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1985Crowborough - The Growth of a Wealden Town by Malcolm Payne ⇒ p. 110

Historical records

c Oct 1907AddressConan Doyle and his second wife Jean Leckie moved to Windlesham, CrowboroughSir Arthur Ignatius Conan DoyleWindleshamBrian Pugh

"Windlesham, set in the then lonely open country which stretched from Crowborough Beacon to the Sussex Downs, had been greatly changed and enlarged from the modest country-house he bought before his marriage. … From far away you could see Windlesham, with its five gables, its grey-painted shingles and white window-frames, its red roof-tiles and red chimney stacks …
Above all in their minds at Windlesham, then as afterwards, was the great billiard-room which came to be filled with so many memories. This billiard-room ran the full breadth of the house, east to west, with a wall of windows at each end. A hundred and fifty couples could dance there when the rugs were cleared away. Conan Doyle had it built into the house as their living-room, the centre of their lives. At one end, amid palms, stood Jean's grand piano and the harp. At the other end was his billiard-table, under the muffled green canopy of the table-lights … Over one fireplace hung the Van Dyck … over the other was a stag's head he had brought back from the Boer War. Round the walls, blue-papered, ran a frieze of Napoleonic weapons. His own portrait, by Sidney Paget, hung among them."

from John Dickson Carr's The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

2nd Apr 1911CensusAlice Elizabeth Stiller, F, Head, married 6 years, age 27, born Crowborough, SussexAlice Elizabeth StillerWindlesham Lodge, Nr Hurlis Hill, Harlequin Lane1911 Census
Crowborough, Sussex
Lily Mural Stiller, F, Daughter, age 5, born Crowborough, SussexLily Mural Stiller
Alfred Charles Stiller, M, Son, age 4, born Crowborough, SussexAlfred Charles Stiller
Nelson Eric Stiller, M, Son, age 11 months, born Crowborough, SussexNelson Eric Stiller
Francis Mercy Neve, F, Sister, age 14, born Crowborough, SussexFrancis Mercy Neve

7th Jul 1930DeathSir Arthur Ignatius Conan DoyleWindleshamBrian Pugh

Jul 1955Biographical noteSir Arthur and Lady Conan Dolyle are exhumed from Windlesham and reinterned at Minstead Church in the New Forest Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan DoyleWindleshamBrian Pugh

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