The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Rotherfield, Sussex
Parish & other records Before

John CorkeBirth1700William CorkAnn Cork [Mills]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John FryBirth1700Edward FryAnne Fry [Bassett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Judith RelfeBirth1700Richard RelfeMary Relfe [Hilles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HallBirth1700Henry HallElizabeth Hall [Sevenokes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdownBirth1700William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne IszardBirth1700Gabriell IsardMary IsardRotherfield Parish Registers
Edmund LatterBirth1700Thomas LatterMary Latter [Coe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard LatterBirth1700Richard LatterAnne LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard LuckBirth1700Richard LuckElisabeth Luck [Tomson]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdownBirth1700John AshdownElizabeth Ashdown [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard CardBirth1700Richard CardMercy (Mary) Card [Humphrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MerchantBirth1700Richard MarchantAnn Marchant [Stephens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth LatterBirth1699/1700Simon LatterElizabeth Latter [Bellingham]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann HarmerBirth1699/1700William HarmerJoan Harmer [Milley]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Holmwood [Taylor]Birth1699/1700William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BourneBirth1701Thomas BourneSarah Bourne [Sevenoake]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Henry HallBirth1701Henry HallElizabeth Hall [Sevenokes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne HoadlyBirth1701Thomas HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Dray]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HoadlyBirth1701John HoadlyMary HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Edward HoadlyBirth1701Mary HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Robert MoonBirth1701John MoonElizabeth Moon [Russell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph MilesBirth1701Ann MilesRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard AshbyBirth1701John AshbyElizabeth Ashby [Gyles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MephamBirth1701Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MerchantBirth1701Richard MarchantAnn Marchant [Stephens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MarquickBirth1701Mary MarquickRotherfield Parish Registers
Susanna AdamsBirth1701George AdamsSusan AdamsRotherfield Parish Registers
Anne Carde [Weller]Birth1701John WellerAlice Weller [Coe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AshdownBirth1701John AshdownElizabeth Ashdown [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas OvendenBirth1701John OvendenMary Ovenden [Austen]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann ColeBirth1701Edward CoaleAnne CoaleRotherfield Parish Registers
William AlchorneBirth1701Edmund AlchorneMary Alchorne [Ashdowne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel WellerBirth1701Samuel WellerAlice Weller [Russel]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas GilbertBirth1701Robert GilbardSarah GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth WickerBirth1701Thomas WickerMary Wicker [Smith]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas WelfareBirth1701Nicholas WelfareElizabeth Welfare [Martyn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas TaylorBirth1700/01John TaylorElizabeth Taylor [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel WickensBirth1700/01John WickensElizabeth Wickens [Bridger]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John Taylor, butcherBirth1700/01William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William HumphryBirth1700/01John HumpheryAnn Humphery [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AlchorneBirth1700/01Richard AllcornElizabeth Allcorn [Paine]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary LatterBirth1700/01Simon LatterElizabeth Latter [Bellingham]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne LuckBirth1702Richard LuckElisabeth Luck [Tomson]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William BroomanBirth1702Thomas BroomanElizabeth BroomanRotherfield Parish Registers
Martha Joyfull [Fermor]Birth1702James FermorMrs Fermor
Samuel TaylorBirth1702William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth StapelyBirth1702Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane WickensBirth1702Thomas WickinsMary Wickins [Tayler]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard ColeBirth1702Robert CoaleAnne Coale [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothy IszardBirth1702Gabriell IsardMary IsardRotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah WestonBirth1702John Weston, millerJoan Weston [Seacroft]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MorphewBirth1702John MorphewElizabeth MorphewRotherfield Parish Registers
Martha RelfeBirth1702Richard RelfeMary Relfe [Hilles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert BridgerBirth1702Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William PageBirth1702William PageElizabeth Page [Stephens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas WelfareBirth1702Nicholas WelfareElizabeth Welfare [Martyn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BourneBirth1702Thomas BourneSarah Bourne [Sevenoake]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Elizabeth AshdownBirth1701/02William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John PageBirth1703William PageElizabeth Page [Stephens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MoonBirth1703John MoonElizabeth Moon [Russell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne HallBirth1703Henry HallElizabeth Hall [Sevenokes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George CardBirth1703Richard CardMercy (Mary) Card [Humphrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas ColeBirth1703Edward CoaleAnne CoaleRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas ColeBirth1703John ColeAvis ColeRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CorkeBirth1703William CorkAnn Cork [Mills]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BridgerBirth1703John BridgerElizabeth BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Benjamin BridgerBirth1703John BridgerMary BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
William HoadlyBirth1703Thomas HoadlyMary Hoadly [Monke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas GuyBirth1703Thomas GuyMary GuyRotherfield Parish Registers
