The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Hawkhurst, Kent
Parish & other records Before

William Markwick, labourerBirth1775Edward MarkwickAnne Markwick [Hedgecock]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Harriot BarrowBirth1775Thomas BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Bishop]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Eleanor BellinghamBirth1775James BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Jones]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Ann BrookBirth1775Thomas BrookAnne Brook [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Richard BarrowBirth1775George BarrowFrances Barrow [Larkin]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Samuel CouchmanBirth1775Samuel CouchmanAnn Couchman [Fricker]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Joseph Spice, farm labourerBirth1775Joseph SpiceElizabeth Spice [Brooker]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
James Barrow, innkeeperBirth17761851 Census
Lamberhurst, Sussex and Kent
Patience Atwood, annuitantBirth17761851 Census
Burwash, Sussex
Bett BrookerBirth1776Thomas BrookerElizabeth Brooker [Russell]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth CloutBirth1776Thomas CloutJane Clout [Munn]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John MarkwickBirth1776Elizabeth MarkwickHawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah MephamBirth1776Joseph MephamSarah Mepham [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary GrayBirth1776Arthur GrayElizabeth Gray [Spice]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Thomas BrookBirth1777Thomas BrookAnne Brook [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary CouchmanBirth1777Samuel CouchmanAnn Couchman [Fricker]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Joseph BarrowBirth1777George BarrowFrances Barrow [Larkin]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Jesse PiperBirth1777William PiperSarah Piper [Sinden]IGI - Family Search
Constance BarrowBirth1777Thomas BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Bishop]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Edward MephamBirth1778Joseph MephamSarah Mepham [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth BrookBirth1778Thomas BrookAnne Brook [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William BellinghamBirth1778James BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Jones]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
David SpiceBirth1778Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Benny BarrowBirth1778Thomas BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Bishop]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mildred BrookBirth1778Thomas BrookAnne Brook [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Henry Piper, bricklayer4Birth1779William PiperSarah Piper [Sinden]IGI - Family Search
Mary CouchmanBirth1779Samuel CouchmanAnn Couchman [Fricker]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary Odiam [Clout]Birth1779Thomas CloutJane Clout [Munn]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth MephamBirth1780Joseph MephamSarah Mepham [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah JennerBirth1780Thomas JennerSarah Jenner [Reader]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Duke BrookBirth1780Thomas BrookAnne Brook [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
George CloutBirth1781Thomas CloutJane Clout [Munn]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John Ditch, yeoman and farmerBirth17811851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Ann CouchmanBirth1781William CouchmanMary Couchman [Primmer]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Ann SpiceBirth1781Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth BarrowBirth17811851 Census
Lamberhurst, Sussex and Kent
Constance PiperBirth1781John PiperConstance Piper [Rabson]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
John BarrowBirth1781John BarrowSusannah Barrow [Wilmshurst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William BrookerBirth1781Thomas BrookerElizabeth Brooker [Russell]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John MarchantBirth1781John MarchantMercy Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William French, farm labourerBirth17821851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
Ann GrayBirth1782Arthur GrayElizabeth Gray [Spice]K. Webb/Henry Hawkhurst's records
Richard PiperBirth1782William PiperSarah Piper [Sinden]IGI - Family Search
Samuel Huggins, farm labourerBirth17821851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
