The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Withyham, Sussex
Parish & other records Before

Edmund TurnerBirth1750Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
John Smith BakerBirth1750William BakerElizabeth Baker [Brown]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward JennerBirth1750John JennerElizabeth Jenner [Thorp]Withyham Parish Registers
William AvisBirth1750John AvisSusannah AvisPrivate Avis contribution
Joseph HookBirth1750Thomas HookeEsther Hooke [Buttler]Withyham Parish Registers
Martha AllenBirth1750Edward AllenAnne Allen [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas BailyBirth1750Thomas BailyElizabeth Baily [Sturt]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas PilbeamBirth1750Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamPat Cox's records
Sarah TurnerBirth1750Nathaniel TurnerMary Turner [Adams]Withyham Parish Registers
John EdwardsBirth1750John EdwardsSarah Edwards [Miles]Withyham Parish Registers
John SpencerBirth1750Joseph SpencerSarah Spencer [Streatfield]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary LuckBirth1750John LuckLydia Luck [Leany]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary Avis [Quinall]Birthc 1750Withyham Marriage Registers
Elizabeth Peckham BishopBirth1751Elizabeth BishopWithyham Parish Registers
John EdwardsBirth1751William EdwardsMary Edwards [Grove]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas PiperBirth1751John PiperMary Piper [Tulley]Withyham Parish Registers
Hannah BowraBirth1751John BowraHannah Bowra [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward GroombridgeBirth1751Thomas GroombridgeMartha Groombridge [Smith]Withyham Parish Registers
William HesmanBirth1751John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah WellerBirth1751Henry WellerAlice WellerWithyham Parish Registers
Abraham JennerBirth1751Edward JennerSarah Jenner [Lingfield]Withyham Parish Registers
Esther AllenBirth1751William AllenAnn Allen [Hyder]Withyham Parish Registers
John WellerBirth1751Edward WellerJane WellerWithyham Parish Registers
Leonard HookerBirth1752Charles HookerEsther HookerWithyham Parish Registers
Mary Avis WalterBirth1752John AvisSusanna WalterWithyham Parish Registers
Edward JennerBirth1752John JennerElizabeth Jenner [Thorp]Withyham Parish Registers
John JennerBirth1752William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Lucy Dier [Spencer]Birth1752Joseph SpencerSarah Spencer [Streatfield]Withyham Parish Registers
William PilbeamBirth1752Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamPat Cox's records
Mary AvisBirth1752John AvisSusannah AvisPrivate Avis contribution
Edward CrouchBirth1752John CrouchElizabeth Crouch [Plummer]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann TurnerBirth1752John TurnerSarah Turner [Peckham]Withyham Parish Registers
John GodlyBirth1752Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth Bowra [Turner]Birth1753Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
Esther AllenBirth1753Edward AllenAnne Allen [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Israel GodlyBirth1753Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann WalterBirth1753Isaac WalterElizabeth WalterWithyham Parish Registers
Thomas GroombridgeBirth1753Thomas GroombridgeMartha Groombridge [Smith]Withyham Parish Registers
Richard PilbeamBirth1754Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamPat Cox's records
Thomas MillsBirth1754CoaslyRobert Mills, farmerElizabeth Mills [Mills]Withyham Parish Registers
William JennerBirth1754William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas MilesBirth1754William Miles, shopkeeperElizabeth Miles [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
James TurnerBirth1754Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
Richard CrouchBirth1754John CrouchElizabeth Crouch [Plummer]Withyham Parish Registers
John TurnerBirth1754John TurnerSarah Turner [Peckham]Withyham Parish Registers
Jude Row PaigeBirth1754Hannah PaigeWithyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth HesmanBirth1754John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth GroombridgeBirth1754Thomas GroombridgeMary Groombridge [Luck]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah Cushman [Neve]Birth1754Samuel NeveMary Neve [Bridger]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
Elizabeth BennetBirth17541838 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Hannah WellerBirth1754Edward WellerJane WellerWithyham Parish Registers
Anne JefferyBirth1755Edward JefferyKatherine Jeffery [Marshal]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary NeveBirth1755Samuel NeveMary Neve [Bridger]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
