The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Nicholson, Nichalson, Nichelson, Nickolson, Nicolson, Nickerson, Nickson family records sorted by marriage date 121 parish records
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Published pedigrees ►Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent by William Berry published 1830 - pp. 329
 William Nicholsonm: c 1830Hannah 
 b: 1810 Fulbrook, Oxfordshire b: 1809 Loo, Oxfordshire

 John Nicholsonm: 5th Jul 1830 Maidstone, KentAnn Piper 
 b: c 1810 b: c 1810

 George Nicholsonm: 18th Nov 1843 St. Peter and St. Paul, Edenbridge, KentJane Peacock 
 b: 1816 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1825 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 18th Sep 1825 St. Peter and St. Paul
David Samuel Anne George Martha Catherine Mary Charles Percy 
b: 1844 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1845 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1847 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1849 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1850 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1854 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1858 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1867 Edenbridge, Kent 

 Thomas Nicholson
domestic coachman
m: c 1844Elizabeth 
 b: 1824 Yorkshire  b: 1824 Driffield, Yorkshire
 William F. 
 b: 1867 Jerrington, Yorkshire 

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