Simon LatterBirth1703Simon LatterElizabeth Latter [Bellingham]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HarmarBirth1703William HarmerJoan Harmer [Milley]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HawkinsBirth1703Thomas HawkinsMary Hawkins [Russell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HoadlyBirth1703Thomas HoadlyMary Hoadly [Monke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Unnamed SawyerBirth1703Stephen SawyerAnne Sawyer [Brett]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
James HumphryBirth1703John HumpheryAnn Humphery [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas Iszard, labourerBirth1703Susan IszardRotherfield Parish Registers
John GilbertBirth1703Robert GilbardSarah GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary WickensBirth1703John WickensElizabeth Wickens [Bridger]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AlchorneBirth1702/03John AlchorneAnn Alchorne [Hawkins]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard RelfeBirth1702/03John RelfeMary Relfe [Walters]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MephamBirth1702/03Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Priscilla AlchorneBirth1702/03Edmund AlchorneMary Alchorne [Ashdowne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth TaylorBirth1702/03John TaylorElizabeth Taylor [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert BurrBirthNov 1703Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah RelfeBirth1704Richard RelfeMary Relfe [Hilles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hanah TrillBirth1704James TrillJane TrillRotherfield Parish Registers
Constance HawkinsBirth1704Thomas HawkinsMary Hawkins [Russell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas WickerBirth1704Thomas WickerMary Wicker [Smith]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdownBirth1704John AshdownElizabeth Ashdown [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret BourneBirth1704Thomas BourneSarah Bourne [Sevenoake]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Robert StapleyBirth1704Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MephamBirth1704Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Isaac TaylorBirth1704William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne BridgerBirth1704Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BrownBirth1704William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah Alchorne [Burges]Birth1705James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane HallBirth1705Henry HallElizabeth Hall [Sevenokes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas TrillBirth1705James TrillJane TrillRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas FryBirth1705Edward FryAnne Fry [Bassett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Plumer [Sawyer]Birth1705Stephen SawyerAnne Sawyer [Brett]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
William WickensBirth1705Thomas WickinsMary Wickins [Tayler]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BurrBirth1705Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah HallBirth1705Henry HallElizabeth Hall [Sevenokes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah BridgerBirth1705John BridgerMary BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Edward TaylorBirth1705John TaylorElizabeth Taylor [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Simon LatterBirth1704/05Richard LatterAnne LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah Ovenden [Ashdown]Birth1704/05William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MoonBirth1706John MoonElizabeth Moon [Russell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph HumphryBirth1706John HumpheryAnn Humphery [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CorkeBirth1706William CorkAnn Cork [Mills]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BridgerBirth1706John BridgerElizabeth BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AshdownBirth1706John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah Wheeler [Hall]Birth1706Henry HallElizabeth Hall [Sevenokes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth FowleBirth1706Humphrey Fowle, J.P.Elizabeth Fowle [Seyliard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne SawyerBirth1706Stephen SawyerAnne Sawyer [Brett]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Sarah BrownBirth1706William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Methuselah MerchantBirth1706Richard MarchantAnn Marchant [Stephens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Cathrine AlchorneBirth1706Edmund AlchorneMary Alchorne [Ashdowne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothy ColeBirth1706Edward CoaleAnne CoaleRotherfield Parish Registers
William BakerBirth1706Annie BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HoadlyBirth1706Thomas HoadlyMary Hoadly [Monke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BowraBirth1706Nicholas BowraElizabeth Bowra [Medhurst]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Bassott [Turk]Birth1706John TurkSarah Turk [Brown]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MephamBirth1705/06Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BridgerBirth1707John BridgerAnne BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
John WickerBirth1707Thomas WickerMary Wicker [Smith]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John ColeBirth1707John ColeAvis ColeRotherfield Parish Registers
Edmund AlchorneBirth1707Edmund AlchorneMary Alchorne [Ashdowne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Martha ChittendenBirth1707Thomas ChittendenMartha ChittendenIGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
James HookBirth1707James HookElizabeth Hook [Dapp]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard LatterBirth1707Simon LatterElizabeth Latter [Bellingham]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth1707William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth GrigsonBirth1707William GrigsonAnn GrigsonIGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Mary HosmerBirth1707Thomas HosmerMary Hosmer [Young]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Mary Bridger [Burges]Birth1707James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
James OvendenBirth1707John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William GilbertBirth1707Robert GilbardSarah GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Benjamin GilbertBirth1707Robert GilbardSarah GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
