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Published pedigrees ►Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Sussex by William Berry published 1830 - pp. 257

 David Funnell
farm labourer
m: Oct to Dec 1856
registered at Hailsham District, Sussex ref: 1856 Q4 Vol 2b Page 115
Margaret Wenham 
 b: 1832 Chiddingly, Sussex  b: 1840 Hellingly, Sussex
 David William M. Thomas Harriet E. John James 
 b: 1866 Hellingly, Sussex b: 1867 Hellingly, Sussex b: 1868 Hellingly, Sussex b: 1873 Chalvington, Sussex b: 1876 Chalvington, Sussex b: 1880 Arlington, Sussex 

 William Wenham
gardener and domestic servant
m: c 1858Hannah 
 b: 1830 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1838 Cranbrook, Kent

 Edward Wenhamm: c 1860Amy Harriet 
 b: c 1840  b: c 1840
 Emma Jane 
 b: 1864 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 11th Dec 1864 St. Mark's Church

 Henry Wenham
m: c 1861Rebecca 
 b: 1839 Hellingly, Sussex  b: 1841 Chiddingly, Sussex
 b: 1863 Hellingly, Sussex 

 William T Wenham
railway inspector
m: c 1863Phillis 
 b: 1842 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1845 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 William Wenhamm: c 1865Mary 
 b: 1838 Waldron, Sussex b: 1844 Norfolk

 William T. Wenhamm: c 1866Tilly 
 b: 1842 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1846 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
 William T. 
 b: 1866 Tonbridge, Kent 

 Thomas Sellensm: Oct to Dec 1866
registered at Hastings District, Sussex ref: 1866 Q4 Vol 2b Page 64
Philadelphia Wenham 
 b: 1846 Sedlescombe, Sussex b: 1841 Westfield, Sussex

 Charles Wenham
m: c 1867Harriett 
 b: 1842 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1847 Goudhurst, Kent
Elizabeth J.  Rose A.  James R.  William Caroline E. Eliza C. Edward Emily D. 
b: 1866 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1870 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1873 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1877 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1878 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1878 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1879 Cranbrook, Kent b: June 1880 Cranbrook, Kent 
  Mary John T. Ellen M.          
  b: 1868 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1872 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1875 Cranbrook, Kent          

 Spencer Wenhamm: c 1867Charlotte 
 b: 1847 Buxted, Sussex b: 1849 Mayfield, Sussex

 William Wenham
sergeant of police
m: c 1868Lucy 
 b: 1848 Linton, Kent  b: 1845 Hunton, Kent
 William Fanny L. Elizabeth M. James A. Mabel Edith 
 b: 1869 Bearsted, Kent b: 1870 Bearsted, Kent b: 1875 Sittingbourne, Kent b: 1877 Wye, Kent b: 1880 Cranbrook, Kent b: January 1881 Cranbrook, Kent 

 George B. Whenhamm: c 1868Mrs Whenham 
 b: 1829 Boughton Monchelsea, Kent   
 Caroline E. Emily E. Kate M. N. 
 b: 1869 East Wickham, Kent b: 1874 East Wickham, Kent b: 1877 Shoreham, Kent 

 Edward Wenham
farm labourer
m: c 1868Amy 
 b: 1843 Waldron, Sussex  b: 1848 Eltham, Kent
 Emma Alice 
 b: 1864 Heathfield, Sussex b: 1868 Waldron, Sussex 

 Robert R Wenham
manager of gents outfitter
m: c 1869Jane 
 b: 1851 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1851 Tonbridge, Kent
 Maud M Fred R Eva S M 
 b: 1878 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1882 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1888 Tonbridge, Kent 

 George Wenhamm: c 1870Sarah 
 b: 1845 Benenden, Kent b: 1849

 Robert Wenhamm: c 1871Jane 
 b: 1851 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1850 Tonbridge, Kent
 b: 1878 Tonbridge, Kent 

 Fred Wenham
hawker (gipsy)
m: c 1872Patience 
 b: 1851 Guildford, Surrey  b: 1854 Oxfordshire
 Matthew Mary Charity 
 b: 1894 Oxfordshire b: 1896 Oxfordshire b: 1901 Oxfordshire 

 Johnathan Wenham
general labourer
m: c 1872Lois 
 b: 1847 Hellingly, Sussex  b: 1852 Chiddingly, Sussex
 Lois L. 
 b: 1875 Chiddingly, Sussex 

