The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Descendant's report for Mark Antony Lower, son of Richard Lower and Mary Lower [Oxley]

Mark Antony Lower, born 14th July 1813 in Chiddingly, the son of Richard Lower school master and his wife Mary Oxley. Mark Lower worked at his sister's school at East Hoathly before establishing his own school at Heathfield and then at Alfriston in 1832. He moved to Lewes in 1835 and established his school there initially in an old chapel and then at St Anne's House in the High Street. In 1838 he married Mercy Holman. It is during his 32 years in Lewes that Mark Antony Lower established himself as the county's foremost antiquarian as a founder member of the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1846; provider of numerous articles in the society's Collections; publication of English Surnames in 1842, Patronymica Britannica in 1860 and The Worthies of Sussex in 1865. After the death of his wife in 1867, Mark Antony Lower moved to Seaford and married Sarah Scrase in 1870 which coincided with the publication of A Compendious History of Sussex. He moved to London in 1871 where he died in 1876.

See also:
The Sussex Martyrs by M.A. Lower (1851)
The Worthies of Sussex by M.A. Lower (1865)
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Generation No. 1
  1. Mark Antony Lower was the son of Richard Lower and Mary Lower [Oxley]. He was born 14th Jul 1813 at Chiddingly, Sussex; christened 5th Aug 1813 at Heathfield Chapel, Heathfield, Sussex, son of Richard Lower & Mary Lower; died 22nd Mar 1876 at 4 Percival Villas, London, aged 62 years; buried after 22nd Mar 1876 at St. Anne, Lewes, Sussex
  He married (1) Mercy Holman on 8th Jan 1838 at Bromley, Kent. She was born 15th Dec 1813 at Framfield, Sussex; died 31st May 1867 at Lewes, Sussex; buried 4th Jun 1867 at St. Anne, Lewes, Sussex. They had the following children:
  iWinefride Holman who was born 1839 at Lewes, Sussex
  iiNynian Holman who was born 1841 at Lewes, Sussex
  iiiIsabella Holman who was born 1842 at Lewes, Sussex; died 1844 Lewes, Sussex
  ivPhilippa Holman who was born 1845 at Lewes, Sussex; died 1858 Lewes, Sussex
  vWilliam de Warenne Holman who was born 1848 at Lewes, Sussex
  viFanny Gertrude Holman who was born 1850 at Lewes, Sussex
  viiEvelyn Holman who was born 1852 at Lewes, Sussex
  viiiWalter Anthony Holman who was born 1854 at Lewes, Sussex
  He married (2) Sarah Scrase on 4th May 1870 at Seaford, Sussex. She was born 1813; died 1875 at Peckham, London, aged 56 years; buried 21st Oct 1875 at St. Anne, Lewes, Sussex

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