The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
1851 Mayfield Census
Reference: HO 107 1640, Rotherfield Registration District, Folios 185-195 in the Mayfield Enumeration District 2e
From Verrall's House at the Crouch to the Water Mill taking the four cottages in the wood from there to Sharnden through Coomb Wood to the boundary of the Parish then follow the boundary to Witherenden and from there to Scotsford Bridge from there by the road to Verrall's at Crouch.
Enumerator - William Packham
 ▼ Head records ▼

Id Property Person Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
001MerryweathersWilliam Peckham, farmer and millerHead; occupation: farmer and miller1803Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
002RoffsWilliam Field, farmerHead, employs 4 people; occupation: farmer1809Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
003Hamdens LodgeThomas AveryHead, employs 5 people; occupation: farmer1780Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
004HawksdenGeorge Jarratt, farmerHead; occupation Farm labourer1798Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
005Hare HoltJoel AveryHead, employs 5 people; occupation: farmer1796Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
006GoldsesThomas Foord, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1804Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
007GoldsesEdward Fieldwick, farmerHead; occupation: farm labourer1825Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
008DoosesGeorge Saunders, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1814Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
009DoosesWilliam Butcher, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1795Parish of Town Sutton, Kent
010No. 1 Batts Wood CottageJohn Douch, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1824Parish of Dallington, Sussex
011Forge FarmAnsley RochesterHead, widowed, employs 9 people; occupation Farmer1787Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
012Pound HouseWilliam Jarratt, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer1788Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
013BivelhamGeorge Luck, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1800Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
014Fair Oak StreetJames Collins, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1814Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
015Fair Oak StreetJohn ParkesHead; occupation Farm Labourer1817Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
016Fair Oak StreetWilliam Manktelow, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1803Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
017No. 2 Batts Wood CottageRichard Henley, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1798Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
018Fair Oak StreetEdward Eaton, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1820Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
019Fair Oak StreetWilliam Sands, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1801Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
020Fair Oak StreetThomas Parkes, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1825Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
021No. 1 Frog Hole CottagesFrancis Manctellow, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1819Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
022Fair Oak Farm HouseRobert Cornwall Parker DurrantHead, employs 3+ people; occupation: farmer20th Apr 1814Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
023TurksSarah Durrant [Haffenden]Head, widowed, employs 4 people; occupation: farmer1819Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
024Turks CottageWilliam Haizelden, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer8th Nov 1827Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
025Old HouseThomas Howell, farmerHead, employs 2 people; occupation: farmer1808Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
026Broad HurstElizabeth Brook [Chandler]Mother, widowed1777Parish of Ashburnham, Sussex
027Frog HoleThomas Parker DurrantHead, employs 14 people; occupation: farmer6th Nov 1793Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
028No. 2 Frog Hole CottagesWilliam Sands, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1823Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
029Popler CottageEmma Hobbs [Hendly]Head, widowedc 1812
030Park CottageJohn AveryHead; occupation: farm labourer1816Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
031Gill HopeJohn Noakes, farmerHead, employs 25 people; occupation: farmer1797Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
032WintersRichard Carter, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1802Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
033No. 1 Little BaindenRichard Evenden, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1795Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
034No. 2 Little BaindenGeorge Barton, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1815Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
035No. 3 Little BaindenJob Balcomb, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
036No. 1 Scotsford CottagesJohn Hall, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1817Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
037No. 2 Scotsford CottagesJesse Baitup, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
038No. 1 Tanners GreenRichard YoungHead; occupation Wheelwright1829Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
039No. 2 Tanners GreenWilliam Humphrey, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm Labourer1773Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
040CrouchThomas Taylor, farmerHead, employs 3 people; occupation: farmer1799Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
041Crouch CottageJohn Trayton Verrall, blacksmithHead; occupation: blacksmith1795Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
042No. 1 Wind Mill CottagesEdward Evenden, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1825Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
043No. 2 Wind Mill CottagesCharles Cox, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1809Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
044No. 1 Wood CottagesGeorge Weston, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1809Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
045No. 2 Wood CottagesSamuel Humphrey, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm Labourer1813Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
046SharndenWilliam Taylor, farmerHead, employs 11 people; occupation: farmer22nd Aug 1813Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex

Please note:

These are derived census records that have been enhanced as further data becomes available. For example - the surname at birth of a wife is derived from the census return or a corresponding parish record - the date of birth is derived from the age recorded on the census and refined where a parish record has been matched - the occupation has been unified (e.g. Ag Lab, Farm Lab, and many other such recordings are all displayed as Farm labourer).

The originals of these census returns are available at Record Offices, from The National Archives and from Logo

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