K, M, age 15 to 19, born SussexDavid N/K

1851Benham, George S., esq.George S. Benham, Esquire, land proprietorPuckstyePost Office Directory

30th Mar 1851CensusHead, widowed, occupation: land proprietorGeorge S. Benham, Esquire, land proprietorPuckstye Farm1851 Census
Buxted, Sussex
30th Mar 1851CensusNieceAlice J. Benham
30th Mar 1851CensusVisitor; widowed; occupation HOUSEKEEPERM. Slatham
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation HOUSEMAIDHarriet Walters [Reed]
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation CarterJohn Whitewood
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation: carterDaniel Legg
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation: farm labourerWilliam Fox
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation CookSarah Peerless

1879RecollectionsEdward Miles, labourerPigstye FarmAshdown Forest dispute

During The Ashdown Forest Dispute 1876-1882 commoners and land owners were interviewed by the solicitor William Raper. Their comments were recorded in a series of notebooks:

Miles, Edward. Pigstye Farm, Hartfield. 59. Born at Chuck Hatch. Cut litter, brakes and turf for Holly Hill, Suntings and Shawhurst. Cowboy and Cowman.


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