John PilbeamBirth1755Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamPat Cox's records
Edward JennerBirth1755William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward WellerBirth1755Edward WellerJane WellerWithyham Parish Registers
John ColeBirth1755John ColePhoebe Cole [Leane]Withyham Parish Registers
Abraham AllenBirth1755Edward AllenAnne Allen [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary GodlyBirth1755Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth Groombridge [Wilmshurst]Birthc 1755Withyham Marriage Registers
Sarah JefferyBirth1756Edward JefferyKatherine Jeffery [Marshal]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth JennerBirth1756John JennerElizabeth Jenner [Thorp]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann Avis [Ovenden]Birth1756Withyham Marriage Registers
John AvisBirth1756Withyham Marriage Registers
Martha JennerBirth1756Simon JennerMartha Jenner [Pankhurst]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary Groombridge [Turner]Birth1756Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah TurnerBirth1756John TurnerSarah Turner [Peckham]Withyham Parish Registers
Abraham SpencerBirth1756Joseph SpencerSarah Spencer [Streatfield]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah Hider [Bowra]Birth1756John BowraHannah Bowra [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
John HesmanBirth1756John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth GodlyBirth1756Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Robert MillsBirth1756Robert Mills, farmerElizabeth Mills [Mills]Withyham Parish Registers
John ParkerBirth1756John ParkerHannah ParkerWithyham Parish Registers
Sarah RogersBirthc Nov 1756John RogersSarah Rogers [Richardson]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah Friend [Akehurst]Birth1757Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
John JennerBirth1757William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann AkehurstBirth1757Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward BrownBirth1757Mary BrownWithyham Parish Registers
John GodlyBirth1757Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary Wickens [Groombridge]Birth1757Thomas GroombridgeMartha Groombridge [Smith]Withyham Parish Registers
Philemon PilbeamBirth1757Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamPat Cox's records
Elizabeth WilmshurstBirthJun 1757Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
Philadelphia JennerBirth1758William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Eleanor MartinBirth1758John MartinEleanor MartinWithyham Parish Registers
Nathaniel Turner, carpenterBirth1758Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
William ColeBirth1758John ColePhoebe Cole [Leane]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward HillsBirth1758Mary HillsWithyham Parish Registers
Thomas BestBirth17581838 Census
Motts Mill, Sussex
Sarah TaskerBirthJul 1758William TaskerAnn Tasker [Knight]Withyham Parish Registers
John CornwallBirth1759Robert CornwallElizabeth Cornwall [Diplock]Gerald Cornwell's records
Ann HookerBirth1759Charles HookerEsther HookerWithyham Parish Registers
William AkehurstBirth1759Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Michael HesmanBirth1759John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary AkehurstBirth1759Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah GodlyBirth1759Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Elisabeth Avis [Weller]Birth1759Withyham Marriage Registers
Hannah JennerBirth1759Simon JennerMartha Jenner [Pankhurst]Withyham Parish Registers
Nathaniel WilmshurstBirth1759Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
Philip TurnerBirth1759John TurnerSarah Turner [Peckham]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth TurnerBirth1759Nathaniel TurnerAnn Turner [Hasleden]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary PilbeamBirth1759Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamWithyham Parish Registers
Ann TurnerBirth1759Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
William Mills, farmerBirth1759Robert Mills, farmerElizabeth Mills [Mills]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann TaskerBirth1759William TaskerAnn Tasker [Knight]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth AllenBirthc Oct 1759Thomas AllenAnn Allen [Kember]Withyham Parish Registers
Isaac ColeBirth1760John ColePhoebe Cole [Leane]Withyham Parish Registers
William Cornwall, farm labourerBirth1760Robert CornwallElizabeth Cornwall [Diplock]Gerald Cornwell's records
Nathaniel TurnerBirth1760Nathaniel TurnerAnn Turner [Hasleden]Withyham Parish Registers
Philadelphia AdamsBirth1760John AdamsSarah Adams [Tasker]Withyham Parish Registers
John DrayBirth1760Withyham Parish Registers
