Jane Larnach, daughter of William Larnach and Margaret Larnach [Smith]
In the Country of Scotland
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Batch C11042-2
7th Jan 1813
At Watten, Caithness in the Country of Scotland
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Batch C11042-2

The ancestral pedigree of Jane Larnach
 William Larnachm: 18th Dec 1729 Watten, Caithness, ScotlandElspeth Johnstone 
 b: c 1698 Caithness, Scotland  b: c 1698 Caithness, Scotland 
 Alexander William Margaret
 b: 1730 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
ch: 24th May 1730 Wick, Caithness
 b: c 1732 Wick, Caithness, Scotland b: 1734 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
ch: 27th Jan 1734 Wick, Caithness
Grandfather record
 William Larnachm: 18th Dec 1756 Watten, Caithness, ScotlandMeran Manson 
 b: c 1732 Wick, Caithness, Scotland  b: c 1740 Scotland 
 William Alexander George Katherine Magnus
 b: 10th May 1767 Caithness, Scotland
d: 29th Dec 1829 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
 b: 1769 Caithness, Scotland b: 1771 Caithness, Scotland b: 1772 Caithness, Scotland b: 1776 Caithness, Scotland
Grandfather record
 William Larnachm: 17th Oct 1799 Wick, Caithness, ScotlandMargaret Smith 
 b: 10th May 1767 Caithness, Scotland
d: 29th Dec 1829 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
  b: 1780 Scotland
d: 1st Dec 1860 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
William  John  Margaret  Mary Donald Alexander James David
b: 1799 Caithness, Scotland
ch: 12th Oct 1799 Wick, Caithness
  b: 1805 Scotland
d: 1869
  b: 1809 Scotland
ch: 23rd Mar 1809 Watten, Caithness
  b: 1814 Scotland
ch: 18th Aug 1814 Watten, Caithness
 b: 17th Jul 1817 Scotland
ch: 27th Jul 1817 Watten, Caithness
d: 12th May 1896 21 Kensington Palace Gardens, London
bur: After 12th May 1896 Larnach family vault at Brambletye, Forest Row, Sussex
 b: 1822 Scotland
ch: 26th Apr 1822 Watten, Caithness
 b: 1823 Scotland
ch: 24th Aug 1823 Watten, Caithness
 b: 1826 Scotland
ch: 5th Jun 1826 Watten, Caithness
d: 22nd Dec 1859 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
 George Magnus Jane       
 b: 1800 Caithness, Scotland
ch: 31st Oct 1800 Wick, Caithness
d: 1873 Caloola, Bathurst District, Central West, NSW, Australia
 b: 1805 Caithness, Scotland
ch: 13th Jul 1805 Wick, Caithness
 b: 1813 Scotland
ch: 7th Jan 1813 Watten, Caithness
Parental record

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