John Furley, son of Robert Furley, Attorney and Margaret Rutton Furley [Creary]
In the Parish of Ashford, Kent
1871 Census
Ashford, Kent
22nd Apr 1836
In the Parish of Ashford, Kent

The ancestral pedigree of John Furley
 William Furleym: c 1760Elizabeth 
 b: c 1740  b: c 1740 
 Mary Henry Mary Elisabeth Elizabeth John Elisabeth
 b: 1762 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 23rd Apr 1762 St. Alphege
 b: 1764 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 7th Aug 1764 St. Alphege
 b: 1766 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 6th Jul 1766 St. Alphege
 b: 1769 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 14th Feb 1769 St. Alphege
 b: 1771 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 12th May 1771 St. Alphege
 b: 1773 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 26th Apr 1773 St. Alphege
 b: 1776 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 4th Aug 1776 St. Alphege
Grandfather record
 John Furley
Managing Partner of Canterbury Bank
m: 21st Jul 1796 St. Andrew's, Canterbury, KentElizabeth Buckhurst 
 b: 1773 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 26th Apr 1773 St. Alphege
  b: 1774 Kent 
Eliza William Henry Louisa John Caroline Robert Mary George
b: 1798 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 4th Feb 1798 St. Georges
 b: 1803 Canterbury, Kent
d: Oct to Dec 1859
 b: 1804 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 16th May 1804 St. Georges
 b: 1806 Canterbury, Kent b: 1807 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 25th Nov 1807 St. Georges
 b: 1809 St. Georges, Canterbury, Kent
d: 9th Aug 1887 Ashford, Kent
 b: 1811 Canterbury, Kent
ch: 12th Apr 1811 St. Georges
 b: c 1814 Canterbury, Kent
Grandfather record
 Robert Furley
m: 15th Apr 1834 St. Mary's, Marylebone, LondonMargaret Creary 
 b: 1809 St. Georges, Canterbury, Kent
d: 9th Aug 1887 Ashford, Kent
  b: 1817 Armagh, Ireland
d: Jul to Sep 1888
 Louisa Creary John Eliza Margaret Hester
 b: 1835 Ashford, Kent
ch: 8th Feb 1835
 b: 1836 Ashford, Kent
ch: 22nd Apr 1836
 b: 1839 Ashford, Kent
ch: 3rd Feb 1839
 b: 1840 Ashford, Kent
ch: 4th Jun 1840
Parental record

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