Lucy NeveBirth1760Samuel NeveMary Neve [Bridger]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
John Avis WalterBirth1760John AvisSusanna WalterWithyham Parish Registers
Hannah GodlyBirth1760Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth GroveBirth1760John GroveMary Grove [Miles]Withyham Parish Registers
Martha AvisBirth1760John BardenSarah AvisWithyham Parish Registers
John WilmshurstBirth1760Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
John AvisBirth1760John AvisSusannah AvisPrivate Avis contribution
Thomas Allen, labourerBirth17601838 Census
Crowborough Warren and Lye Green, Sussex
Elisabeth Avis [Nash]Birthc 1760Withyham Marriage Registers
Mary Carden [Peckham]Birth1761John PeckhamSarah Peckham [Bushnal]Withyham Parish Registers
Esther PilbeamBirth1761Richard PilbeamMary PilbeamWithyham Parish Registers
Philip TurnerBirth1761Philip TurnerElizabeth Turner [Burfoot]Withyham Parish Registers
George ColmanBirth1761George ColmanMary ColmanWithyham Parish Registers
John AkehurstBirth1761John AkehurstMary Akehurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Simon JennerBirth1761William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
John TaskerBirth1761William TaskerAnn Tasker [Knight]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary ColeBirth1761John ColePhoebe Cole [Leane]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary TurnerBirth1761John TurnerSarah Turner [Peckham]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth NashBirth1761Edward NashMary Nash [Colchen]Withyham Parish Registers
Margaret NeveBirth1761Samuel NeveMary Neve [Bridger]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
Richard Avis WalterBirth1762John AvisSusanna WalterWithyham Parish Registers
Sarah Avis [Skinner]Birth1762Withyham Marriage Registers
Thomas AvisBirth1762Anthony CheesemanSarah AvisWithyham Parish Registers
Thomas GroveBirth1762John GroveMary Grove [Miles]Withyham Parish Registers
Stephen AkehurstBirth1762Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Richard AvisBirth1762John AvisSusannah AvisPrivate Avis contribution
Hannah GodlyBirth1762Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann HesmanBirth1762John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary TurnerBirth1762Nathaniel TurnerAnn Turner [Hasleden]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas WalterBirth1762Sarah WalterWithyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth BrownBirth1762Richard BrownMary BrownWithyham Parish Registers
Stephen JennerBirth1762Simon JennerMartha Jenner [Pankhurst]Withyham Parish Registers
Hannah HookerBirth1762Charles HookerEsther HookerWithyham Parish Registers
William WilmshurstBirth1763Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary WalterBirth1763William WalterMary Walter [Andrews]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary AllenBirth1763Thomas AllenAnn Allen [Kember]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann TurnerBirth1763Nathaniel TurnerAnn Turner [Hasleden]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah ColeBirth1763John ColePhoebe Cole [Leane]Withyham Parish Registers
Lucy Faulconer [Hasmer]Birth17631851 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Ann BowraBirth1763John BowraHannah Bowra [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
James CrouchBirth1763John CrouchElizabeth Crouch [Plummer]Withyham Parish Registers
Philadelephia TaskerBirth1763William TaskerAnn Tasker [Knight]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah PeckhamBirth1763John PeckhamSarah Peckham [Bushnal]Withyham Parish Registers
Betty NeveBirth1763Samuel NeveMary Neve [Bridger]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
John NashBirth1763Edward NashMary Nash [Colchen]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas CornwallBirthc 1763Robert CornwallElizabeth Cornwall [Diplock]Gerald Cornwell's records
William GroveBirth1764Richard GroveSusanna Grove [Luck]Withyham Parish Registers
John PeckhamBirth1764John PeckhamSarah Peckham [Bushnal]Withyham Parish Registers
James AkehurstBirth1764John AkehurstMary Akehurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
William TaskerBirth1764William TaskerAnn Tasker [Knight]Withyham Parish Registers
Joseph HookerBirth1764John HookerMartha Hooker [Spencer]Withyham Parish Registers
Charles GodlyBirth1764Israel GodlyElizabeth Godly [Quinel]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary GroveBirth1764John GroveMary Grove [Miles]Withyham Parish Registers
Rebecca Brown [Akehurst]Birth1764Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Richard JennerBirth1764William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann Avis [Neve]Birth1764Withyham Marriage Registers
