Blanche Carlyle, daughter of William Carlyle and Emily "Jane" Carlyle [Youmans]
Apr 1875
At Galt in the Province of Ontario, Canada
Joan Murray's records
Aug 1875
Joan Murray's records

The ancestral pedigree of Blanche Carlyle
1st marriageJames Carlylem: 1790Janet Carlyle
of "Sandbed"
 b: Aug 1758 Brownknowe, Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland
d: 23rd Jan 1832 Mainhill, Scotsbrig, Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland
bur: After 23rd Jan 1832 Ecclefechan, Annan, Dumfries, Scotland
  b: 22nd Dec 1768 "Sandbed", Hoddam/Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland
d: 11th Sep 1792 Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland
 b: 1792
d: 1872
Grandfather record
 John Carlylem: 16th Aug 1817 Brydekirk, CumberlandMargaret Benn 
 b: 1792
d: 1872
  b: 6th May 1798 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: 1st May 1867 Brantford, Ontario, Canada
 Janet Mary John John James William
 b: 1818 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: 1889
 b: 1821 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: c 1850
 b: 1825 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: Before 1827
 b: 1827 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: 1897
 b: 1830 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: 1900
 b: 25th Dec 1833 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: 25th Jun 1911 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
Grandfather record
 William Carlylem: 1860 Ontario, CanadaEmily Youmans 
 b: 25th Dec 1833 Brydekirk, Cumberland
d: 25th Jun 1911 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
  b: 13th Oct 1835 Athol, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
d: 19th Dec 1912 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
William Arthur  Lillian  Maud Blanche Albert Russell Ernest Jerrold Edwin Stanley Russell Albert
b: 1862 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 1947
  b: 1866 Galt, Ontario, Canada  b: 1872 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 1936
 b: Apr 1875 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: Aug 1875
 b: c Oct 1875 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: Aug 1876
 b: 1877 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 1952
 b: 1879 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 1941
 b: 1881 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 1932
 Florence Emily Ella      
 b: 24th Sep 1864 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 2nd May 1923 The Cottage [a.k.a. Yew Tree Cottage], Crowborough, Sussex
bur: After 2nd May 1923 Crowborough, Sussex
 b: 1868 Galt, Ontario, Canada
d: 1871
Parental record

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