Fanny WhatmanBirth1782Thomas WhatmanMary Whatman [Blunden]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Thomas JennerBirth1782Thomas JennerSarah Jenner [Reader]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Benjamin MephamBirth1782Joseph MephamSarah Mepham [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Richard BarrowBirth1782John BarrowSusannah Barrow [Wilmshurst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Charles CloutBirth1782Thomas CloutJane Clout [Munn]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
James Austin, farmerBirth17821851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Joseph WalkerBirth17831851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Ann KempBirth17831851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
William CouchmanBirth1783William CouchmanMary Couchman [Primmer]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth WalkerBirth17831851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Benjamin Couchman, labourerBirth1783Samuel CouchmanAnn Couchman [Fricker]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Harriot MarchantBirth1784John MarchantMercy Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mercy MarchantBirth1784William MarchantMercy MarchantHawkhurst Parish Registers
Coveney MarkwickBirth1784Martha MarkwickHawkhurst Parish Registers
Fanny MephamBirth1784Joseph MephamSarah Mepham [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
George Barrow, farmerBirth1784John BarrowSusannah Barrow [Wilmshurst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Thomas WickensBirth1784Hannah WickensHawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth SpiceBirth1784Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth PiperBirth1784John PiperConstance Piper [Rabson]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Sarah CloutBirth1784Thomas CloutJane Clout [Munn]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Ann BrookerBirth1785Thomas BrookerElizabeth Brooker [Russell]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John Jenner, labourerBirth1785Thomas JennerMary JennerHawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary WhatmanBirth1786Thomas WhatmanMary Whatman [Blunden]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Constance Clout [Mepham]Birth1786Joseph MephamSarah Mepham [Ellis]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth BarrowBirth1786John BarrowSusannah Barrow [Wilmshurst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Hannah SpiceBirth1786Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth JennerBirth1786Robert JennerElizabeth Jenner [Markwick]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Richard Barrow, farmerBirth1786Richard BarrowAnn Barrow [Moon]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William MarchantBirth1786William MarchantPhiladelphia Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John JennerBirth1786Thomas JennerSarah Jenner [Reader]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Ann JennerBirth1787Robert JennerElizabeth Jenner [Markwick]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William Kemp, sawyerBirth17871851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Elizabeth CloutBirthSep 1787Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Robert MarchantBirth1788John MarchantMercy Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Ann BarrowBirth1788John BarrowSusannah Barrow [Wilmshurst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary BrookerBirth1788Thomas BrookerElizabeth Brooker [Russell]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary JennerBirth1788Thomas JennerSarah Jenner [Reader]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Thomas PiperBirth1788Thomas Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Boakes]IGI - Family Search
Elizabeth PiperBirth1788William PiperElizabeth Piper [Reed]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Achsah Manktellow [Spice]Birth1788Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth BarrowBirthNov 1788Joseph BarrowSusanna Barrow [Evenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Martha JennerBirth1789Robert JennerElizabeth Jenner [Markwick]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Edward Ellis, baker and grocerBirth17891851 Census
Mayfield, Sussex
Ann HodgeBirth17891851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
David Clout, farmerBirth1789Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William PiperBirth1789Thomas Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Boakes]IGI - Family Search
Betty MarchantBirth1789William MarchantPhiladelphia Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Thomas MarchantBirth1789Thomas MarchantLucy Marchant [Coleman]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Charlotte Ann MarchantBirth1789John MarchantMercy Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah MartinBirth17901851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