John BurrBirth1707Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MuddleBirth1707Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Barbara AshdownBirth1707William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William LatterBirth1706/07Richard LatterAnne LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary DodswellBirth1706/07Robert DadswellMary Dadswell [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah Fry [Burges]Birth1708James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Christopher AshdownBirth1708John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Wickens [Sawyer]Birth1708Thomas SawyerMary Sawyer [Colgate]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Alexander BassettBirth1708Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Pilbeam [Sawyer]Birth1708Thomas SawyerMary Sawyer [Green]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
William GilbertBirth1708William GilbertElizabeth Gilbert [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary CardBirth1708Richard CardMercy (Mary) Card [Humphrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward StapleyBirth1708Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BridgerBirth1708John BridgerElizabeth BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
William BrownBirth1708William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William ColeBirth1708Edward CoaleAnne CoaleRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah Corke [Corke]Birth1708William CorkAnn Cork [Mills]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth FermorBirth1708John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen MephamBirth1708Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hester WestonBirth1708John Weston, millerJoan Weston [Seacroft]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MoonBirth1708William MoonMary Moon [Kenwood]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MoonBirth1708John MoonElizabeth Moon [Russell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah OvendenBirth1708John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BridgerBirth1708Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Michael HoadlyBirth1708Thomas HoadlyMary Hoadly [Monke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Barbara WickensBirth1707/08Thomas WickinsMary Wickins [Tayler]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William TaylorBirth1707/08John TaylorElizabeth Taylor [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham ThomsonBirth1709John ThomsonMary Thomson [Downard]IGI - Family Search
Edward MuddleBirth1709Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BroomanBirth1709John BroomanAnne Brooman [Osborn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary LuckBirth1709William LuckMary Luck [Amos]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MaynardBirth1709Thomas MaynardElizabeth Maynard [Allen]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Sarah LatterBirth1709Richard LatterAnne LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas SawyerBirth1709Thomas SawyerMary Sawyer [Colgate]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Mary WellerBirth1709Samuel WellerAlice Weller [Russel]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John FermorBirth1709John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah HumphryBirth1709John HumpheryAnn Humphery [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AshdownBirth1709William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John GilbartBirth1709Joan GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard Burr, blacksmithBirth1709Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Humphrey FowleBirth1709Humphrey Fowle, J.P.Elizabeth Fowle [Seyliard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William BassettBirth1709Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth DadswellBirth1708/09Robert DadswellMary Dadswell [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John GilbertBirth1710William GilbertElizabeth Gilbert [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BourneBirth1710Thomas BourneSarah Bourne [Sevenoake]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Mary FryBirth1710Edward FryAnne Fry [Bassett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah TaylorBirth1710John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward BakerBirth1710Annie BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
John BurgesBirth1710James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MoonBirth1710William MoonMary Moon [Kenwood]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MoonBirth1710Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas StapleyBirth1710Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John OvendenBirth1710John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas TaylorBirth1710William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MaynardBirth1710Thomas MaynardElizabeth Maynard [Allen]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Elizabeth GilbertBirth1711Robert GilbardSarah GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Edward BridgerBirth1711Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HiderBirth1711Edward HiderSusanna HiderRotherfield Parish Registers
William CorkeBirth1711William CorkAnn Cork [Mills]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MuddleBirth1711Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Eleanora FowleBirth1711Humphrey Fowle, J.P.Elizabeth Fowle [Seyliard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BassettBirth1711Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth1711John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Arthur AshdownBirth1711John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George BridgerBirth1711John BridgerElizabeth BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BrownBirth1711William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth DodswellBirth1710/11Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
Benjamin MephamBirth1710/11Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert BurrBirth1710/11Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth1710/11John TaylorElizabeth Taylor [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John LuckBirth1712William LuckMary Luck [Amos]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary ChittendenBirth1712Thomas ChittendenMartha ChittendenPrivate Groombridge contribution
Thomas MoonBirth1712Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HosmerBirth1712Thomas HosmerMary Hosmer [Young]Private Groombridge contribution
John BroomanBirth1712John BroomanAnne Brooman [Osborn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MuddleBirth1712Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne ThomsonBirth1712John ThomsonMary Thomson [Downard]Private Groombridge contribution
Matthew OvendenBirth1712John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HoadlyBirth1712Thomas HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Dray]Private Groombridge contribution