Thomas AvisBirth1764Withyham Marriage Registers
Martha AdamsBirth1764John AdamsMartha Adams [Groombridge]Withyham Parish Registers
William MartinBirth1764George MartinMary Martin [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
Martha ColeBirth1765John ColePhoebe Cole [Leane]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas EverestBirth1765Edmund EverestMary Everest [Rummins]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas WilmshurstBirth1765Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth WalterBirth1765William WalterMary Walter [Andrews]Withyham Parish Registers
Lucy HesmanBirth1765John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
James BrownBirth1765Mary BrownWithyham Parish Registers
John AvisBirth1765Robert AvisRose Avis [Osborne]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah Turner [Turner]Birth1765Thomas TurnerAnn TurnerWithyham Parish Registers
Stephen Jenner, labourerBirth1765William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah BrownBirth1765Mary BrownWithyham Parish Registers
Jane FarmerBirth1765William FarmerJane Farmer [Lockyer]Withyham Parish Registers
William BowraBirth1765John BowraHannah Bowra [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah AdamsBirth1765John AdamsSarah Adams [Tasker]Withyham Parish Registers
Martha NeveBirth1765Samuel NeveMary Neve [Bridger]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
Martha NashBirth1765Edward NashMary Nash [Colchen]Withyham Parish Registers
James SawyersBirthc 1765Withyham Parish Registers
Sally Sawyers [Coyfe]Birthc 1765Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth Sawyer [Coyfe]Birthc 1765Withyham Parish Registers
Peter AvisBirthc 1765Withyham Marriage Registers
Hannah AllenBirthc Mar 1765Thomas AllenMary AllenWithyham Parish Registers
Ann MartinBirth1766George MartinMary Martin [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann AshdownBirth1766John AshdowneElizabeth Ashdowne [Richardson]Withyham Parish Registers
Robert AkehurstBirth1766Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
John Adams, parish clerkBirth1766John AdamsMartha Adams [Groombridge]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary CornwallBirthc 1766Robert CornwallElizabeth Cornwall [Diplock]Gerald Cornwell's records
Thomas GroveBirth1767Richard GroveSusanna Grove [Luck]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward WilmshurstBirth1767Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
Mrs TapsellBirth17671838 Census
Crowborough Town, Sussex
Thomas Groves, farm labourerBirth17671838 Census
Groombridge, Sussex
Milcah BowraBirth1767John BowraHannah Bowra [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Henry AdamsBirth1767Henry AdamsSarah Adams [Allen]Withyham Parish Registers
John JennerBirth1767Simon JennerMartha Jenner [Pankhurst]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann PeckhamBirth1767John PeckhamSarah Peckham [Bushnal]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary HillsBirth1767Thomas HillsMary Hills [Spencer]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas AkehurstBirth1767John AkehurstMary Akehurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth EverestBirth1767Edmund EverestMary Everest [Rummins]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas AllenBirth1767Thomas AllenMary AllenWithyham Parish Registers
Abraham JennerBirth1768William JennerElizabeth Jenner [Walker]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah AshdownBirth1768John AshdowneElizabeth Ashdowne [Richardson]Withyham Parish Registers
William WalterBirth1768William WalterMary Walter [Andrews]Withyham Parish Registers
James HesmanBirth1768John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary MartinBirth1768George MartinMary Martin [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
Rose AvisBirth1768Robert AvisRose Avis [Osborne]Withyham Parish Registers
William Turner, labourerBirth1768Nathaniel TurnerAnn Turner [Hasleden]Withyham Parish Registers
James FarmerBirth1768William FarmerJane Farmer [Lockyer]Withyham Parish Registers
John GroveBirth1768John GroveMary Grove [Miles]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary Edwards [Latter] [Turner] [Nash]Birth1768Edward NashMary Nash [Colchen]1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Sarah HillsBirth1768Thomas HillsMary Hills [Spencer]Withyham Parish Registers
Robert HillsBirth1768Henry HillsJane Hills [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary AdamsBirth1768John AdamsMartha Adams [Groombridge]Withyham Parish Registers
Lydia LuckBirthSep 1768John Luck, farmerSusannah Luck [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas Merchant HookerBirth1769Esther HookerWithyham Parish Registers
