Bridget Myles, daughter of Richard Miles and Joan Miles
In the Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
Uckfield Parish Registers
10th Feb 1613/14
At Holy Cross Church in the Parish of Uckfield, Sussex; daughter of Richard Myles
Uckfield Parish Registers

The ancestral pedigree of Bridget Myles
 Richard Milesm: c 1605Joan 
 b: c 1585
d: Sep 1644 Uckfield, Sussex
bur: 26th Sep 1644 Holy Cross Church, Uckfield, Sussex
  b: c 1585
d: Nov 1648 Uckfield, Sussex
bur: 22nd Nov 1648 Holy Cross Church, Uckfield, Sussex
 Dorothy Agnes Edmund Bridget John William
 b: 1606 Uckfield, Sussex
ch: 8th Jun 1606 Holy Cross Church
d: Apr 1610 Uckfield, Sussex
bur: 30th Apr 1610 Holy Cross Church, Uckfield, Sussex
 b: 1609 Uckfield, Sussex
ch: 21st May 1609 Holy Cross Church
 b: 1611 Uckfield, Sussex
ch: 28th Mar 1611 Holy Cross Church
d: Apr 1611 Uckfield, Sussex
bur: 14th Apr 1611 Holy Cross Church, Uckfield, Sussex
 b: 1613/14 Uckfield, Sussex
ch: 10th Feb 1613/14 Holy Cross Church
 b: 1617 Uckfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Nov 1617 Holy Cross Church
 b: 1625 Uckfield, Sussex
ch: 27th Nov 1625 Holy Cross Church
d: Dec 1697 Uckfield, Sussex
bur: 18th Dec 1697 Holy Cross Church, Uckfield, Sussex
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