 Frederick Adams
m: Oct to Dec 1872
registered at Uckfield District, Sussex ref: 1872 Q4 Vol 2b Page 206
Emily Wenham 
 b: 1848 Rotherfield, Sussex  b: 1853 Waldron, Sussex
Rargline Frederick  Rowland Walter  Beatrice Bessie Emily Etta Ada Elizabeth Minnie Geraldine Palmer Percival Marjorie Jane 
b: 30th Dec 1872 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 23rd Feb 1873 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
  b: 1875 Framfield, Sussex  b: 1878 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 24th Feb 1878 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
 b: 1880 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 28th Mar 1880 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
 b: 1882 Framfield, Sussex b: 1884 East Hoathly, Sussex b: 1888 East Hoathly, Sussex b: 1890 East Hoathly, Sussex 
  Nelson Augustus Edith Alma            
  b: 1874 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 28th Mar 1874 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
 b: 22nd Apr 1876 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 30th Jul 1876 St. Thomas à Becket's Church

 Albert Cronk
plumber and painter
m: c 1873Elizabeth Whenham 
 b: 1852 Sundridge, Kent  b: 1853 Southwark, London
 b: 1878 Sundridge, Kent 

 John Wenham
farm labourer
m: c 1873Ann Wilson 
 b: 1851 Burwash, Sussex  b: 1853 Pembury, Kent
 John Geo. James Hy. 
 b: 1879 Hawkhurst, Kent b: July 1880 Hawkhurst, Kent 

 Frederick Wenhamm: c 1874Patience 
 b: 1853 Worth, Sussex  b: 1856 Worth, Sussex
 Frederick William John Alice 
 b: 1875 Worth, Sussex b: 1877 Worth, Sussex b: 1878 Worth, Sussex b: 1880 Worth, Sussex 

 George Spencer Wenhamm: 20th Nov 1875 St. Margaret's Church, Buxted, SussexCharlotte Parks 
 b: 1850 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 26th May 1850 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1849 Framfield, Sussex

 Harry G Wenham
house painter
m: c 1878Susanah M 
 b: 1860 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1856 March Green, Surrey
 Annie A Minnie A Susanah Alice S 
 b: 1880 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1882 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1886 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1889 Tonbridge, Kent 

 James Wenham
m: c 1880Lizzie 
 b: 1858 Deal, Kent  b: 1862 Fletching, Sussex
 Bertha Daisy Spencer Arthur 
 b: 1898 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1900 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1902 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1907 Rotherfield, Sussex 

 James Whenhamm: c 1880Elizabeth 
 b: 1858 Fletching, Sussex  b: 1862 Fletching, Sussex
 Annie James Emily George Charles Julia 
 b: 1881 Maresfield, Sussex b: 1883 Maresfield, Sussex b: 1884 Buxted, Sussex b: 1887 Withyham, Sussex b: 1889 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1891 Rotherfield, Sussex 

2nd marriage Alexander Wickens
coal merchant
m: 11th Apr 1880 St. Philip, Battersea, London
registered at Wandsworth District, London ref: 1880 Q2 Vol 1d Page 736
Margaret Wenham 
 b: 4th Nov 1831 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 7th Feb 1832 St. Denys Church
d: 4th Dec 1920
  b: 1858 Frant, Sussex, daughter of William Henry Wenham, shoemaker
 b: June 1880 Wadhurst, Sussex 

 George Wenhamm: 31st Jul 1880 St. Bartholomew's Church, Burwash, SussexHarriet Keeley 
 b: 1850 Waldron, Sussex b: 1854

 Charles Wenham
m: c 1881Emily 
 b: 1863 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1859 Cowden, Kent
 Annie E Edith Lily 
 b: 1884 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1886 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1888 Tonbridge, Kent 

 G S. Wenham
builder's bricklayer
m: c 1891K 
 b: 1850 Buxted, Sussex  b: 1873 Buxted, Sussex
 B R C 
 b: 1897 Crowborough, Sussex b: 1896 Crowborough, Sussex b: 1910 Crowborough, Sussex 

 Charles Wenham
dealer (gipsy)
m: c 1895Amy 
 b: 1872 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1877 Oxfordshire
 Amy Charles Esther Job Caleb Fanny 
 b: 1897 Oxfordshire b: 1900 Oxfordshire b: 1901 Oxfordshire b: 1903 Oxfordshire b: 1906 Oxfordshire b: 1910 Oxfordshire 

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