Richard Baitup, miller and farmerBirth17901851 Census
Warbleton, Sussex
Sarah MarchantBirth1790William MarchantPhiladelphia Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Thomas MarchantBirth1790Thomas MarchantEleanor MarchantHawkhurst Parish Registers
Happy Chick [Barrow] [Clout]Birth1790Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Nancy MarchantBirth1790Thomas MarchantLucy Marchant [Coleman]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Edward JennerBirth1790Thomas JennerSarah Jenner [Reader]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Thomas Boakes, shopkeeper and farmerBirth17901851 Census
Lamberhurst, Sussex and Kent
Hannah CouchmanBirth1790William CouchmanMary Couchman [Primmer]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Thomas BarrowBirth1790Thomas BarrowJane Barrow [Cruttenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah SpiceBirth1790Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth Piper [Whatman]Birth1791Thomas WhatmanMary Whatman [Blunden]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Mary PiperBirth1791William PiperElizabeth Piper [Reed]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Thomas MarchantBirth1791John MarchantMercy Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Zablan Frazier, brickmakerBirth17911881 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Frances GuestBirth17911851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Martha AyerstBirth17911851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Samuel BellinghamBirth1791Samuel BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Chittenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Trephena CloutBirth1792Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
George Hodge, builderBirth17921851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Jane MartinBirth17921851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
Harriet PiperBirth1792George PiperSarah Piper [Marchant]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Thomas BellinghamBirth1792Samuel BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Chittenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John MarchantBirth1792Thomas MarchantLucy Marchant [Coleman]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Frances BarrowBirth1792George BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Callow]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Jesse Marchant, farmerBirth1792Thomas MarchantEleanor MarchantHawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth GrayBirth1792Arthur GrayMargaret (Martha) Gray [Bones]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Martha RelfBirth1792Thomas RelfSarah Relf [Jarrat]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Martha Elizabeth Whitehead [Piper]Birth1792Jesse PiperMary Piper [Chatterton]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Richard Piper, bricklayerBirth1792Thomas Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Boakes]IGI - Family Search
Judith (Julia) Winton [Drury]Birth6th Jan 1792Samuel DruryJudith Drury [Coggar]Christine Bianco's records
Elizabeth JennerBirth1793Thomas JennerSarah Jenner [Reader]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
George CloutBirth1793William CloutMary Clout [Morris]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Frances SpiceBirth1793Caleb SpiceAnn Spice [Giles]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Samuel GrayBirth1793Arthur GrayMargaret (Martha) Gray [Bones]K. Webb/Henry Hawkhurst's records
Frances PiperBirth1793Thomas Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Boakes]IGI - Family Search
Mary JennerBirth1793Robert JennerElizabeth Jenner [Markwick]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Richard BarrowBirth1793George BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Callow]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Jane WarrenBirth17941881 Census
Hawkhurst, Kent
James Duke Clout, labourerBirth1794James CloutMercy Clout [Duke]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William Piper, bricklayerBirth1794John Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Couchman]1851 Census
Sarah SpringettBirth1794Edmund SpringettSarah Springett [Brook]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Mary PiperBirth1794George PiperSarah Piper [Marchant]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Joseph Cogger, labourerBirth1794Joseph CoggerFrances Cogger [Young]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary MillerBirth17941838 Census
Groombridge, Sussex
