Sarah Everest, daughter of James Everest and Elizabeth Everest [Deadman]
In the Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
Hartfield Parish Registers
19th Apr 1807
At St. Mary's Church in the Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
Hartfield Parish Registers

The ancestral pedigree of Sarah Everest
 James Everestm: 20th Jan 1797 St. Mary's Church, Hartfield, SussexElizabeth Deadman 
 b: c 1770  b: c 1770
Elizabeth William James Edward Sarah John James George 
b: 1798 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 23rd Jun 1798 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1801 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 11th Apr 1801 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1803 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 17th Jun 1803 St. Mary's Church
d: September 1874 Hartfield, Sussex, aged 72 years
bur: 26th Sep 1874 St. Mary's Church, Hartfield, Sussex
 b: 1805 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 25th Aug 1805 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1807 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 19th Apr 1807 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1810 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Jun 1810 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1813 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Jun 1813 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1816 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 22nd Sep 1816 St. Mary's Church
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