The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Court Land [a.k.a. Hunters] Farm      Maresfield  
Historical records

c 1724Nutley, Sussex - c 1724Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1724 by Richard BudgenCourtland

c 1795Nutley, Sussex - c 1795Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1795 by William Gardner and Thomas GreamCourtland

c 1825Nutley, Sussex - c 1825Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1825 by Christopher and John GreenwoodCourtland

6th Jun 1841CensusJesse Russell, M, Head, age 70 to 74, born Sussex; occupation FarmerJesse RussellCourtland1841 Census
Fletching, Sussex
Mary Russell, F, [Wife], age 65 to 69, born SussexMary Russell
Rosezine Russell, F, [Daughter], age 20 to 24, born SussexRosezine Russell
John King, M, age 17, born Sussex; occupation: servantJohn King
Alexander Carr, M, age 17, born Sussex, occupation: servantAlexander Carr
Mary Deacon, F, age 16, born Sussex; occupation: servantMary Ann Gaston [Deacon]

1851Whitewood, JohnJohn WhitewoodCourtland FarmPost Office Directory

30th Mar 1851CensusHead, employs 2 people; occupation: farmerJohn Fry, farmerCourtland1851 Census
Fletching, Sussex
WifeHarriet Fry [Brooker]
Son; occupation: farm labourerJohn Fry, butcher
Son; occupation: scholarWilliam Fry
Daughter; occupation: scholarMary Ann Fry
Son; occupation: scholarGeorge Fry, master grocer and draper
DaughterHarriet Fry
Servant; occupation carterJohn Awcock
VisitorHarriet Brooker

1867Directory entryGibbs Geo., farmer, Courtlands, NutleyCourtlands, NutleyPost Office Directory

1874Directory entryCarr Harry, Jun. farmer, CourtlandsCourtlandsPost Office Directory

c 1875Searles, Black Ven & Cackle Street, North West of Maresfield - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyCourt Land

1888Directory entryDiplock, Albert, Courtland farmCourtland farmBrooker's Guide

1924Courtland FarmCourtland Farm, MaresfieldPrivate collection

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