The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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1st marriageThomas Chatfieldm: 7th May 1818 St. Gile's Church, Shipbourne, KentFanny Barrett 
 b: 1796 East Peckham, Kent
ch: 19th Jun 1796 St. Michael's Church
d: 2nd Mar 1869 Tonbridge, Kent
bur: 8th Mar 1869 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Tonbridge, Kent
  b: 11th May 1799 Shipbourne, Kent
ch: 21st Jul 1799 St. Gile's Church
d: 1853 Shipbourne, Kent
bur: 8th Jan 1853 St. Gile's Church, Shipbourne, Kent

 Samuel Bakerm: 6th Dec 1818 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Tonbridge, KentJane Barrett 
 b: c 1795  b: c 1795 

 Jeremiah Barrettm: 16th Jan 1827 St. James' Church, Westminster, LondonJuliana Streatfield 
 b: c 1800  b: 1802 Leigh, Kent
ch: 3rd May 1802 St. Mary's Church

 Henry Barrettm: 8th Sep 1836 St. James' Church, Westminster, LondonSusanna Streatfield 
 b: c 1805  b: 1810 Leigh, Kent
ch: 9th Dec 1810 St. Mary's Church

 John Barrett
m: c 1841Mrs Barrett 
 b: 1802 Buthnam, Kent    
 John Annie Sophia
 b: 1842 East Peckham, Kent b: 1855 Southborough, Kent b: 1860 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 William Barrett
m: c 1844Elizabeth 
 b: 1826 Co. Cork, Ireland  b: 1822 Carlow, Ireland 

 William Milnem: 1845 JamaicaHarriet Barrett 
 b: 1815
d: 1874
  b: c 1820 
 John Vine Alexander Mary William Jean 5 children
 b: 1845 Jamaica b: 19th Oct 1851 Scotland
ch: 7th Dec 1851 Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
 b: 1853 Scotland
ch: 23rd Oct 1853 Kintore, Aberdeen, Scotland
 b: 1855 Scotland
ch: 21st Oct 1855 Kintore, Aberdeen, Scotland
 b: 1857 Scotland
ch: 5th Jun 1857 Kintore, Aberdeen, Scotland
 b: After 1857 Scotland

 William Barratt
coal merchant
m: c 1846Elizabeth 
 b: 1826 Roscarberry Cork, Ireland  b: 1822 Tullow Carlo, Ireland 

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