James Haig, son of James Haig and Margaret Haig [Philp]
1815 to 1824

The ancestral pedigree of James Haig
 James Haig
of Blairhill, Perth and Lochrin House, Edinburgh
m: 6th May 1784 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, ScotlandHelen Higgins 
 b: 1755 Scotland
ch: 1st Feb 1755 Alloa, Clackmannan
d: 1833
  b: c 1760 
 John Janet Callender James Alexander Robert Margaret David
 b: 24th Apr 1785 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: After 24th Apr 1785 St Cuthberts
d: 1820
 b: 2nd Nov 1787 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: 24th Dec 1787 St Cuthberts
d: 7th Jun 1865
bur: After 7th Jun 1865 Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland
 b: 1789 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: 21st Mar 1789 St Cuthberts
d: 1824
 b: 1790 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: 1st Feb 1791 St Cuthberts
d: 1865
 b: 16th Jul 1792 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: After 16th Jul 1792 St Cuthberts
d: 1838
 b: 1793 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: 5th Sep 1793 St Cuthberts
d: 1876
 b: 21st Feb 1796 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: 22nd Feb 1796 St Cuthberts
d: 1848
Grandfather record
 James Haigm: 5th Aug 1815 Logie, Perth, ScotlandMargaret Philp 
 b: 1789 Edinburgh, Scotland
ch: 21st Mar 1789 St Cuthberts
d: 1824
  b: c 1795 
 James Janet
 b: 1815 to 1824 b: 1815 to 1824
Parental record

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