Martha AllenBirth1769Thomas AllenAnn Allen [Kember]Withyham Parish Registers
Jane AvisBirth1769Robert AvisRose Avis [Osborne]Withyham Parish Registers
James Merchant HookerBirth1769Esther HookerWithyham Parish Registers
William Edwards, carpenterBirth1769William EdwardsAnn Edwards [Mepham]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward AttreeBirth1769William AttreeSarah AttreeWithyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth SlaterBirth17691851 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Hannah EverestBirth1769William EverestHannah Everest [Akeridge]Withyham Parish Registers
Lydia JennerBirth1769Simon JennerMartha Jenner [Pankhurst]Withyham Parish Registers
Joseph AkehurstBirth1769Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann HeathBirth1769Thomas HeathAnn Heath [Sweatman]Withyham Parish Registers
Lydia PatchingBirth17691851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Ann CornwallBirthc 1769Robert CornwallElizabeth Cornwall [Diplock]Gerald Cornwell's records
Elizabeth Cushman [Hards]Birthc Aug 1769William HardsSarah Hards [Comber]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
Mary GroveBirth1770Richard GroveSusanna Grove [Luck]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary PiperBirth1770Ann PiperWithyham Parish Registers
Edward Peckham, wheelwrightBirth1770John PeckhamSarah Peckham [Bushnal]Withyham Parish Registers
John MartinBirth1770John MartinHannah Martin [Cole]Withyham Parish Registers
James Everest, farm labourerBirth17701851 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
James WilmshurstBirth1770Nathaniel WilmshurstSarah Wilmshurst [Alcorne]Withyham Parish Registers
Richard HillsBirth1770Thomas HillsMary Hills [Spencer]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann Hall [Garrett]Birth1770John M. Hall's records
Sarah LuckBirth1770John Luck, farmerSusannah Luck [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
Jane AdamsBirth1770John AdamsMartha Adams [Groombridge]Withyham Parish Registers
Henry AdamsBirth1770Henry AdamsSarah Adams [Allen]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah MartinBirth1770George MartinMary Martin [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
Jane HesmanBirth1770John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
William BrowneBirth1770Richard BrownHannah Brown [Rye]Withyham Parish Registers
Philadelphia AshdownBirth1770John AshdowneElizabeth Ashdowne [Richardson]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary MarshalBirth17701838 Census
Blackham/Lyewood, Sussex
Edward NashBirth1770Edward NashMary Nash [Colchen]Withyham Parish Registers
Henry Hills, farm labourerBirth1770Henry HillsJane Hills [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
Laetitia Combridge [Currey]Birthc 1770Withyham Marriage Registers
John AllenBirth1771Edward AllenAnn Allen [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
William AttreeBirth1771William AttreeSarah AttreeWithyham Parish Registers
Samuel HeatBirth1771Henry HeatAnn HeatWithyham Parish Registers
Mary AshdownBirth1771John AshdowneElizabeth Ashdowne [Richardson]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary Turner [Edwards]Birth1771William EdwardsAnn Edwards [Mepham]Withyham Parish Registers
George AkehurstBirth1771John AkehurstMary Akehurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary TurnerBirth1771Nathaniel TurnerAnn Turner [Hasleden]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth Turly CorkBirth1771Thomas CorkAnn Cork [Turley]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary ColeBirth1771Edward ColeRebekah Cole [Jenner]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann FarmerBirth1771William FarmerJane Farmer [Lockyer]Withyham Parish Registers
Henry HeathBirth1771 HeathSarah CrendallWithyham Parish Registers
John Martin, farm labourerBirth17711851 Census
Rotherfield, Sussex
Elizabeth AvisBirth1771William AvisMary Avis [Quinall]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas HeathBirth1771Thomas HeathAnn Heath [Sweatman]Withyham Parish Registers
Jane ThorpeBirth17711838 Census
Crowborough Warren and Lye Green, Sussex
Kezia Adams [Allen]Birth1771Thomas AllenAnn Allen [Kember]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary LuckBirth1771John Luck, farmerSusannah Luck [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward Crowhurst, farmerBirth17711851 Census
Fletching, Sussex
Fanny CornwallBirthc 1771Robert CornwallElizabeth Cornwall [Diplock]Gerald Cornwell's records
Edward EverestBirth1772William EverestHannah Everest [Akeridge]Withyham Parish Registers
John AvisBirth1772William AvisMary Avis [Quinall]Withyham Parish Registers
Hannah NashBirth1772Edward NashMary Nash [Colchen]Withyham Parish Registers
