The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
The Manor of Duddleswell by Colin J Hobbs
published in 2004

Maresfield at Stumbletts Common  
West Hoathly  
East Grinstead  
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Henry Thomas Earl of Chichester and Henry Hall Viscount Gage Estate  
William Lord Abergavenny Estate  
Sir John Shelley Estate  

Buxted Properties

B1Upper Quelmes; 7 acres assart
B2Players, cottage; 3 acres
B2APlayers, cottage; 1 acre
B2BPlayers, cottage; 1 rood
B3Cottage; 1/2 acre at Poundgate
B4Land; 4 acres assart
B5Little Barnsden; 5.2.26 acres
B6Land; 7 acres near Crowborough Gate
B7Land; 8 acres
B8Tenement/cottage; 3.3.11 acres
B9Messuage/tenement; 20 acres
B9AMessuage hogpound and hovel; 26 rods
B10Barn; 1. 2. 00 acres at Poundgate
B11Tenement; 1 acre at Poundgate
B12Claytons; 70.3.34
B13Land; 1 acre near Browns Brook
B14Land; 1.2.00 acres near Crowborough Gate
B15Land; 2 acres near Duddleswell Turnpike gates
B16Land; 2 acres near Pound Gate
B17Cottage and buildings; 1 acre near Duddleswell Toll Gate
BuxtedLand2 acres near Duddleswell Turnpike gatesCopyhold
B154/- annual rent; Heriot and fine 4/- each.

1794 to 1801
Grant Charles Cheesman of Buxted husbandman ,fine £1/1/-.1801 deceased.
1802Cott lately erected.
1802 to 1814
Elizabeth Cheesman eldest daughter admit on 3rd proc,James Wood guardian,fine 5/-.1814 John and Elizabeth King surrendered JW.
1814 to 1817James Wood of Maresfeild miller admit. 1817 decd. annual rent
1818 to 1832
James Wood miller of Maresfeild admit,mother Elizabeth guardian,with M32A,55A,76,82,87. 1830 mortgage Thomas Huson of Lewes writer £100,with M33A.1834 satis.1832 deceased.
1832 to 1864
Elizabeth wife of John Hobden of Lewes carpenter admit and surrendered to will with M32A,55A,76,82,87.1864 deceased.
1840Tithe map nos.856/858 1.3.36 acres.
1864 to 1880
Elizabeth Hobden of Lewes spinster admit by probate,with M32A,55A,76,82,87.1878 licence to let 14 years,fine 4/8d,with M32A ,55A,76,82,87.1880 deceased.
1882 to 1891
Henry Hobden of 7 Cloudesley St Islington solicitors clerk admit by Richard Wisdom attorney with M32A,55A,76,82,87.1886 mortgage George Charles Rigden Esq of Lewes surgeon,with M32A,55A,76,82,87.1891 satis.1891 surrendered SR £3ndered SR £300.
1890Crows Nest
1891 to 1906
Silvanus Ridley of New Barn Farm Horsted Keynes farmer admit.1906 enfranchised.

More information about Crows [als Doves] Nest including that shown above

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