John MarchantBirth1794Thomas MarchantLucy Marchant [Coleman]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Harriott Eagles [Spice]Birth17941851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
Elizabeth SpringettBirth1795Stephen SpringettElizabeth Springett [Backwell]1851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
Jane JennerBirth1795Robert JennerElizabeth Jenner [Markwick]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah BellinghamBirth1795Samuel BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Chittenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Lucy BarrowBirth1795George BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Callow]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John Piper, bricklayerBirth1795John Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Couchman]IGI - Family Search
Jane GrayBirth1795Arthur GrayMargaret (Martha) Gray [Bones]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Charles Ellis, farm labourerBirth17951851 Census
Mayfield, Sussex
John EllisBirth17951851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Mary CloutBirth1795Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
William MarchantBirth1795John MarchantMercy Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Joseph OsbornBirthc 1795K. Webb/Henry Hawkhurst's records
Jane BarrowBirthOct 1795George BarrowSarah Barrow [Huggins]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah PiperBirth1796Thomas Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Boakes]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Francis CoggerBirth1796Joseph CoggerFrances Cogger [Young]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Stephen Cruttenden, farmerBirth17961851 Census
Warbleton, Sussex
Mary BarrowBirth1796Thomas BarrowMary Barrow [Cloke]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Francis MarchantBirth1796Jesse Marchant, farmerMary Marchant [Ayearst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth SpringettBirth1796Edmund SpringettSarah Springett [Brook]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
James PiperBirth1796John Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Couchman]IGI - Family Search
Richard Clout, labourerBirth1796James CloutMercy Clout [Duke]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Charles Marchant, farmerBirth19th Oct 1796Thomas MarchantEleanor MarchantNonconformist Registers
Mary BarrowBirth1797Thomas BarrowMary Barrow [Cloke]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Margaret MarchantBirth1797William MarchantPhiladelphia Marchant [Fowle]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary PageBirth1797James PageMary PageHawkhurst Parish Registers
Edmund Miller, cooperBirth17971838 Census
Groombridge, Sussex
Francis Couchman, bailiffBirth17971851 Census
Frank Wilkinson, farm labourerBirth17971881 Census
Hawkhurst, Kent
Sarah CloutBirth1797Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary Catt [Gray]Birth1797Arthur GrayMargaret (Martha) Gray [Bones]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
Rebecca CoggerBirth1798Joseph CoggerFrances Cogger [Young]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Francis BellinghamBirth1798Samuel BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Chittenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Robert Jenner, rag collectorBirth1798Robert JennerElizabeth Jenner [Markwick]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Henry CloutBirth1798Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth SpringettBirth1798Thomas SpringettElizabeth Springett [Woodgate]IGI - Family Search
Batch I00592-4
William WatmanBirth17981881 Census
Hawkhurst, Kent
Jesse MerchantBirth1798Jesse Marchant, farmerMary Marchant [Ayearst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Ruth CouchmanBirth1798William CouchmanElizabeth Couchman [Every]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Jane Marchant [Clout]Birth1798James CloutMercy Clout [Duke]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Judy BarrowBirth1798George BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Callow]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Joseph PiperBirth1798John Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Couchman]IGI - Family Search
C. WhittingtonBirth17991881 Census
Hawkhurst, Kent
Harriet MerchantBirth1799Thomas MarchantLucy Marchant [Coleman]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth BarrowBirth1799Thomas BarrowElizabeth Barrow [Saunders]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Robert WeddellBirth17991851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Ann Winch, annuitantBirth17991881 Census
Cranbrook, Kent
Edward CooperBirth17991881 Census
Herstmonceux, Sussex
Lucy Kemp [Geer]Birth17991851 Census
Burwash, Sussex