John WalterBirth1772William WalterMary Walter [Andrews]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth HillsBirth1772Thomas HillsMary Hills [Spencer]Withyham Parish Registers
Elizabeth PeckhamBirth1772John PeckhamSarah Peckham [Bushnal]Withyham Parish Registers
Alfred AllenBirth1772Ann AllenWithyham Parish Registers
Sarah AvisBirth1772Robert AvisRose Avis [Osborne]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah HardsBirth1772William HardsSarah Hards [Comber]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
Richard WalterBirth1773William WalterMary Walter [Andrews]Withyham Parish Registers
Martha Batchelor [Adams]Birth1773John AdamsMartha Adams [Groombridge]Withyham Parish Registers
Henry DenmanBirth1773George DenmanEsther DenmanWithyham Parish Registers
John ParkerBirth1773John ParkerElizabeth Parker [Walter]Withyham Parish Registers
John HeathBirth1773Thomas HeathAnn Heath [Sweatman]Withyham Parish Registers
Edward AllenBirth1773Edward AllenAnn Allen [Weller]Withyham Parish Registers
Sarah HeatBirth1773Henry HeatAnn HeatWithyham Parish Registers
Samuel HesmanBirth1773John HesmondMary Hesmond [Turner]Withyham Parish Registers
Jane MartinBirth1773George MartinMary Martin [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
John GroveBirth1773Jeremiah GroveHannah Grove [Cripps]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas BrownBirth1773Richard BrownHannah Brown [Rye]Withyham Parish Registers
Ann BrownBirth1773Richard BrownHannah Brown [Rye]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary Bridgland [Anderson]Birth17731838 Census
Blackham/Lyewood, Sussex
John AvisBirth1773William AvisMary Avis [Quinall]Withyham Parish Registers
John Edwards, carpenterBirth1773William EdwardsAnn Edwards [Mepham]Withyham Parish Registers
Lucy AdamsBirthc Jun 1773Thomas AdamsSusanna Adams [Gates]Withyham Parish Registers
John LuckBirth21st Sep 1773John Luck, farmerSusannah Luck [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
John HallBirth24th Sep 1773John HallElizabeth Hall [Waghorn]Withyham Parish Registers
John HillsBirth1774Henry HillsJane Hills [Avis]Withyham Parish Registers
Lydia Tasker Wood [Morley] [Knight]Birth1774Mr TaskerSarah KnightWithyham Parish Registers
Sarah HyderBirth1774Sarah HyderWithyham Parish Registers
Lucy HeathBirth1774Mary HeathWithyham Parish Registers
Jane Tasker Kimber [Knight]Birth1774Mr TaskerSarah KnightWithyham Parish Registers
Dinah AdamsBirth1774Thomas AdamsSusanna Adams [Gates]Withyham Parish Registers
James MartinBirth1774George MartinMary Martin [Card]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas TaskerBirth1774Philip TaskerHannah Tasker [Taylor]Withyham Parish Registers
John PeerlessBirth1774Edward PeerlessElizabeth PeerlessWithyham Parish Registers
Henry FarmerBirth1774William FarmerJane Farmer [Lockyer]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas AkehurstBirth1774Thomas AchurstJane Achurst [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Robert Edwards, woodreveBirth1774Robert EdwardsElisabeth EdwardsWithyham Parish Registers
Alice CrowhurstBirth1774Robert CrowhurstSarah Crowhurst [Barden]Withyham Parish Registers
Thomas ThorpeBirth17741838 Census
Crowborough Warren and Lye Green, Sussex
William AvisBirth1774William AvisMary Avis [Quinall]Withyham Parish Registers
William AvisBirth1774Robert AvisRose Avis [Osborne]Withyham Parish Registers
Mary HardsBirth1774William HardsSarah Hards [Comber]IGI - Family Search
Batch C15201-1
Sarah AllenBirth5th Jan 1774Thomas AllenAnn Allen [Kember]Withyham Parish Registers
William EverestBirth13th Jan 1774William EverestHannah Everest [Akeridge]Withyham Parish Registers
William AdamsBirth29th Jan 1774John AdamsMary Adams [Roberts]Withyham Parish Registers
Alternative Regions
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Alternative Areas/Parishes
Parish of Albourne, Sussex
Parish of Alciston, Sussex
Parish of Aldingbourn, Sussex
Parish of Aldrington, Sussex
Parish of Alfriston, Sussex
Parish of Amberley, Sussex
Parish of Angmering, Sussex
Parish of Appledram, Sussex
Parish of Ardingly, Sussex
Parish of Arlington, Sussex
Parish of Arundel, Sussex
Parish of Ashburnham, Sussex
Parish of Ashington, Sussex
Parish of Ashurst, Sussex
Parish of Ashurstwood, Sussex
Parish of Balcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barlavington, Sussex
Parish of Barnham, Sussex
Parish of Battle, Sussex
Parish of Beckley, Sussex
Parish of Beddingham, Sussex
Parish of Berwick, Sussex
Parish of Bexhill, Sussex
Parish of Bignor, Sussex
Parish of Billingshurst, Sussex
Parish of Binderton, Sussex
Parish of Binsted, Sussex
Parish of Birdham, Sussex
Parish of Bishopstone, Sussex
Parish of Blackboys, Sussex
Manor of Blackham
Parish of Blackham, Sussex
Parish of Blindley Heath, Surrey