Thomas FarmerBirth1712John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph HookBirth1712James HookElizabeth Hook [Dapp]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne GilbartBirth1712Joan GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Michael TaylorBirth1712William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William LatterBirth1712Symon LatterMargaret Latter [Tompkin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Faulconer [Sawyer]Birth1712Stephen SawyerElizabeth Sawyer [Gatland]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
William GrigsonBirth1712William GrigsonAnn GrigsonPrivate Groombridge contribution
William WelfareBirth1712Nicholas WelfareElizabeth Welfare [Martyn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BowraBirth1712John BowraAnne Bowra [Brian]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary ColeBirth1712Edward CoaleAnne CoaleRotherfield Parish Registers
Ralph KillickBirth1712Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CardBirth1712John CardMary Card [Skinner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward PageBirth1712William PageMary Page [Muddle]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HoadlyBirth1712John HoadlyElizabeth HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
John StapelyBirth1712Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Private Groombridge contribution
John BourneBirth1712Thomas BourneSarah Bourne [Sevenoake]Private Groombridge contribution
Robert DodswellBirth1711/12Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth JarrettBirth1711/12Thomas JarrettElizabeth JarrettFrant Parish Registers
Hannah AshdownBirth1711/12William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Avis HumphryBirth1711/12John HumpheryAnn Humphery [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane BurgesBirth1713James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne BrownBirth1713William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John SawyerBirth1713Thomas SawyerMary Sawyer [Colgate]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Robart GilbertBirth1713William GilbertElizabeth Gilbert [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MartinBirth1713John Martin, husbandmanJoan Martin [Brooks]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BridgerBirth1713John BridgerAnne BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AdamsBirth1713George AdamsSusan AdamsRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BurrBirth1713Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary IszardBirth1713William Issard, husbandmanMary Issard [Pollington]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen BassettBirth1713Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph MoonBirth1713Joseph MoonMary Moon [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph MeophamBirth1712/13Thomas MephamAnn Mepham [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John Turk, farmerBirth1712/13John TurkSarah Turk [Brown]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William BroomanBirth1714John BroomanAnne Brooman [Osborn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Alice AshdownBirth1714William AshdowneJane Ashdowne [Moone]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MaynardBirth1714Thomas MaynardElizabeth Maynard [Allen]Private Groombridge contribution
Mary ThomsonBirth1714John ThomsonMary Thomson [Downard]Private Groombridge contribution
Jane MayBirth1714Richard MayElizabeth MayPrivate Groombridge contribution
Elizabeth WenbowrneBirth1714Solomon WenbowrneAnne WenbowrnePrivate Groombridge contribution
Elizabeth HarrisBirth1714Thomas HarrisDionisia HarrisPrivate Groombridge contribution
Elizabeth ParkesBirth1714William ParkesAnn ParkesPrivate Groombridge contribution
John TaylorBirth1714John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BridgerBirth1714Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas KillickBirth1714Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
William FarmerBirth1714John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AshdownBirth1714John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joanna FarnesBirth1714Samuel FarnesMary Farnes [Bannister]Private Groombridge contribution
Benjamin MoonBirth1714Joseph MoonMary Moon [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MuddleBirth1714Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HoadlyBirth1714Thomas HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Dray]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas OvendenBirth1714William OvendenEllinor OvendenPrivate Groombridge contribution
Richard BurgesBirth1714Mary BurgesRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas OvendenBirth1714John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward HiderBirth1714Edward HiderSusanna HiderRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Manser [Dodswell]Birth1713/14Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
Grace SmithBirthc Sep 1714Thomas SmithGrace Smith [Catt]Private Groombridge contribution
George MoonBirth1715Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edmond TaylorBirth1715John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen OvendenBirth1715John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Daniel TaylorBirth1715William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne HolmwoodBirth1715Thomas HolmwoodAnne Holmwood [Butcher]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward BridgerBirth1715John BridgerElizabeth BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BakerBirth1715Susanna BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
John WellerBirth1715Thomas WellerElizabeth WellerRotherfield Parish Registers
Edward DadswellBirth1715Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
John ThomsonBirth1715John ThomsonMary Thomson [Downard]IGI - Family Search
William StapleyBirth1715Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BassettBirth1715Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HoadlyBirth1715John HoadlyElizabeth HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Jael BurgesBirth1715James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah BowraBirth1715John BowraAnne Bowra [Brian]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BurrBirth1715Robert BurrCatherine BurrRotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MillsBirth1715Nicholas MillsAvis MillsPrivate Groombridge contribution
Richard CardeBirth1715Thomas CardeMary Carde [Wickens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Sawyer [Pyper]Birthc 1715Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary IszardBirth1714/15Gabriel IszardAnne Iszard [Sevenoake]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel AshbyBirth1714/15Mary AshbyRotherfield Parish Registers