Jesse Piper, bricklayerBirth1799John Piper, bricklayerSarah Piper [Couchman]Public records
Ann CouchmanBirth1799Samuel CouchmanAnne Couchman [Dobell]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Samuel CouchmanBirth1799William CouchmanElizabeth Couchman [Every]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary CouchmanBirth1799Benjamin Couchman, labourerMaria CouchmanHawkhurst Parish Registers
Jane Head [Clout]Birth1799Thomas CloutElizabeth Clout [Brann]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Sarah CouchmanBirth17991851 Census
Eleanor MerchantBirth1799Jesse Marchant, farmerMary Marchant [Ayearst]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Mary BellinghamBirth1799Samuel BellinghamSarah Bellingham [Chittenden]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
John GrayBirth1799Arthur GrayMargaret (Martha) Gray [Bones]K. Webb/Henry Hawkhurst's records
Mary SpringettBirth1799Thomas SpringettElizabeth Springett [Woodgate]IGI - Family Search
Batch I01572-9
Elizabeth Piper [Piper]Birth1799Samuel PiperMary PiperIGI - Family Search
Batch I00907-8
Ann CouchmanBirth1799Samuel CouchmanAnn Couchman [Fricker]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Richard Bellingham, huntsmanBirth1799William BellinghamElizabeth BellinghamHawkhurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth CloutBirth1799James CloutMercy Clout [Duke]Hawkhurst Parish Registers
Hannah SpringettBirth1799Edmund SpringettSarah Springett [Brook]IGI - Family Search
Batch I01572-9
Philly CohenBirth17991851 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Joseph MarchantBirth15th Jun 1799Thomas MarchantEleanor MarchantNonconformist Registers
Benjamin GuyBirth16th Dec 1799Samuel GuyElizabeth Guy [Honeysett]Nonconformist Registers
Alternative Regions
New Zealand
United States
Alternative Areas/Parishes
Parish of Addington, Kent
Parish of Alkham, Kent
Parish of Appledore, Kent
Parish of Ash by Wrotham, Kent
Parish of Ash, Kent
Parish of Ashford, Kent
Parish of Ashurst, Kent
Parish of Aylesford, Kent
Parish of Bapchild, Kent
Parish of Barbon, Kent
Parish of Barham, Kent
Parish of Barming Heath, Kent
Parish of Bearsted, Kent
Parish of Beckenham, Kent
Parish of Benenden, Kent
Parish of Bessells Green, Kent
Parish of Bethersden, Kent
Parish of Bexley, Kent
Parish of Bexleyheath, Kent
Parish of Bidborough, Kent
Parish of Biddenden, Kent
Parish of Birchington, Kent
Parish of Birling, Kent
Parish of Bitchet Green, Kent
Parish of Blackheath, Kent
Parish of Borough Green, Kent
Parish of Borstal, Kent
Parish of Boughton Malherbe, Kent
Parish of Boughton Monchelsea, Kent
Parish of Boughton-under-Blean, Kent
Parish of Boxley, Kent
Parish of Brabourne, Kent
Parish of Brasted, Kent
Parish of Bredhurst, Kent
Parish of Brenchley, Kent
Parish of Brenzett, Kent
Parish of Broadstairs, Kent
Parish of Bromley, Kent
Parish of Brompton, Kent
Parish of Brookland, Kent
Parish of Canterbury, Kent
Parish of Capel, Kent
Parish of Charing, Kent
Town of Charlton, Kent
Parish of Chart Sutton, Kent
Parish of Chart, Kent
Parish of Chartham, Kent
Parish of Chatham, Kent
Parish of Chelsfield, Kent
Parish of Cheriton, Kent
Parish of Chevening, Kent
Parish of Chiddingstone, Kent
Parish of Chilham, Kent
Parish of Chipstead, Surrey
Parish of Chislehurst, Kent
Parish of Chislet, Kent
Parish of Chittenden, Kent
Parish of Cliffe, Kent
Parish of Cobham, Kent
Parish of Cowden, Kent
Parish of Cranbrook, Kent
Parish of Crayford, Kent
Parish of Crockham Hill, Kent
Parish of Crundale, Kent
Parish of Cudham, Kent
Parish of Darenth, Kent
Parish of Dartford, Kent
Parish of Deal, Kent
Parish of Denny Bottom, Kent
Parish of Depford, Kent
Parish of Deptford, Kent
Parish of Detling, Kent
Parish of Ditton, Kent
Parish of Doddington, Kent
Parish of Dover, Kent
Parish of Downe, Kent
Parish of Dunton Green, Kent
Parish of Each End, Kent
Parish of East Barming, Kent
Parish of East Farleigh, Kent
Parish of East Malling, Kent
Parish of East Peckham, Kent
Parish of East Sutton, Kent
Parish of Eastling, Kent
Parish of Eastry, Kent
Parish of Ebony, Kent
Parish of Edenbridge, Kent
Parish of Egerton, Kent
Parish of Elham, Kent
Parish of Elmstead, Kent
Parish of Elvington, Dover, Kent
Parish of Erith, Kent
Parish of Eynsford, Kent
Parish of Farnborough, Kent
Parish of Farningham, Kent
Parish of Faversham, Kent
Parish of Five Oak Green, Kent
Parish of Folkstone, Kent
Parish of Fordcombe, Kent
Parish of Forest Hill, Kent
Parish of Four Elms, Kent
Parish of Frindsbury, Kent
Parish of Frittenden, Kent
Parish of Gillingham, Kent
Parish of Godden Green, Kent
Parish of Godmersham, Kent
Parish of Goodnestone, Kent
Parish of Goudhurst, Kent
Parish of Gravesend, Kent
Parish of Great Chart, Kent
Parish of Greatness, Kent
Parish of Green Street Green, Kent
Parish of Greenwich, Kent
Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Hadlow, Kent
Parish of Halstead, Kent
Parish of Harrietsham, Kent
Parish of Hartley, Kent
Parish of Hastingleigh, Kent
Parish of Hawkenbury, Kent
Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
Parish of Hayes, Kent
Parish of Headcorn, Kent
Parish of Hearn, Kent
Parish of Herne Bay, Kent
Parish of Herne, Kent
Parish of Hever, Kent
Parish of High Halden, Kent
Parish of High Halstow, Kent
Parish of Higham, Kent
Parish of Hildenborough, Kent
Parish of Hollingbourne, Kent
Parish of Hoo, Kent
Parish of Horsmonden, Kent
Parish of Hothfield, Kent
Parish of Hunton, Kent
Parish of Hythe, Kent
Parish of Ide Hill, Kent
Parish of Ightham, Kent
Parish of Isle of Thanet, Kent
Parish of Ivy Hatch, Kent
Parish of Kemsing, Kent
Parish of Kennington, Kent
County of Kent
Parish of Kilndown, Kent
Parish of Kingsdown, Kent
Parish of Kingsnorth, Kent
Parish of Kingston, Kent
Parish of Knockholt, Kent
Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Langley, Kent
Parish of Langton Green, Kent
Parish of Leeds, Kent
Parish of Leigh, Kent
Parish of Lenham, Kent
Parish of Leybourne, Kent
Parish of Linton, Kent
Parish of Little Chart, Kent
Parish of Littlebourne, Kent
Parish of Loose, Kent
Parish of Lower Haysden
Parish of Luddesdown, Kent
Parish of Lydd, Kent
Parish of Lyminge, Kent
Parish of Maidstone, Kent
Parish of Malling, Kent
Parish of Marden, Kent
Parish of Margate, Kent
Parish of Mark Beech, Kent
Parish of Marsh Green, Kent
Parish of Matfield, Kent
Parish of Medway, Kent
Parish of Meopham, Kent
Parish of Mereworth, Kent
Parish of Mersham, Kent
Parish of Milton, Kent
Parish of Monkton, Kent
Parish of Mootham, Kent
Parish of Nettlestead, Kent
Parish of New Romney, Kent
Parish of Newchurch, Kent
Parish of Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent
Parish of Newenden, Kent
Parish of Newnham, Kent
Parish of Nonington, Kent
Parish of Northbourne, Kent
Parish of Northfleet, Kent
Parish of Offham, Kent
Parish of Old Romney, Kent
Parish of Orpington, Kent
Parish of Ospringe, Kent
Parish of Otford, Kent
Parish of Otham, Kent
Parish of Packham, Kent
Parish of Paddock Wood, Kent
Parish of Pembury, Kent
Parish of Penshurst, Kent
Parish of Petham, Kent
Parish of Petteridge, Kent
Parish of Platt, Kent
Parish of Plaxtol, Kent
Parish of Pluckley, Kent
Parish of Poundsbridge, Kent
Parish of Puckley, Kent
Parish of Queenborough, Kent
Parish of Rainham, Kent
Parish of Ramsgate, Kent
Parish of Ripple, Kent
Parish of Riverhead, Kent
Parish of Rochester, Kent
Parish of Rolvenden, Kent
Parish of Romney Marsh, Kent
Parish of Rosherville, Kent
Parish of Rotherhithe, Kent
Parish of Rusthall, Kent
Parish of Ryarsh, Kent
Parish of Saltwood, Kent
Parish of Sandgate, Kent
Parish of Sandhurst, Kent
Parish of Sandwich, Kent
Parish of Seal, Kent
Parish of Selling, Kent
Parish of Sevenoaks Weald, Kent
Parish of Sevenoaks, Kent
Parish of Shadoxhurst, Kent
Parish of Sheerness, Kent
Parish of Sheldwich, Kent
Parish of Sheppey, Kent
Parish of Shipbourne, Kent
Parish of Shipley, Kent
Parish of Shoreham, Kent
Parish of Shorne, Kent
Parish of Sidcup, Kent
Parish of Sissinghurst, Kent
Parish of Sittingbourne, Kent
Parish of Smarden, Kent
Parish of Snodland, Kent
Parish of Southborough, Kent
Parish of Speldhurst, Kent
Parish of St. Mary Cray, Kent
Parish of Standford, Kent
Parish of Stanstead, Kent
Parish of Staplehurst, Kent
Parish of Stoke, Kent
Parish of Stone, Kent
Parish of Strood, Kent
Parish of Stroud, Kent
Parish of Sundridge, Kent
Parish of Sutton Valence, Kent
Parish of Sutton-at-hone, Kent
Parish of Swanley, Kent
Parish of Swanscombe, Kent
Parish of Tendley, Kent
Parish of Tenterden, Kent
Parish of Teston, Kent
Parish of Thornham, Kent
Parish of Throwley, Kent
Parish of Thurnham, Kent
Parish of Tonbridge, Kent
Parish of Town Malling, Kent
Parish of Town Sutton, Kent
Parish of Toys Hill, Kent
Parish of Trottisciffe, Kent
Parish of Tudeley-cum-Capel, Kent
Parish of Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Parish of Tunstall, Kent
Parish of Ulcombe, Kent
Parish of Under River, Kent
Parish of Upchurch, Kent
Parish of Upper Deal, Kent
Parish of Upper Hayesden
Parish of Waltham, Kent
Parish of Warehorne, Kent
Parish of Wateringbury, Kent
Parish of West Farleigh, Kent
Parish of West Malling, Kent
Parish of West Peckham, Kent
Parish of Westerham, Kent
Parish of Westwell, Kent
Parish of Whitstable, Kent
Parish of Willesborough, Kent
Parish of Willesden, Kent
Parish of Wilmington, Kent
Parish of Wingham, Kent
Parish of Wittersham, Kent
Parish of Woodchurch, Kent
Parish of Woolwich, Kent
Parish of Wouldham, Kent
Parish of Wrotham, Kent
Parish of Wye, Kent
Parish of Yalding, Kent

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