Parish of Bodiam, Sussex
Parish of Bodle Street Green, Sussex
Parish of Bolney, Sussex
Parish of Bosham, Sussex
Parish of Bottolphs, Sussex
Parish of Boxgrove, Sussex
Parish of Bramber, Sussex
Parish of Brede, Sussex
Parish of Brightling, Sussex
Parish of Brighton, Sussex
Parish of Broadwater, Sussex
Parish of Broomhill, Sussex
Parish of Burgess Hill, Sussex
Parish of Burpham, Sussex
Parish of Burton, Sussex
Parish of Burwash, Sussex
Parish of Bury, Sussex
Parish of Buxted, Sussex
Parish of Catsfield, Sussex
Parish of Chailey, Sussex
Parish of Chalvington, Sussex
Parish of Charlton, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood Common, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood, Sussex
Parish of Chichester, Sussex
Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
Parish of Chidham, Sussex
Parish of Chithurst, Sussex
Parish of Clapham, Sussex
Parish of Clayton, Sussex
Parish of Climping, Sussex
Parish of Cocking, Sussex
Parish of Cold Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Colgate, Sussex
Parish of Compton, Sussex
Parish of Coombs, Sussex
Parish of Copthorne, Sussex
Parish of Cousley Wood, Sussex
Parish of Cowfold, Sussex
Parish of Crawley Down, Sussex
Parish of Crawley, Sussex
Parish of Crowborough, Sussex
Parish of Crowhurst, Sussex
Parish of Cuckfield, Sussex
Parish of Dallington, Sussex
Parish of Danehill, Sussex
Parish of Denton, Sussex
Parish of Didling, Sussex
Parish of Ditchling, Sussex
Parish of Donnington, Sussex
Parish of Duncton, Sussex
Parish of Dunsfold, Sussex
Parish of Durrington, Sussex
Parish of Eartham, Sussex
Parish of Easebourne, Sussex
Parish of East Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of East Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of East Dean, Sussex
Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of East Guldeford, Sussex
Parish of East Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of East Lavant, Sussex
Parish of East Preston, Sussex
Parish of East Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Eastbourne, Sussex
Parish of Eastdean, Sussex
Parish of Eastergate, Sussex
Parish of Edburton, Sussex
Parish of Egdean, Sussex
Parish of Elsted, Sussex
Parish of Emsworth, Sussex
Parish of Eridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Etchingham, Sussex
Parish of Ewhurst, Sussex
Parish of Fairlight, Sussex
Parish of Falmer, Sussex
Parish of Felpham, Sussex
Parish of Fernhurst, Sussex
Parish of Ferring, Sussex
Parish of Findon, Sussex
Parish of Fittleworth, Sussex
Parish of Fletching, Sussex
Parish of Flimwell, Sussex
Parish of Folkington, Sussex
Parish of Forest Row, Sussex
Manor of Framfield
Parish of Framfield, Sussex
Parish of Frant, Sussex
Parish of Friston, Sussex
Parish of Fulking, Sussex
Parish of Funtington, Sussex
Parish of Glynde, Sussex
Parish of Goring, Sussex
Parish of Graffham, Sussex
Parish of Greatham, Sussex
Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Guestling, Sussex
Parish of Hadlow Down, Sussex
Parish of Hailsham, Sussex
Parish of Hambledown, Sussex
Parish of Hamsey, Sussex
Parish of Hangleton, Sussex
Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
Parish of Harting, Sussex
Parish of Hastings, Sussex
Parish of Hawkenbury, Sussex
Parish of Haywards Heath, Sussex
Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
Parish of Heene, Sussex
Parish of Hellingly, Sussex
Parish of Henfield, Sussex
Parish of Herstmonceux, Sussex
Parish of Heyshott, Sussex
Parish of Higham Park
Parish of Hollington, Sussex
Parish of Holtye, Sussex
Parish of Hooe, Sussex
Parish of Horam, Sussex
Parish of Horley, Sussex
Parish of Horsham, Sussex
Parish of Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Parish of Houghton, Sussex
Parish of Hove, Sussex
Parish of Hunston, Sussex
Parish of Hurst Green, Sussex
Parish of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Parish of Icklesham, Sussex
Parish of Iden, Sussex
Parish of Ifield, Sussex
Parish of Iford, Sussex
Parish of Iping, Sussex
Parish of Isfield, Sussex
Parish of Itchingfield, Sussex
Parish of Jarvis Brook, Sussex
Parish of Jevington, Sussex
Parish of Kemp Town, Sussex
Parish of Keymer, Sussex
Parish of Kingston, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-near-Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Kirdford, Sussex
Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Lancing, Sussex
Parish of Laughton, Sussex
Parish of Leominster, Sussex
Parish of Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Linch, Sussex
Parish of Linchmere, Sussex
Parish of Lindfield, Sussex
Parish of Lingfield, Surrey
Parish of Litlington, Sussex
Parish of Little Horsted, Sussex
Parish of Littlehampton, Sussex
Location not known
Parish of Lodsworth, Sussex