Robert MartinBirth1714/15John Martin, husbandmanJoan Martin [Brooks]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MillsBirth1714/15Nicholas MillsAvis MillsRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah OvendenBirth1716William OvendenEllinor OvendenIGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
William IszardBirth1716William Issard, husbandmanMary Issard [Pollington]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne BurgesBirth1716James BurgesJane Burges [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Charles FarmerBirth1716John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robart GilbartBirth1716Robart GylbertEllinor Gylbert [Calloway]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AlchorneBirth1716William AlcornElizabeth Alcorn [Pyke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George HoadlyBirth1716Thomas HoadlyMary Hoadly [Monke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BrownBirth1716William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Vernon MartinBirth1716John Martin, husbandmanJoan Martin [Brooks]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane Chasmore [Sawyer]Birth1716Stephen SawyerElizabeth Sawyer [Gatland]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Nicholas MuddleBirth1716Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William TurkBirth1715/16John TurkSarah Turk [Brown]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane TaylorBirth1715/16John TaylorElizabeth Taylor [Hosmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BurrBirth1715/16Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BowraBirth1717John BowraAnne Bowra [Brian]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William MarchantBirth1717Richard MerchantMary Merchant [Moon]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth KillickBirth1717Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
Avis MillsBirth1717Nicholas MillsAvis MillsIGI - Family Search
Judith MaynardBirth1717Thomas MaynardElizabeth Maynard [Allen]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
John MoonBirth1717Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MoonBirth1717Joseph MoonMary Moon [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William OvendenBirth1717John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]IGI - Family Search
Avis MillsBirth1717Nicholas MillsAvis MillsRotherfield Parish Registers
William BridgerBirth1717Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas WellerBirth1717Thomas WellerElizabeth WellerRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HoadlyBirth1717Thomas HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Dray]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mercy TaylorBirth1716/17John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ellen GilbartBirth1718Robart GylbertEllinor Gylbert [Calloway]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary WelfareBirth1718Nicholas WelfareElizabeth Welfare [Martyn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane MarchantBirth1718Richard MerchantMary Merchant [Moon]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John PaigeBirth1718George Paige, farmerElizabeth Paige [Millard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MuddleBirth1718Thomas MuddleMary Muddle [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane TaylorBirth1718William TaylorMary Taylor [Quinnell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HoadlyBirth1718John HoadlySarah HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HilderBirth1718Henry HilderAnn HilderRotherfield Parish Registers
George BurrBirth1718Robert BurrElizabeth Burr [Langridge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BurrBirth1718Robert BurrCatherine BurrRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BoakesBirth1718Thomas BoakesSarah BoakesIGI - Family Search
Thomas StapleyBirth1718Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mercy DownardBirth1718William DownardMercy Downard [Palmer]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Mary FryBirth1718James FryElizabeth Fry [Osborn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne TaylorBirth1718John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HumphreyBirth1718Simon HumphreyBriget Humphrey [Foorde]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BrownBirth1718William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah IszardBirth1718William Issard, husbandmanMary Issard [Pollington]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HiderBirth1717/18William HiderElizabeth Hider [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Alexander AshdownBirth1717/18John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne DadswellBirth1717/18Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BassettBirth1717/18Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard BrownBirth1719William BrownElizabeth Brown [Palmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth PyperBirth1719John PyperMary Pyper [Slaughter]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BrowneBirth1719Thomas BrownElizabeth Brown [Clifton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas OvendenBirth1719John OvendenMary Ovenden [Warnett]IGI - Family Search
Sarah MoonBirth1719Joseph MoonMary Moon [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BrowneBirth1719John BrowneMary BrowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MoonBirth1719Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary QuinelBirth1719William QuinelRachel Quinel [Edwards]IGI - Family Search
William CrippsBirth1719Christopher CrippsHannah CrippsRotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah AshdownBirth1719John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Gatland [Sawyer]Birth1719Stephen SawyerElizabeth Sawyer [Gatland]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Elizabeth ThomsonBirth1719John ThomsonMary Thomson [Downard]IGI - Family Search
Mary DownardBirth1719William DownardMercy Downard [Palmer]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Benjamin HookBirth1719James HookElizabeth Hook [Dapp]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HilderBirth1719Henry HilderAnn HilderRotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah TaylorBirth1719Thomas TaylorMary Taylor [Carter]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne BridgerBirth1719Edward BridgerMary Bridger [Sparrow]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard BoakesBirth1719Thomas BoakesSarah BoakesIGI - Family Search
