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Historical records

1558 to 1564Manor recordThomas Adroll.Hoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor

1564Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
Forest pale E, Edward Gages Courtelande NW, Herney gate & common S.
Le Reden, 3 acres
Thomas Reynerdes NW(Courtehatche, 6 acres), Road Maresfield to Nutley W, Forest S

before 1628Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
Before 1628 George Knight in tenure Edward Picket surrendered to Walter Everest. on 3rd proc praecept to John Kidder bailiff to seize.

1628Manor recordHugletts Pits, messuage, barn, 6 parcels 10 acres Hoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor

after 1628Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
After 1628 Walter Everest admit, fine £6 after 3rd proc praecept to John Kidder bailiff to seize.
1631 surrendered to John Atherall.

1631Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
Includes part Courtehatche, 6 acres 3/10d annual rent

1631 to 1634Manor record1631 John Atherall admit, fine 40/-.
1634 deceased.
Hoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor

1634 to 1641Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1634 John Atherall son admit, fine 20d.
1637 mortgage £90.
1635 mortgage William Smith £60.
1638 mortgage with William Smith.
1641 surrendered to William Smith.

1641 to 1657Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1641 William Smith admit, fine £6/13/4d.
1657 deceased, heriot ox sold £4.

1657 to 1679Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1657 Hanna Smith 7 eldest daughter admit by mother Elizabeth, relief 20d, mother guardian, fine 3/10d.
1679 Hanna wife George Shelley deceased.

1679 to 1732Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1679 Maria Smith of Horley sister admit by John Awcocke attorney, fine 3/10d. 1686 surrendered to uses.
1699 licence to Thomas Cudsden gent and wife Marie to let to Nicholas and James Kenward 11 years, fine 3/8d.
1732 Marie .
1732 Marie Cudsden deceased.

1732 to 1739Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1732 Marie Walker of Bodgham admit by will on 3rd proc fine £15/15/-, occupier John Hider.
1733 surrendered uses.
1739 deceased.

1739Manor record3/6 1/2d annual rentHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor

1739 to 1754Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1739 Bartholomew Walker eldest son admit, fine 3/6.5 and to will.
1754 surrendered to Martin Hoath, heriot steer value £7 compo £4/4/- .

1754 to 1768Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1754 Martin Hoath yeoman of Maresfeild admit, fine £8/8/-.
1768 deceased.

1768 to 1806Manor recordRobert HoathHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1768 Robert Hoath eldest son of Thomas Hoath eldest brother admit, with Burchetts, 3 parcels of land, 15 acres, Le Trench, 2 acres and Cottage, 1/2 rood at Horney Common.
1803 surrendered to John Verrall to form Hugletts Pit, 7 acres, heriot compo £2/2/-.
1806 surrendered to Richard Markwick, heriot compo £4.

1803Manor recordHugletts PitDuddleswell Manor
Formed by partition of Hoogelette, messuage, 7 acres.
Turnpike E.

1803Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
Partitiion to form Hugletts Pit, 7 acres by apportionment 2/0.5d annual rent

after 1803Manor recordHugletts PitDuddleswell Manor
After 1803 John Verrall of Southover gent admit, fine £3/3/- and surrendered to will.

1806 to 1846Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1806 Richard Markwick of Uckfield carpenter admit, fine £3/3/- and surrendered to will.
1819 mortgage Esther Fielder of Eastbourne spinster £350.
1843 exors Esther Markwick satis.
1843 mortgage Thomas Dickergage Thomas Dicker of Lewes banker £400.
1858 satis.
1846 deceased.

1809Manor recordHugletts PitDuddleswell Manor
1809 William and Harry Verrall exors of will admit on 2nd proc, fine £6 and William Verrall surrendered to Henry Verrall.

after 1809Manor recordAfter 1809 Harry Verrall admit and surrendered to will.Hugletts PitDuddleswell Manor

1840Manor recordTithe map no.Hugletts PitDuddleswell Manor

1840Manor recordTithe map nos.853/7, 865/7 10.3.26 acres.Hoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor

after 1848Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
After 1848 Stephen Markwick eldest son admit by will on 3rd proc, attorney Thomas Huson gent, relief 2/0.5d.

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; employs 3 people; occupation: brick makerRichard Markwick, brickmakerHuggetts Pits1851 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
WifeJane Markwick [Stevenson]
Son; occupation: millwrightRobert Markwick, millwright
DaughterAdelaide Markwick
SonDavid Markwick, labourer
Servant; occupation: carterThomas Stevenson

1852 to 1862Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1852 Richard Markwick admit, fine £29/10/- and mortgage William Kenward of Uckfield miller, John Mannington of Uckfield butcher and John Newnham of Uckfield timber merchant trustees of the Uckfield Permanent Benefit Building Soenefit Building Society, with M99.
1858 satis.
1858 mortgage James Ramsbottom Esq of Crowborough Warren £432 with M99.
1862 satis.
1862 deceased, heriot old horse compo £2/13/4d.

1863Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1863 George Virgo of Maresfeild farmer and William Fermor of Withyham gamekeeper exors admit by will, fine £30 and surrendered to John Smith £730.

1863 to 1882Manor recordHoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor
1863 John Smith of Horney Common brickmaker admit, fine £20, and mortgage John Hillman of Lewes gent £450, with 1.3.18 acres. Tithe nos. 858/62.
1882 exors satis.
1874 mortgagebr />1874 mortgage John Hill of Maresfeild miller £150 subject to Hillman, with 1.3.18 acres. Tithe nos. 858/62.
1878 satis.
1878 mortgage John, Robert and Alfred Hillman merchants of Lewes £450, with 1.3.18 acres. Tithe nos. 858/62 and Cottage, brick kilns and brick sheds, 1.2.00 acres.
1882 satis.
1882 enfranchised.

c 1875RecollectionsJohn Smith, brick makerHuggetts PitAshdown Forest dispute

During The Ashdown Forest Dispute 1876-1882 commoners and land owners were interviewed by the solicitor William Raper. Their comments were recorded in a series of notebooks:

Smith, John. Aged 48. (Was out; his wife gave the information.) Brickmaker and road surveyor. Owns Huggetts Pit at Maresfield, say about 13 acres. Bought it about 14 years ago. His Father owned Homey Common brickyard and he succeeded to it on his death about 14 years ago.


c 1875Searles, Black Ven & Cackle Street, North West of Maresfield - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyHuggetts Pit

1882Manor recordEnfranchised.Hoogelette, messuageDuddleswell Manor

1888Directory entryTurner, William, Turner, William, Huggett pits, NutleyHuggett pits, NutleyBrooker's Guide

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