Parish of Lower Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Lullington, Sussex
Parish of Lurgashall, Sussex
Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
Parish of Mark Cross, Sussex
Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
Parish of Merston, Sussex
Parish of Midhurst, Sussex
Parish of Mid-Lavant, Sussex
Parish of Mountfield, Sussex
Parish of Netherfield, Battle, Sussex
Parish of New Fishbourne, Sussex
Parish of New Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Newhaven, Sussex
Parish of Newick, Sussex
Parish of Newtimber, Sussex
Parish of Ninfield, Sussex
Parish of North Chapel, Sussex
Parish of North Mundham, Sussex
Parish of Northiam, Sussex
Parish of Nuthurst, Sussex
Parish of Nutley, Sussex
Parish of Old Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Ore, Sussex
Parish of Oving, Sussex
Parish of Ovingdean, Sussex
Parish of Pagham, Sussex
Parish of Parham, Sussex
Parish of Partridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Patcham, Sussex
Parish of Patching, Sussex
Parish of Peasmarsh, Sussex
Parish of Penhurst, Sussex
Parish of Pett, Sussex
Parish of Petworth, Sussex
Parish of Pevensey, Sussex
Parish of Piddinghoe, Sussex
Parish of Piltdown, Sussex
Parish of Playden, Sussex
Parish of Plumpton, Sussex
Parish of Poling, Sussex
Parish of Portslade, Sussex
Parish of Poynings, Sussex
Parish of Preston, Sussex
Parish of Pulborough, Sussex
Parish of Pyecombe, Sussex
Parish of Rackham, Sussex
Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
Parish of Ripe, Sussex
Parish of Riverhall, Sussex
Parish of Robertsbridge, Sussex
Parish of Rodmell, Sussex
Parish of Rogate, Sussex
Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Parish of Rottingdean, Sussex
Parish of Rudgwick, Sussex
Parish of Rumbolds-Wyke, Sussex
Parish of Rusper, Sussex
Parish of Rustington, Sussex
Parish of Rye, Sussex
Parish of Salehurst, Sussex
Parish of Seaford, Sussex
Parish of Sedlescombe, Sussex
Parish of Selmeston, Sussex
Parish of Selsey, Sussex
Parish of Shermanbury, Sussex
Parish of Shipley, Sussex
Parish of Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Sidlesham, Sussex
Parish of Singleton, Sussex
Parish of Slaugham, Sussex
Parish of Slindon, Sussex
Parish of Slinfold, Sussex
Parish of Sompting, Sussex
Parish of South Heighton, Sussex
Parish of South Malling, Sussex
Parish of Southease, Sussex
Parish of Southwick, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards On Sea, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards, Sussex
Parish of St. Peter, Sussex
Parish of Stanmer, Sussex
Parish of Stedham, Sussex
Parish of Steyning, Sussex
Parish of Stockwell
Parish of Stonegate, Sussex
Parish of Stopham, Sussex
Parish of Storrington, Sussex
Parish of Stoughton, Sussex
Parish of Streat, Sussex
Parish of Sullington, Sussex
County of Sussex
Parish of Sutton, Sussex
Parish of Tarring Neville, Sussex
Parish of Telscombe, Sussex
Parish of Terwick, Sussex
Parish of Thakeham, Sussex
Parish of Three Bridges, Sussex
Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
Parish of Tidebrook, Sussex
Parish of Tillington, Sussex
Parish of Treyford, Sussex
Parish of Trotton, Sussex
Parish of Turners Hill, Sussex
Parish of Twineham, Sussex
Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
Parish of Udimore, Sussex
Parish of Up-Marden, Sussex
Parish of Upper Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Up-Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
Parish of Walberton, Sussex
Parish of Waldron, Sussex
Parish of Warbleton, Sussex
Parish of Warminghurst, Sussex
Parish of Warnham, Sussex
Parish of Wartling, Sussex
Parish of Washington, Sussex
Parish of West Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of West Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of West Dean, Sussex
Parish of West Firle, Sussex
Parish of West Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of West Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of West Itchenor, Sussex
Parish of West Stoke, Sussex
Parish of West Tarring, Sussex
Parish of West Thorney, Sussex
Parish of West Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Westbourne, Sussex
Parish of Westdean, Sussex
Parish of Westfield, Sussex
Parish of Westham, Sussex
Parish of Westhampnett, Sussex
Parish of Westmeston, Sussex
Parish of Whatlington, Sussex
Parish of Wiggonholt, Sussex
Parish of Willingdon, Sussex
Parish of Wilmington, Sussex
Parish of Winchelsea, Sussex
Parish of Wisborough Green, Sussex
Parish of Wiston, Sussex
Parish of Withyham, Sussex
Parish of Wivelsfield, Sussex
Parish of Woodmancote, Sussex
Parish of Woolavington, Sussex
Parish of Woolbeding, Sussex
Parish of Worth, Sussex
Parish of Worthing, Sussex
Parish of Yapton, Sussex

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