John HoadlyBirth1719Thomas HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Dray]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John LockyerBirth1719George LockyerMary Lockyer [Gainsford]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas DodswellBirth1719Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
James FarmerBirth1719John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony KillickBirth1718/19Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BridgerBirth1720Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary PyperBirth1720John PyperMary Pyper [Slaughter]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BassettBirth1720Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
George IszardBirth1720Susanna IszardRotherfield Parish Registers
William QuinelBirth1720William QuinelRachel Quinel [Edwards]IGI - Family Search
Elizabeth FryBirth1720James FryElizabeth Fry [Osborn]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Simon HumphreyBirth1720Simon HumphreyBriget Humphrey [Foorde]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah HoadlyBirth1720John HoadlySarah HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth GilbartBirth1720Robart GylbertEllinor Gylbert [Calloway]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah MarchantBirth1720Richard MerchantMary Merchant [Moon]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John CardeBirth1720Thomas CardeMary Carde [Wickens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas StapleyBirth1720Robert StapelyElizabeth Stapely [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary WellerBirth1720Thomas WellerElizabeth WellerRotherfield Parish Registers
John CardeBirth1720John CardeAnne Carde [Bedford]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William MoonBirth1720Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William KillickBirth1720Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Sawyer [White]Birthc 1720London Marriage Registers
Elizabeth TaylorBirth1719/20John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CliftonBirthc May 1720David CliftonDorothy Clifton [Wilson]IGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
John ArnoldBirth1721Henry ArnoldMary ArnoldRotherfield Parish Registers
William MillsBirth1721Nicholas MillsAvis MillsIGI - Family Search
John HolmwoodBirth1721Thomas HolmwoodMary HolmwoodRotherfield Parish Registers
John TurnerBirth1721John TurnerBridgett Turner [Relfe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary GilesBirth1721John GilesMary GilesIGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Jane TaylorBirth1721John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William MillsBirth1721Nicholas MillsAvis MillsRotherfield Parish Registers
Daniel WickensBirth1721Thomas WickensAnne Wickens [Long]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ephraim MoonBirth1721Joseph MoonMary Moon [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah Brook [Sawyer]Birth1721Stephen SawyerElizabeth Sawyer [Gatland]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Richard SawyerBirth1721Thomas SawyerMary Sawyer [Colgate]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
George PaigeBirth1721George Paige, farmerElizabeth Paige [Millard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert BurrBirth1721Robert BurrCatherine BurrRotherfield Parish Registers
John WickensBirth1721Elizabeth WickensRotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah DadswellBirth1720/21Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
John IszardBirth1720/21William Issard, husbandmanMary Issard [Pollington]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MarkwickBirthDec 1721James Markwick, yeomanElizabeth Markwick [Jenner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John WilsonBirth1722Richard WilsonMary WilsonPrivate Groombridge contribution
Mary BoakesBirth1722Thomas BoakesSarah BoakesPrivate Groombridge contribution
Ann ParksBirth1722Jane ParksPrivate Groombridge contribution
Rachel QuinelBirth1722William QuinelRachel Quinel [Edwards]Private Groombridge contribution
Elizabeth BannisterBirth1722Anne BannisterPrivate Groombridge contribution
John RichardsBirth1722Sarah RichardsPrivate Groombridge contribution
William MaynardBirth1722William MaynardMary Maynard [Jarrett]Private Groombridge contribution
Henry ArnoldBirth1722Henry ArnoldMary ArnoldRotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MoonBirth1722Thomas MoonElizabeth Moon [Comber]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard KillickBirth1722Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
Anne JarrettBirth1722Thomas JarrettElizabeth JarrettFrant Parish Registers
Mary RussellBirth1722Christopher RussellHannah Russell [Baldock]Private Groombridge contribution
John RelfeBirth1722William Relfe, yeomanBridget Relfe [Doble]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth TaylorBirth1722John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel CrippsBirth1722Christopher CrippsHannah CrippsPrivate Groombridge contribution
Mary CardBirth1722Thomas CardeMary Carde [Wickens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John LongBirth1722Nicholas LongElizabeth LongPrivate Groombridge contribution
Hannah CrippsBirth1722Christopher CrippsHannah CrippsPrivate Groombridge contribution
Edward FarmerBirth1722John FarmerMary Farmer [Jarvis]Rotherfield Parish Registers
James GarsonBirth1722William GarsonJoanna GarsonPrivate Groombridge contribution
Martha DownardBirth1722William DownardMercy Downard [Palmer]Private Groombridge contribution
Ann DownardBirth1722Thomas DownardElizabeth Downard [Boarer]Private Groombridge contribution
Elizabeth Holmwood [Quinnell] [Dadswell]Birth1722Alexander DadswellAnne Dadswell [Baker]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William GilesBirth1722John GilesMary GilesPrivate Groombridge contribution
Richard HiderBirth1722William HiderElizabeth Hider [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HoadlyBirth1722Thomas HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Dray]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BridgerBirth1722William BridgerAnn BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BrooksBirth1722Edward BrooksSusanna Brooks [Cosens]Private Groombridge contribution
Anne CliftonBirth1722David CliftonDorothy Clifton [Wilson]Private Groombridge contribution
