Arthur Beauclerk Lushington, son of Charles Morant Lushington and Laura Isabelle Lushington [Fyers]
Lushington records

The ancestral pedigree of Arthur Beauclerk Lushington
 James Law Lushington
Madras civilian
m: c 1848Emma Nelson 
 b: 1823 Trichonopoly, India
d: 1905 Tonbridge, Kent
  b: 1828 London
James Law  Charles Morant  Edmund Ansell Alfred Wyndham Franklyn Grey Percy Manners Ada Mary William Nelson 
b: 1852
d: 1929
  b: 26th Dec 1854  b: 9th Aug 1859 Madras, India
d: after 9th Aug 1859 Madras, India
 b: 1860 Allahabad, India
d: 1920
 b: 1862 b: 18th Nov 1863 Calcutta, India b: 4th Jan 1867 Coonoor, India
d: 1883 Hastings, Sussex
 b: 1870 Bishop Hampton 
   Harry Wellesley  Emma May               
   b: 1853  b: 1857 Madras, India               
Grandfather record
 Charles Morant Lushingtonm: c 1875Laura Isabelle Fyers 
 b: 26th Dec 1854  b: c 1855
 Ida Frances Lilian Renee Adelaide May Charles Fyers Arthur Beauclerk Godfrey Law Alexander Nelson 
    b: 1881
d: c 1956
 b: 1886 b: 1887
d: 1891
 b: 1890 
Parental record

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