The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
The Vicarage      Edenbridge  

Books and other documents
PublishedTitle, author and references
1912Edenbridge by Henry L. Somers-Cocks, M.A. & V.F. Boyson ⇒ p. 197
2012An Index to the Places in Edenbridge by Lionel ColeVicarage or Kings Arms TA 751.

Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusReverend Charles Gore, M, Head, married, age 50, born London; occupation: vicar of EdenbridgeReverend Charles Gore, vicar of EdenbridgeThe Vicarage1881 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Susan J. Gore, F, Wife, married, age 48, born ManchesterSusan J. Gore
Emma Steer, F, Servant, single, age 25, born Limpsfield, Surrey; occupation: cookEmma Steer
Elizabeth Young, F, Servant, single, age 21, born Chiddingstone, Kent; occupation HousemaidElizabeth Young

5th Apr 1891CensusAnnie Mana Carlton, F, Head, single, age 36, born Norwood, Surrey; occupation: general domestic servantAnnie Mana Carlton, general domestic servantThe Vicarage1891 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Elizabeth Usher, F, Servant, single, age 35, born Sheerness, Kent; occupation CookElizabeth Usher
Ellen Taylor, F, Servant, single, age 31, born Crowhurst, Sussex; occupation: housemaidEllen Taylor

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