The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Books and other documents
PublishedTitle, author and references
1902Historical Notes of Withyham, Hartfield and Ashdown Forest by C. N. Suttonp. 350

Historical records

c 1825Holty Common, Sussex - c 1825Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1825 by Christopher and John GreenwoodPuckstye Farm

6th Jun 1841CensusJohn Roberts, M, Head, age 50 to 54, born Sussex; occupation LabourerJohn RobertsPucksties1841 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Mary Roberts, F, [Wife], age 50 to 54, born SussexMary Roberts
James Roberts, M, [Son], age 20 to 24, born Sussex; occupation LabourerJames Roberts
James Bonnick, M, age 2, born SussexJames Bonnick

6th Jun 1841CensusEdward Buckwell, M, Head, age 60 to 64, born Sussex, occupation: labourerEdward Buckwell, farm labourerPucksties1841 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Jane Buckwell, F, [Wife], age 50 to 54, born SussexJane Buckwell
Ann Buckwell, F, [Grand-daughter], age 4, born SussexAnn Buckwell
Mary Batchelor, F, age 5, born SussexMary Batchelor

30th Mar 1851CensusHead, occupation: farm labourerEdward Buckwell, farm labourerPuxties1851 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
WifeJane Buckwell
Grand-daughter, occupation: scholarMaria Buckwell
Grand-daughter, occupation: scholarAnn Buckwell
Grand-sonRobert Buckwell

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation Farm LabourerJohn RobertsPuxties1851 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
WifeMary Roberts
Son; occupation Farm LabourerJames Roberts
Daughter-in-lawMary Roberts
Grand-sonJohn Roberts
Grand-daughterMary Roberts

c 1875Holtye, North of Hartfield - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyPuckstye Farm

3rd Apr 1881CensusEdward Miles, M, Head, married, age 59, born Hartfield, employs 2 men; occupation: portable steam thrasher and farmerEdward Miles, labourerPucksey Farm House1881 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Caroline Miles, F, Wife, married, age 57, born HartfieldCaroline Miles [Divall]
Mary Miles, F, Daughter, single, age 18, born HartfieldMary Miles
Emma Miles, F, Daughter, single, age 16, born HartfieldEmma Miles
Elizabeth Welfare, F, Daughter, married, age 27, born HartfieldElizabeth Welfare [Miles]
Florence E. Welfare, F, Granddaughter, age 2, born HastingsFlorence E. Welfare
Alfred G. Welfare, M, Grandson, age 1, born HastingsAlfred G. Welfare

5th Apr 1891CensusWilliam Marchant, M, Head, married, age 37, born Rotherfield, Sussex; occupation: farmerWilliam Marchant, farm labourerPuck Stye1891 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Harriett Marchant, F, Wife, married, age 42, born Capel, KentHarriett Marchant [North]
Esther J Marchant, F, Daughter, single, age 12, born Capel, Kent; occupation: scholarEsther Jane Marchant
Elizabeth Marchant, F, Daughter, age 5, born Brenchley, Kent; occupation: scholarElizabeth Marchant
William Marchant, M, Son, age 3, born Hartfield, SussexWilliam Marchant

c 1899Little Cansiron, Lower Brockshill and Puckstye Farm, Sussex - c 1899Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1899 by Ordnance SurveyPuckstye Farm

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