William Piper, son of William Piper and Sarah Piper [Sinden]
In the Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
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27th Apr 1769
At St Laurence Church in the Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
Public records
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The ancestral pedigree of William Piper
 George Piperm: 19th Dec 1732 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentMary Ellis 
 b: 1703
d: 26th Dec 1786 Hawkhurst, Kent
  b: 31st Jul 1707 Cranbrook, Kent
ch: 10th Aug 1707 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, Kent
d: 1772 Hawkhurst, Kent
 Martha Mary William Elizabeth Sarah
 b: 1734 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 30th Jun 1734 St Laurence Church
 b: 1736 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 15th Aug 1736 St Laurence Church
 b: 1739 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 13th May 1739 St Laurence Church
d: 1813 Hawkhurst, Kent
 b: 1741 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 18th Apr 1741 St Laurence Church
 b: 1746 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 8th Mar 1746 St Laurence Church
Grandfather record
 William Piperm: 24th Jun 1762 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentSarah Sinden
 b: 1739 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 13th May 1739 St Laurence Church
d: 1813 Hawkhurst, Kent
  b: c 1740 
George  Ann William John Samuel Jesse Henry Richard
b: 1763 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 24th Mar 1763 St Laurence Church
d: 1811
  b: 1767 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 15th Feb 1767 St Laurence Church
 b: 1769 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 27th Apr 1769 St Laurence Church
d: 1842
 b: 1771 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 10th Mar 1771 St Laurence Church
d: 1845
 b: 1774 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 16th Dec 1774 St Laurence Church
d: 1841
 b: 1777 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 26th Nov 1777 St Laurence Church
d: 26th Jan 1778
 b: 1779 Hawkhurst, Kent
d: 1858
 b: 1782 Hawkhurst, Kent
d: 1783 Hawkhurst, Kent
   b: 1764 Hawkhurst, Kent
d: 1844
Parental record

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