The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Postern Park Farm    Postern Lane  Tonbridge  
Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusJohn Waite, M, Head, single, age 40, born Hadlow, Kent; occupation: farmerJohn Waite, farmerPostern Park Farm1881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Emily Waite, F, Sister, single, age 22, born Tonbridge, KentEmily Waite
Elizabeth J. Everard, F, Servant, single, age 17, born Finchley (Out); occupation: servantElizabeth J. Everard

3rd Apr 1881CensusEdward Evans, M, Head, single, age 37, born Findon, Sussex; occupation: farm labourerEdward Evans, farm labourerIn Out House, Postern Park Farm1881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Occupation Farm labourerJohn Baker

5th Apr 1891CensusWilliam Vaughan, M, Head, married, age 51, born Pontesbury, Shropshire; occupation: late captain, H.M. 34th RegimentWilliam Vaughan, late captain, H.M. 34th RegimentPostern House, Postern Road1891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Edith P E Vaughan, F, Wife, married, age 38, born Hesket In The Forest, CumberlandEdith P E Vaughan
Gladys A Vaughan, F, Daughter, age 13, born Paddington, MiddlesexGladys A Vaughan
William Vaughan, M, Son, age 12, born Paddington, MiddlesexWilliam Vaughan
Edith N Vaughan, F, Daughter, age 11, born Paddington, MiddlesexEdith N Vaughan
Katharine Vaughan, F, Daughter, age 9, born Paddington, MiddlesexKatharine Vaughan
Edith M Metcalfe, F, Governess, single, age 28, born Chesterford, Essex; occupation: governessEdith M Metcalfe
Ellen Newport, F, Servant, single, age 32, born Compton Pounceport, Somerset; occupation: general domestic servantEllen Newport
Annie L Stoner, F, Servant, single, age 26, born Pimlico, Middlesex; occupation: general domestic servantAnnie L Stoner
Jane Haskett, F, Servant, age 16, born Wargrave, Berkshire; occupation: general domestic servantJane Haskett
Alma H Hayward, F, Servant, age 16, born Teston, Kent; occupation: general domestic servantAlma H Hayward
James Airey, M, Servant, widowed, age 40, born Leamington, Warwickshire; occupation: coachmanJames Airey
John A E Baldock, M, Servant, single, age 27, born Lamberhurst, Kent; occupation: gardenerJohn A E Baldock

5th Apr 1891CensusJohn Wartes, M, Head, single, age 40, born Hadlow, Kent; occupation: farmerJohn Wartes, farmerPostern Park Farm, Postern Road1891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Frances Wartes, F, Mother, widowed, age 73, born Lamberhurst, KentFrances Wartes
Emily Wartes, F, Sister, single, age 31, born Tonbridge, KentEmily Wartes
Jane Smith, F, Servant, single, age 32, born Headcorn, Kent; occupation: general domestic servantJane Smith

5th Apr 1891CensusJoseph Wells, M, Head, single, age 58, born Leigh, Kent; occupation: farmerJoseph Wells, farmerPostern Farm, Postern Road1891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Charlotte Wells, F, Sister, single, age 69, born Tonbridge, Kent; occupation: housekeeperCharlotte Wells
John T Wells, M, Nephew, single, age 40, born Leigh, Kent; occupation: farmer's assistantJohn T Wells
Jane Baker, F, Sister, married, age 65, born Leigh, KentJane Baker

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