Nicholas WellerBirth1722Thomas WellerElizabeth WellerRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard CardeBirth1722John CardeAnne Carde [Bedford]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John JarrettBirth1721/22Grace JarrettRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CardeBirth1723Richard CardeAnne Carde [Weller]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John PyperBirth1723John PyperMary Pyper [Slaughter]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William PaigeBirth1723George Paige, farmerElizabeth Paige [Millard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane AshdownBirth1723John AshdownMary Ashdown [Parkes]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas IszardBirth1723William Issard, husbandmanMary Issard [Pollington]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William WestonBirth1723William WestonSarah Weston [Perfitt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne GilesBirth1723John GilesMary GilesIGI - Family Search
Batch C13555-2
Sarah GilbartBirth1723Robart GylbertEllinor Gylbert [Calloway]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert TurnerBirth1723John TurnerBridgett Turner [Relfe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BassettBirth1723Alexander BassettElizabeth BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary IszardBirth1723Susanna IszardRotherfield Parish Registers
Henry HoadlyBirth1723John HoadlySarah HoadlyRotherfield Parish Registers
David Dadswell, headmasterBirth1722/23Edward DadswellElizabeth DadswellRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth WellerBirth1724Richard WellerElizabeth Weller [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary KillickBirth1724Thomas KillickMary KillickRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CardeBirth1724John CardeAnne Carde [Bedford]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BridgerBirth1724Robert BridgerAnne Bridger [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Simon BoanesBirth1724John BoanesParnell Boanes [Tomset]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret LeonardBirth1724John LeonardMargaret Leonard [Holman]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BudgenBirth1724John BudgenJane BudgenRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas QuinelBirth1724William QuinelRachel Quinel [Edwards]IGI - Family Search
Thomas HoadlyBirth1724Thomas HoadlyMary Hoadly [Brook]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne MarkwickBirth1724James Markwick, yeomanElizabeth Markwick [Jenner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Hannah MoonBirth1724Joseph MoonMary Moon [Dodswell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HolmwoodBirth1724Thomas HolmwoodElizabeth Holmwood [Taylor]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John TaylorBirth1723/24John Taylor, butcherElizabeth Taylor [Tasker]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Lucy TaylorBirth1723/24John Taylor, dishturnerMary Taylor [Lambert]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ruth MarchantBirth1723/24Richard MerchantMary Merchant [Moon]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William DadswellBirth1723/24Alexander DadswellAnne Dadswell [Baker]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas WickensBirth1723/24Thomas WickensAnne Wickens [Long]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard BurrBirth1723/24Robert BurrCatherine BurrRotherfield Parish Registers
Alternative Regions
New Zealand
United States
Alternative Areas/Parishes
Parish of Albourne, Sussex
Parish of Alciston, Sussex
Parish of Aldingbourn, Sussex
Parish of Aldrington, Sussex
Parish of Alfriston, Sussex
Parish of Amberley, Sussex
Parish of Angmering, Sussex
Parish of Appledram, Sussex
Parish of Ardingly, Sussex
Parish of Arlington, Sussex
Parish of Arundel, Sussex
Parish of Ashburnham, Sussex
Parish of Ashington, Sussex
Parish of Ashurst, Sussex
Parish of Ashurstwood, Sussex
Parish of Balcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barlavington, Sussex
Parish of Barnham, Sussex
Parish of Battle, Sussex
Parish of Beckley, Sussex
Parish of Beddingham, Sussex
Parish of Berwick, Sussex
Parish of Bexhill, Sussex
Parish of Bignor, Sussex
Parish of Billingshurst, Sussex
Parish of Binderton, Sussex
Parish of Binsted, Sussex
Parish of Birdham, Sussex
Parish of Bishopstone, Sussex
Parish of Blackboys, Sussex
Manor of Blackham
Parish of Blackham, Sussex
Parish of Blindley Heath, Surrey
Parish of Bodiam, Sussex
Parish of Bodle Street Green, Sussex
Parish of Bolney, Sussex
Parish of Bosham, Sussex
Parish of Bottolphs, Sussex
Parish of Boxgrove, Sussex
Parish of Bramber, Sussex
Parish of Brede, Sussex
Parish of Brightling, Sussex
Parish of Brighton, Sussex
Parish of Broadwater, Sussex
Parish of Broomhill, Sussex
Parish of Burgess Hill, Sussex
Parish of Burpham, Sussex
Parish of Burton, Sussex
Parish of Burwash, Sussex
Parish of Bury, Sussex
Parish of Buxted, Sussex
Parish of Catsfield, Sussex
Parish of Chailey, Sussex
Parish of Chalvington, Sussex
Parish of Charlton, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood Common, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood, Sussex
Parish of Chichester, Sussex
Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
Parish of Chidham, Sussex
Parish of Chithurst, Sussex
Parish of Clapham, Sussex
Parish of Clayton, Sussex
Parish of Climping, Sussex
Parish of Cocking, Sussex
Parish of Cold Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Colgate, Sussex
Parish of Compton, Sussex
Parish of Coombs, Sussex
Parish of Copthorne, Sussex
Parish of Cousley Wood, Sussex
Parish of Cowfold, Sussex
Parish of Crawley Down, Sussex
Parish of Crawley, Sussex
Parish of Crowborough, Sussex
Parish of Crowhurst, Sussex
Parish of Cuckfield, Sussex
Parish of Dallington, Sussex
Parish of Danehill, Sussex
Parish of Denton, Sussex
Parish of Didling, Sussex
Parish of Ditchling, Sussex
Parish of Donnington, Sussex
Parish of Duncton, Sussex
Parish of Dunsfold, Sussex
Parish of Durrington, Sussex
Parish of Eartham, Sussex
Parish of Easebourne, Sussex
Parish of East Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of East Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of East Dean, Sussex
Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of East Guldeford, Sussex
Parish of East Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of East Lavant, Sussex
Parish of East Preston, Sussex
Parish of East Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Eastbourne, Sussex
Parish of Eastdean, Sussex
Parish of Eastergate, Sussex
Parish of Edburton, Sussex
Parish of Egdean, Sussex
Parish of Elsted, Sussex
Parish of Emsworth, Sussex
Parish of Eridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Etchingham, Sussex
Parish of Ewhurst, Sussex
Parish of Fairlight, Sussex
Parish of Falmer, Sussex
Parish of Felpham, Sussex
Parish of Fernhurst, Sussex
Parish of Ferring, Sussex
Parish of Findon, Sussex
Parish of Fittleworth, Sussex
Parish of Fletching, Sussex
Parish of Flimwell, Sussex
Parish of Folkington, Sussex
Parish of Forest Row, Sussex
Manor of Framfield
Parish of Framfield, Sussex
Parish of Frant, Sussex
Parish of Friston, Sussex
Parish of Fulking, Sussex
Parish of Funtington, Sussex
