The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Ancestry report for James Law Lushington, Madras civilian
Generation No. 1
1. James Law Lushington, Madras civilian He was born 1823 at Trichonopoly, India; died 1905 at Tonbridge, Kent
He married Emma Nelson on c 1848. She was born 1828 at London. They had the following children:
iJames Law who was born 1852; died 1929
iiHarry Wellesley who was born 1853
iiiCharles Morant who was born 26th Dec 1854
ivEmma May who was born 1857 Madras, India
vEdmund Ansell who was born 9th Aug 1859 Madras, India; died after 9th Aug 1859 Madras, India
viAlfred Wyndham who was born 1860 Allahabad, India; died 1920
viiFranklyn Grey who was born 1862
viiiPercy Manners who was born 18th Nov 1863 Calcutta, India
ixAda Mary who was born 4th Jan 1867 Coonoor, India; died 1883 Hastings, Sussex
xWilliam Nelson who was born 1870 Bishop Hampton

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