Parish of Glynde, Sussex
Parish of Goring, Sussex
Parish of Graffham, Sussex
Parish of Greatham, Sussex
Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Guestling, Sussex
Parish of Hadlow Down, Sussex
Parish of Hailsham, Sussex
Parish of Hambledown, Sussex
Parish of Hamsey, Sussex
Parish of Hangleton, Sussex
Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
Parish of Harting, Sussex
Parish of Hastings, Sussex
Parish of Hawkenbury, Sussex
Parish of Haywards Heath, Sussex
Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
Parish of Heene, Sussex
Parish of Hellingly, Sussex
Parish of Henfield, Sussex
Parish of Herstmonceux, Sussex
Parish of Heyshott, Sussex
Parish of Higham Park
Parish of Hollington, Sussex
Parish of Holtye, Sussex
Parish of Hooe, Sussex
Parish of Horam, Sussex
Parish of Horley, Sussex
Parish of Horsham, Sussex
Parish of Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Parish of Houghton, Sussex
Parish of Hove, Sussex
Parish of Hunston, Sussex
Parish of Hurst Green, Sussex
Parish of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Parish of Icklesham, Sussex
Parish of Iden, Sussex
Parish of Ifield, Sussex
Parish of Iford, Sussex
Parish of Iping, Sussex
Parish of Isfield, Sussex
Parish of Itchingfield, Sussex
Parish of Jarvis Brook, Sussex
Parish of Jevington, Sussex
Parish of Kemp Town, Sussex
Parish of Keymer, Sussex
Parish of Kingston, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-by-the-Sea, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-near-Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Kirdford, Sussex
Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Lancing, Sussex
Parish of Laughton, Sussex
Parish of Leominster, Sussex
Parish of Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Linch, Sussex
Parish of Linchmere, Sussex
Parish of Lindfield, Sussex
Parish of Lingfield, Surrey
Parish of Litlington, Sussex
Parish of Little Horsted, Sussex
Parish of Littlehampton, Sussex
Location not known
Parish of Lodsworth, Sussex
Parish of Lower Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Lullington, Sussex
Parish of Lurgashall, Sussex
Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
Parish of Mark Cross, Sussex
Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
Parish of Merston, Sussex
Parish of Midhurst, Sussex
Parish of Mid-Lavant, Sussex
Parish of Mountfield, Sussex
Parish of Netherfield, Battle, Sussex
Parish of New Fishbourne, Sussex
Parish of New Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Newhaven, Sussex
Parish of Newick, Sussex
Parish of Newtimber, Sussex
Parish of Ninfield, Sussex
Parish of North Chapel, Sussex
Parish of North Mundham, Sussex
Parish of Northiam, Sussex
Parish of Nuthurst, Sussex
Parish of Nutley, Sussex
Parish of Old Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Ore, Sussex
Parish of Oving, Sussex
Parish of Ovingdean, Sussex
Parish of Pagham, Sussex
Parish of Parham, Sussex
Parish of Partridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Patcham, Sussex
Parish of Patching, Sussex
Parish of Peasmarsh, Sussex
Parish of Penhurst, Sussex
Parish of Pett, Sussex
Parish of Petworth, Sussex
Parish of Pevensey, Sussex
Parish of Piddinghoe, Sussex
Parish of Piltdown, Sussex
Parish of Playden, Sussex
Parish of Plumpton, Sussex
Parish of Poling, Sussex
Parish of Portslade, Sussex
Parish of Poynings, Sussex
Parish of Preston, Sussex
Parish of Pulborough, Sussex
Parish of Pyecombe, Sussex
Parish of Rackham, Sussex
Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
Parish of Ripe, Sussex
Parish of Riverhall, Sussex
Parish of Robertsbridge, Sussex
Parish of Rodmell, Sussex
Parish of Rogate, Sussex
Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Parish of Rottingdean, Sussex
Parish of Rudgwick, Sussex
Parish of Rumbolds-Wyke, Sussex
Parish of Rusper, Sussex
Parish of Rustington, Sussex
Parish of Rye, Sussex
Parish of Salehurst, Sussex
Parish of Seaford, Sussex
Parish of Sedlescombe, Sussex
Parish of Selmeston, Sussex
Parish of Selsey, Sussex
Parish of Shermanbury, Sussex
Parish of Shipley, Sussex
Parish of Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Sidlesham, Sussex
Parish of Singleton, Sussex
Parish of Slaugham, Sussex
Parish of Slindon, Sussex
Parish of Slinfold, Sussex
Parish of Sompting, Sussex
Parish of South Heighton, Sussex
Parish of South Malling, Sussex
Parish of Southease, Sussex
Parish of Southwick, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards On Sea, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards, Sussex
Parish of St. Peter, Sussex
Parish of Stanmer, Sussex
Parish of Stedham, Sussex
Parish of Steyning, Sussex
Parish of Stockwell
Parish of Stonegate, Sussex
Parish of Stopham, Sussex
Parish of Storrington, Sussex
Parish of Stoughton, Sussex
Parish of Streat, Sussex
Parish of Sullington, Sussex
County of Sussex
Parish of Sutton, Sussex
Parish of Tarring Neville, Sussex
Parish of Telscombe, Sussex
Parish of Terwick, Sussex
Parish of Thakeham, Sussex
Parish of Three Bridges, Sussex
Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
Parish of Tidebrook, Sussex
Parish of Tillington, Sussex
Parish of Treyford, Sussex
Parish of Trotton, Sussex
Parish of Turners Hill, Sussex
Parish of Twineham, Sussex
Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
Parish of Udimore, Sussex
Parish of Up-Marden, Sussex
Parish of Upper Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Up-Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
Parish of Walberton, Sussex
Parish of Waldron, Sussex
Parish of Warbleton, Sussex
Parish of Warminghurst, Sussex
Parish of Warnham, Sussex
Parish of Wartling, Sussex
Parish of Washington, Sussex
Parish of West Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of West Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of West Dean, Sussex
Parish of West Firle, Sussex
Parish of West Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of West Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of West Itchenor, Sussex
Parish of West Stoke, Sussex
Parish of West Tarring, Sussex
Parish of West Thorney, Sussex
Parish of West Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Westbourne, Sussex
Parish of Westdean, Sussex
Parish of Westfield, Sussex
Parish of Westham, Sussex
Parish of Westhampnett, Sussex
Parish of Westmeston, Sussex
Parish of Whatlington, Sussex
Parish of Wiggonholt, Sussex
Parish of Willingdon, Sussex
Parish of Wilmington, Sussex
Parish of Winchelsea, Sussex
Parish of Wisborough Green, Sussex
Parish of Wiston, Sussex
Parish of Withyham, Sussex
Parish of Wivelsfield, Sussex
Parish of Woodmancote, Sussex
Parish of Woolavington, Sussex
Parish of Woolbeding, Sussex
Parish of Worth, Sussex
Parish of Worthing, Sussex
Parish of Yapton, Sussex

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